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Shane Macomber

Shane Macomber



(206) 305-1498

Education: Arlington High School Graduate
Occupation: Payee Coordinator for Compass Health, REALTOR®

District 5 deserves more.

When I moved to North Seattle in 2001, I found a welcoming community and an engaged local business culture. I had ample opportunities to meet neighbors and cultivate a sense of belonging. For decades I have watched North Seattle fill with big box stores and chain restaurants that smother our small businesses, drive down our wages and don’t invest in our local communities.

We deserve housing and economic opportunities here in District 5. I will tirelessly advocate for development around our new transit stations and major roads, because density is responsible fiscal policy. I see North Seattle playing a pivotal role in our city’s expansion by modeling responsible housing density. We will create homes and jobs, all while minimizing the displacement of our neighbors.

We deserve to live where we work. With my experience in real estate, I will be in close collaboration with the newly-developed social housing authority to create stability and security in Seattle’s cost of housing. No one who works in Seattle should have to worry about their cost of living outpacing their income. Properly funded social housing is an important tool for addressing our out-of-control housing and rental prices. 

We deserve to feel protected and respected when we call the city in need. Every day I support social and mental health workers in aiding those who rely on our systems for support, and I will bring this compassion and advocacy to the city council to develop a civic response force that will alleviate the unnecessary harm that can manifest from police response. It is expensive, harmful, and unjust to continue our current cycle of incarceration for people whose only crime is being poor. Seattle’s civil servants should show up when called and respond appropriately.


ChrisTiana ObeySumner

ChrisTiana ObeySumner

PO BOX 23037


(206) 593-2203

Education: Master of Public Administration, Master of Nonprofit Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Seattle University
Occupation: Principal Social Equity Consultant & CEO, Epiphanies of Equity, LLC

I am running to promote upstream solutions that deliver effective, collective, and sustainable results. I’m determined to help mend our policy systems to be more interconnected. If elected, I will assure that city government centers and amplifies the needs and voices of the community. Together, we’ll make sure Seattle works better for All people in our city.

From direct social and housing service work to social equity and policy advocacy consulting, I've advocated alongside hundreds of community members and helped bring transformative change to over 200 organizations and government agencies throughout my career.

Additionally, I am the former co-chair of the Seattle Disability Commission and Renters Commission, a board member of BASE: Building Art Space Equitably and UW CREATE, and a member of Transit Riders Union and Green Party WA.

To find sustainable solutions to persistent problems, we must start with policies and systems as root causes of inequity. We must enact pragmatic policies for sustainable solutions for accessible and affordable housing, increased wage parity, and improved working conditions for working families; Achieving multiple pathways toward shared goals around community safety; Improved multimodal transportation systems focused on pedestrian safety; Small business support focused on economic recovery and growth; Fixing infrastructure gaps throughout our city; Disability Justice and Intersectional Civic Empowerment.

My policy change background includes co-organizing the passage of one of the nation's first bans of sub-minimum wage; successfully advocating for the adoption of Disability Justice principles at the Seattle Office of Civil Rights; co-organizing the fight for rent control, resulting in the six-month advance notice legislation passed by the council; and endorsing the Jumpstart Tax as a small business owner. 

We can find collective, effective, and sustainable policy solutions that get to the heart of the issues facing our district. I humbly ask for your vote.

Justin Simmons

Justin Simmons



(206) 458-9581

Education: Institute for a Democratic Future, University of Washington, Ingraham High School
Occupation: Community activist

I am a lifelong resident of District 5, where I have been an active volunteer for over 20 years and am now raising my own family.


I was the first candidate to file in this race, and am running because I love our city, our city is in crisis, and I have the skills, track-record, relationships and energy needed to help. My campaign priorities are public safety, including behavioral health, substance abuse, prostitution, theft, vandalism, hate crimes and gun violence; homelessness and affordable housing for all, including renters, seniors and other residents on fixed incomes; protecting businesses, public spaces, the environment, and the unique character of Seattle and its neighborhoods; and accessibility, transparency and accountability from public servants and law enforcement.


In District 5, I have served on the Broadview Community Council, on the executive board of the 46th District Democrats, as a precinct committee officer, and as a creek steward for Broadview Creek. I have served as president of the UW Alumni Association’s Multicultural Alumni Partnership, the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle, and the Church Council of Greater Seattle. I have worked as an event planner for the UW Alumni Association, a chapter administrator for the Seattle United Nations Association, and a loaned executive for the United Way of King County.


I am proud to be endorsed by WA Attorney-General Bob Ferguson, King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Assessor John Wilson, King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, WA Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, former King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, former Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, former Seattle City Councilmembers Peter Steinbrueck, Nick Licata, Heidi Wills, and David Della; former WA Senator Maralyn Chase, Ben Bridge Co-CEO and General Counsel Jon Bridge, the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle, and many others.


I would be honored to have your vote!

Rebecca Williamson

Rebecca Williamson

650 S. Orcas St., Ste. 120

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 323-1755

Education: Two decades in union and social struggles.
Occupation: Railway switchman

The Socialist Workers Party stands for independent working-class political action. Deteriorating conditions confronting working people in Seattle are produced by the bosses as they squeeze ever more out of workers and farmers.

After decades of attacks on our wages and working conditions, today there is a wind at the backs of workers who sense more opportunities to fight back. More workers and unionists are bringing to bear the class solidarity needed to effectively resist the accelerated speedup, longer hours, attacks on job safety, inflation-battered wages, lack of steady work, confronting the social and moral blight produced by world capitalism’s profit-driven crises of production and trade.

