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Dan Strauss

Dan Strauss

PO BOX 15855


Education: Bachelor of Arts, Politcal Science, Whittier College; Master of Public Administration, University of Oregon
Occupation: Working for the residents of District 6

I’m running for reelection because better is not good enough. Working with Mayor Harrell, I’ve worked to move homeless from parks and sidewalks to housing without sweeps, to make our communities safer, and to build more affordable housing. I work out of my District Office and hold weekly office hours to hear from you directly. We’ve seen progress, and we Must do better.

Public Safety: Yes, “defund the police” was a mistake. I’ve supported fully funding the Police staffing and hiring plans every year, created a Public Safety Coordinator in Ballard, increased Harbor Patrol, and funded Mobile Crisis teams. Next term, I’ll continue fully funding police and working with Mayor Harrell to make policing better and safer.

Homelessness: I resolved the Woodland Park and Ballard Commons encampments without sweeps, expanded outreach teams working with people living in cars, and created neighborhood-based homelessness response teams. We need to expand our efforts to get homeless into housing, build and buy permanent housing, and push regional partners to act faster.

Housing: I reformed the city’s processes to build housing faster and launched audits on our permitting process. I reduced the threat of eviction for tenants while ensuring landlords are made whole. We must increase the stock of family-size units so people of all income levels can afford it here.

Born and raised in District 6, I’m committed to our community’s success because I want to raise my kids in a neighborhood that is safer than the one I grew up in. I’ve dedicated my life to public service, serving with AmeriCorps and working to combat gun violence. Things are better, and better isn’t good enough. I ask for your vote to build on our success.

Endorsed by MLK Labor Council, Seattle Building Trades, 36th and 46th Democrats, UFCW 3000, and AG Bob Ferguson.

Shea Wilson

Shea Wilson

PO BOX 17608


Education: University of Virginia Law School (JD 1991); University of Virginia (BS Commerce 1983)
Occupation: Attorney, Shea Wilson, LLC

We’ve had enough performance art politics.  We need Change.  I ask for your vote to govern responsibly.  This campaign is about three hard issues:


Homelessness is now officially a long-term problem—at least five years to address, according to the King County Regional Homelessness Authority.  Translation: encampments for five more years at least.  Compassion is important.  But we need to identify who needs what kind of help by implementing three levels of designated urban campgrounds: sober; intermediate (cannabis/alcohol); and permissive (hard drugs Ok within the fenced and privacy-screened area). 


Public Safety is job one.  Our downtown, neighborhoods and parks cannot be no-go zones.  Seattle has fewer than 1000 police officers for about three-quarters of a million people, down from 1300 in 2017.  We clearly need to add more commissioned officers and unarmed community service officers.  Enforce newly enacted laws against open hard drug use on our streets.


Social Justice covers much ground, some beyond city-level government.  We can address police-community relations.  Defunding the police is not the answer.  We must invest in best practices to ensure civilian safety.


And one ignored issue: Public Infrastructure.  Our bridges, water and sewer mains are aging.  The state legislature has now mandated 6-plexes, which could triple or quadruple our population.  And we’ll have to foot the bill for the new infrastructure.


When you voted in 2019, were you voting to defund the police?  Probably not.  New issues will emerge over the next four years.  I’ll take a socially liberal and fiscally conservative approach toward them.  Leave people alone unless we need laws to keep their conduct from interfering with others.  Spend tax dollars amply but wisely.  Ability to pay matters. Don’t overburden any one segment of the tax base.

Pete Hanning

Pete Hanning

401 2ND AVE S STE 303


(206) 682-7328



Education: Graduate, Franklin High School; Attended Shoreline Community College
Occupation: Executive Director, Fremont Chamber of Commerce

With Mayor Harrell’s leadership, we’ve made some progress in making our neighborhoods safer, but there is still much work to be done. To achieve this, we must elect a pragmatic City Council committed to fulfilling its promises by focusing on the basics rather than engaging in divisive and performative politics. 

I bring a successful career in Hospitality spanning 35 years. I owned the Red Door in Fremont for two decades. Through this experience, I have honed my problem-solving skills and developed an ability to work within a budget.

My top priorities are:

Community Safety: We must work with law enforcement, drug treatment experts, mental health professionals, and residents to ensure community safety. Our city should guarantee a timely and reliable response to ensure vibrant neighborhoods where we can all live, work, and play. Uniformed officers play an essential role, but not every situation requires their response.

Housing & Homelessness: Seattle must place the utmost importance on providing affordable housing to help working families, seniors and alleviate homelessness. To accomplish this, the city must direct its efforts toward expanding the current housing supply and expediting permitting processes while maintaining affordability and neighborhood character. For those experiencing homelessness, we must increase shelter availability, implement programs like tiny home villages, and enhance mental health and drug treatment services. Our ultimate focus should be prioritizing support for those requiring it the most.

