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Andrew J. Lewis

Andrew J. Lewis



(206) 593-2203

Education: BA History and Political Science, University of Washington; JD University of California, Berkeley
Occupation: Seattle City Councilmember; Attorney

As the parent of a six-month-old, I’m more determined than ever to build a Seattle we can be proud to pass on to the next generation. In my first term, I brought together unlikely coalitions to deliver results and I’ll continue that work if

Public Safety: In my first term, I increased our park ranger program from two to 28 rangers, fully funded the police hiring budget each year, passed an ordinance protecting firefighters from harassment in the line of duty, and worked with Mayor Harrell to create a civilian behavioral health response in lieu of police involvement. If re-elected, I’ll increase these alternative responses, continue the shared commitment of the Council and Mayor to recruit and retain police, and support community programs proven to reduce repeated criminal behavior.

Housing And Homelessness: We need to get people out of encampments and into stable housing immediately. Working with Mayor Harrell, my office helped create the Unified Care Team, a one-stop, no-excuses shop to navigate people experiencing homelessness into shelter and resolve encampments. Encampments have been reduced by 42%, but much work remains. Over the next four years, I’ll increase enhanced shelter options like tiny houses so people experiencing homelessness have a stable shelter, rather than being displaced to another encampment. I’ll also work with city partners to build and acquire social and non-profit housing so more people can afford to live in our community.

Climate Change: We are running out of time to combat climate change. Seattle must confront the emergency with housing planning that emphasizes dense, walkable communities, electrification of buildings, and safe, reliable public transportation.

Endorsements: MLK County Labor Council, 36th District Democrats, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, fmr. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, County Executive Dow Constantine, Downtown Seattle Association CEO Jon Scholes

Aaron Marshall

Aaron Marshall

2033 6TH AVE SUITE 600


(206) 601-9707

Education: Seattle Central Community College - Associate of Arts
Occupation: Seattle Police Officer - Community Response Group

Steward - The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. As a citizen of Seattle and longtime resident of District 7, we have to ask ourselves, “Do we have a good steward in Seattle?”

When I talk about issues in this city, it is because the past decade of my life has been spent in all corners of Seattle, serving the public, and adapting to issues we face.

I am a Seattle Police Officer who works on a team called the Community Response Group, working to address the most difficult issues the city faces. I have been an Officer since 2013, and was drawn to SPD because of my deep ties to the city.

I have lived in Seattle for over twenty years. This is my home -I refuse to give up on this city regardless of how bruised and battered we are. Seattle is in Crisis and needs direction. I am an Independent voice for common sense change. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I represent the majority who have been without a voice for too long.

I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. I was in the restaurant industry for nearly two decades, mostly in Queen Anne, and won Seattle’s Best Bartender award twice. I know my constituents, my small and medium sized businesses, and I know my district.

Our community is being torn apart by fentanyl, meth and an unabated mental health crisis - and I have seen the effects first-hand. There is a way out of this - and that way requires dedication to working through challenges proactively. The critical issues of public safety, addiction, mental health, homelessness, affordable housing, transportation, taxes, workers small & medium sized businesses and livability of this city can be found in detail on my website:

Olga Sagan

Olga Sagan

PO BOX 9100


(206) 999-7456

Education: Ballard High School; Seattle Community College; SHRM Certification, University of Washington
Occupation: Small Business Owner, Nonprofit Board Member, Mother

We urgently need change at City Hall. It's critical to act now and get Seattle back on the right track. As an immigrant, a small business owner, and a mom — not a politician — I understand the urgency to address the failures we've witnessed. The blatant dismissal of businesses, the ignorance and arrogance at City Hall, and the turning a blind eye to our safety.

The recent string of shootings that forced me to close my bakery on Third Avenue compelled me to take action. I pledge to you: no more excuses on homelessness, no more defunding the police, and no more neglecting downtown. Seattle can be transformed, but it requires more than empty political promises.

As Washington's Business Owner of the Year, I'm committed to revitalizing downtown by bringing back small/minority-owned businesses and vibrant community events. To address homelessness, I’ll hire more police officers and add new crisis responders for non-violent calls.

I immigrated to America in '99 and graduated from Ballard High, so I understand the importance of community. My family and I made Piroshky Piroshky bakeries a Seattle staple. And with 70 Seattle based employees who spread piroshky love across the country, I prioritize living wages, healthcare, financial security, and work-life balance — values that all businesses should embrace.

Politics as usual is falling short, that’s why I am running to challenge the status quo. I'll be a voice for ordinary families whom City Hall has neglected and pushed aside. My commitment is solely to you — the people of Seattle. I have no special interests in my corner, and I have no ambition for higher office. My aim is simple: to restore common-sense in city government.

I’m Olga Sagan, and if you’re hungry for change in Seattle, I would be honored to earn your vote.

Wade Sowders

Wade Sowders

PO BOX 1914


(206) 453-0210

Education: B.S. Mathematics, Oakland University
Occupation: Software Engineer, Amazon

I am running to build a lot of housing. The cost of living is high and increasing, and must be addressed by all means possible. Building more housing is the highest priority and will improve affordability, reduce inequality and homelessness, help mitigate climate change, create more walkable neighborhoods, and make transit more viable. Housing will also close the gap between workers and jobs, unlocking enormous economic potential. We will do this with permissive and flexible zoning, by streamlining development processes, and by aligning tax incentives.

We must also improve our tax system. Our taxes are regressive and unstable, and the city faces major budget shortfalls. We should move to a land value tax, which will be more progressive, more consistent, increase tax revenue, and come at a lower cost to taxpayers. Land value taxes will encourage housing construction, discourage speculation, and ensure the public receives the full return on public investments, helping fund major transit projects.

We must expand addiction treatment services, and work to get as many people into treatment as possible, reducing drug use and overdoses. We must expand homeless outreach and shelter, to ensure we are consistently working with all of our large and growing homeless population and that we have space indoors for them. Nobody should sleep outside or in their car.

We must fully staff our police department, which is overworked and struggling to perform even its basic duties. Expanding social services will help reduce low-level property crime and save police time by addressing societal ills that the police are not meant for.

I am optimistic about our future: our problems have solutions, and great things are possible. I ask for your vote to start building that future.


Bob Kettle

Bob Kettle

P.O. BOX 27704


(206) 972-4777

Education: EMPA, University of Washington Evans School; MA, Georgetown University; BA, Boston University
Occupation: Distinguished Naval Intelligence officer, stay-at-home dad, civic volunteer

I’m running for Seattle City Council because I’m concerned about the Council’s inaction and failure on the most important issues facing our community. I’ll help lead our city to meet the challenges we face on public safety, public health, and homelessness. Seattle can feel like a thriving, vibrant community again.


I’m a first-generation American, stay-at-home dad and civic leader, having retired as a Naval officer to help support my wife’s work as a Civil Rights Attorney – including the landmark case with the ACLU, overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I volunteer with several neighborhood-level community organizations, including as Chair of the Queen Anne Community Council’s Public Safety Committee.


As the only Democratic challenger in this race, I’ll bring concrete plans based on our shared Seattle values. I’m a realist who believes that ground-level results are more important than political platitudes.

We need to get serious about crime reduction. The Council’s pledge to defund SPD by 50% was irresponsible and undercut our public safety and our ability to implement reform. I support allocating additional resources to recruitment, training, and community policing – including non-police responders. 


We cannot solve our public safety issues without addressing public health. With increasing shelter space, it’s time to restore our public spaces and stop relying on unsafe, inhumane encampments. City Council has enabled open drug use and drug dealing in our neighborhoods including downtown, which claimed the lives of 500+ Seattleites last year. We need leadership able to partner with County, State, and Federal authorities, to add mental health hospital capacity and addiction treatment centers. We must also prioritize programs and service providers that prove they work. I’ll focus Seattle government on saving lives, keeping the vulnerable safe, and restoring our beautiful city.


We can do this! I’m Bob Kettle, and I ask for your vote.

Isabelle Kerner

Isabelle Kerner

PO Box 257 PMB 09096

Olympia, WA 98507

(206) 271-1560

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Studio Art | Certified Ethical Hacker
Occupation: Small Business Owner | Principal Private Investigator Agency

I have spent 25 years living in the City of Seattle. I am a solution-oriented problem solver that is both able and capable of delivering results fast. As a resident of the Downtown Corridor, I have seen first-hand the escalation of violent crime, drug use, mental health crises, accumulation of waste, and camping in public spaces.

The City of Seattle must Elect a Leader capable of working with other Members and City Departments to: Implement common sense solutions that will address the crises that have left thousands on Seattle’s sidewalks, streets, and parks where criminal activity continues to run rampant; improve public safety while re-building trust between the public safety providers; ensure all elected officials are held accountable and keep the promises they make to during campaigns; urgently deal with waste that continues to accumulate around the City and its perimeter in order to keep Seattle green; balance a budget and conduct regular audits to ensure the needs of the general public are prioritized over ‘special interest(s)’; establish training sites for individuals displaced or unemployed in order to increase the supply of skilled workers to meet current demands; incentivize education in areas where we are falling behind (STEM).

In 2019, I ran for this same position. Our Elected Officials are still talking about the same issues that were talked about over four years ago. The answer always seems to be more money, taxes, or another study. The City of Seattle cannot continue to just talk, study, or spend their way out of these problems. It is the taxpayers who are footing the bill.

I am not a career politician nor am I owned or chosen by any special interest. My sole commitment is to my constituents. I will bring common-sense solutions back to our City government.  Solutions must start now.

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