Seattle has been my beloved home for more than half a century. I strive to conduct myself with civility and compassion in all of my interactions. We are in a pivotal time as a city. I’m running because we need a more pragmatic, problem-solving approach to shape our shared future. I’d be honored to earn your vote. Endorsed: Jan Drago, Jane Noland, Margaret Pageler, Jan Drago, Sue Donaldson and Peter Steinbrueck.

Victoria Palmer

Victoria Palmer

PO BOX 30552


(206) 255-9970

Education: Ballard High School graduate, 2 years at UW
Occupation: 22 years management in family manufacturing business in Ballard

I intend to be a positive influence in District 6 and the entire City of Seattle.  I am a second-generation Seattle native.  My grandparents came here for the natural beauty and economic opportunity found in abundance in Seattle.

Elect me to be a moderate voice on our City Council.  My vision is to restore our city’s beauty and opportunity so my son and his generation can prosper and afford home ownership.  I am working to keep Seattle a safe and friendly place to raise a family.  I organized the successful cleanup of the Greenwood neighborhood as part of the One Seattle Day of Service.

I stepped up to a strong role in the community in April 2020 when the pandemic lockdown was extended.  Small businesses suffered and individuals were denied necessary medical care.  I became increasingly concerned about the disregard for civil rights imposed by public health measures like the mask mandate and mandatory vaccination in workplaces and universities.  I became an advocate for medical freedom and helped dozens of workers find accommodations to keep their jobs.  I was appalled to see so many good employees with legitimate medical and religious exemptions terminated unjustly.

It is largely due to my public presence and persistence that the COVID mandates ended in Washington state. Help me bring this boldness to our City Council to do what’s right.  Before we spend any more money on the homeless situation, we need accountability for money spent.  We must support the needs of business owners, homeowners, renters, and workers—Not add more to their tax burden.  We need to address our infrastructure—I would support the in-kind replacement of the Magnolia Bridge.  We need to restore public safety and police service so our businesses and families are safe.  Let’s Save Seattle together. Vote Victoria Palmer for District 6.

Dale Kutzera

Dale Kutzera

3213 W. WHEELER ST. BOX 462


(206) 472-0932

Education: Bachelor's in Communications, University of Washington
Occupation: Marketing Communications

Seattle, we need to pivot. Our city is heading toward a higher-cost, lower-quality of life. We've taken the wrong approach to our problems, let them get worse, and used the wrong tools to manage them.


Take homelessness. The current approach is to help people living on the streets so they can get back on their feet. The reality is most chronically homeless people have never been on their feet. Most suffer from mental illness and addiction problems. They don't need free meals or shelter. They need rehab and treatment.


We need a Social Services Department to provide these services and handle many problems currently falling to the Seattle Police Department. Let's not criminalize homelessness, but treat it as a public health issue. If necessary, we should use civil commitment laws to mandate treatment for those who are a danger to themselves or others.


We've also taken the wrong approach to housing, believing that more supply will lower prices. But despite all the homes we've built, rents and prices still rise. That's because private developers only build market rate housing as long as market rates remain high. We need to build affordable housing for people who earn at or below the median income. The new social housing office is a step in this direction.


Addressing homelessness and housing affordability will chart a new path for Seattle. People in crisis will get the help they need. The police can stay in their lane. Our libraries can be learning centers instead of de facto homeless shelters. Our jails will no longer function as mental institutions. Our parks will be free of tents and needles.


Let's pull Seattle in this hopeful direction, toward a higher-quality of life for everyone.

Jon Lisbin

Jon Lisbin



(385) 422-2468

Education: EMPA UW Evans School of Public Policy, MBA FDU, Undergraduate Boston University, University of Connecticut
Occupation: Retired

I am running because I am passionate about Seattle.  I moved here over 25 years ago when Seattle was rated the most livable the country. Ask yourself if you can say that now? I have a vision of Seattle once again leading the country in livability.

This is an historic time in Seattle, particularly because growth management has been an unmitigated failure. Traffic is a mess, housing is unaffordable, bridges are crumbling, and our neighbors are literally sleeping in the streets.  As President of Seattle Fair Growth, I have been advocating for housing for people of all incomes.

Before I built a small business from scratch into one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Washington, I was a starving radio announcer barely able to pay rent.  I know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck. We must incentivize developers to build affordable housing on site, not pay a fee to build it somewhere else on cheaper land four years later.

The recent update to Seattle’s Tree Ordinance is an example of the failure of our city’s leadership. Multiple amendments recommended by the Urban Forestry Commission were summarily rejected. Combined with the State’s Middle Housing Act, which requires multifamily zoning throughout Seattle, who stands for the trees? Are we the Emerald City or beholden to special interests? Subsidized multifamily housing close to transit is part of the balance that Seattle needs. We can have trees and we can have affordable housing too.

As your future City Council member, I will not be taking contributions from the Master Builders of King County. I will be working for one constituency, you. Together we can make Seattle green again!

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