The heart of U.S. politics today is the fight to defend constitutional freedoms won in struggle. Illegal searches and seizures, violations of due process, legislation by courts, government spying, and curbs on freedom of speech, and more, will be used against the working class. Working people need those rights to defend ourselves. Every attack on them must be vigorously opposed, regardless of who the target is today.

Under the governance of the bosses’ parties what we win is soon taken away. When we depend on government to safeguard us, unelected bureaucracies, courts, and legislatures reverse our victories.

We need affordable housing, health care, drug rehabilitation and mental health care; decent jobs, training, and child care; time off work with our families, and control of safety and working conditions on the job.  We need a labor party based on the unions, to organize working people to stand together in our own class interests. This is not a scheme, but a revolutionary perspective for our class. In 1959 the workers and farmers of Cuba proved that those who are utterly discounted by the ruling classes can take power and change the world.

Nilu Jenks

Nilu Jenks



(206) 530-1114

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Spanish, Wellesley College
Occupation: Full time mom, community advocate, and education professional

Like so many of you, I’m tired of the divisiveness that has taken root in Seattle politics that has not brought us the policy solutions we deserve. As a second-generation Iranian-American whose parents were granted political asylum, I know how fragile democracy can be. We need elected leaders who can focus on practical solutions and coalition building to address public safety, our housing crisis, and our transportation needs.

In 2019, my son and I heard a car crash and ran outside. We ran into a police officer telling us to run inside, as he went on to confront the Sand Point mass shooter only 20 feet away. I believe the police saved our lives that day. We are all tired of false choices when it comes to public safety. We should be able to keep our neighborhoods safe without blaming our unhoused neighbors as the root of our problems.

After the Parkland shootings, two moms and I organized to fundraise for and establish our nation’s largest gun buyback program. We need to continue our progress addressing our gun violence epidemic. I want to bring that passion, commitment, and proven collaborative working skills to Seattle City Council.

These issues are heightened by our climate crisis with ever hotter days and stifling wildfire smoke. Climate activists have chosen this campaign as the top climate platform out of all candidates citywide. In my platform, I bring solutions for our housing crisis, a greener transit system that includes sidewalks(!), funding for alternative policing models, and getting our unhoused population into homes.

Endorsed: 46th District Democrats, 32nd District Democrats, King County Young Democrats, United Food And Commercial Workers 3000, Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate, County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, Representative Julia Reed, Senator Javier Valdez, and more. I’d be honored to earn your vote.

Boegart Bibby

Boegart Bibby

PO BOX 15858


(206) 529-5069

Education: B of A Linguistics, A+, Network+, Security+, and Microsoft Certified Technology Consultant.
Occupation: Sr. IT Supervisor for Americas Region.

In 2013, The Lake City Community Center had been begging the city for months to install Wi-Fi, with delay after delay and no action. The community needed a solution so I volunteered, got on the roof, and installed the first Wireless Internet system at the LCCC.

Sadly, a decade later nothing has changed. We watch volunteers take action and get results, while the programs City Hall pours millions into seem ineffective. We have been patient and generous with our tax dollars, but we’re not getting our fair share or a fair say on spending. Accountability is my top priority. We need to enhance auditing of city expenditures, identify what is working and cut wasteful spending.

Having lived in north Seattle for almost 25 years, some of you know me from my prior business, The Computer Doctor. Some of you know me from my contributions at the Eagles Aerie #1. I’m proud to be an active participant in our community, contributing to making it better.

I believe IT Management principles can change City Hall. Examining problems and finding solutions (within budget) is what I do every day. I will make sure your voice is heard, because I will conduct a survey every 3 months and focus on what you want from city government.  

I also am a proud advocate of civil rights, and the right to choose. The anti-choice movement is based on two lies. The first lie is every fetus is viable, the second lie is that pregnancy and birth don’t pose a life-threatening risk. In 2022, the US had the highest maternal mortality rate. Protecting civil rights is not enough. We have a moral obligation to audit and ensure our tax dollars are not feeding anti-choice organizations.

Learn more at votebibby.

Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore

PO BOX 27601


(206) 483-7417

Education: JD, Albany Law School; BA, SUNY Binghamton
Occupation: Attorney, King County Superior Court Judge (ret.), former Public Defender

I’m running for Seattle City Council because District 5 deserves a proven pragmatic leader with experience in finding solutions and making sound decisions. As a twice elected Superior Court judge, public defender, legal services program manager, chair of the Seattle Human Rights Commission, Washington State Bar Association Governor, and Interim Seattle City Clerk, I understand the privilege and responsibility of making choices that impact people’s lives and livelihoods. 

As a North End neighbor, mom of Ingraham and Nathan Hale graduates, and Lake City community volunteer, I want a healthy, thriving, and welcoming community for all.

I will draw upon my three decades of public service to deliver on the following priorities:

Public Safety: Timely police response and accountability, robust civilian responder program, proven gun violence interventions.  Housing: Dense and equitable development of the Aurora Corridor, 130th St Station area, Northgate, and Lake City. Support for Social Housing development across District 5.  Transit: Enhanced East/West bus service, first mile/last mile transit service, needed sidewalks, bike lanes.  Community needs: Community center for Lake City and Haller Lake, on-demand behavioral health care, on-demand substance use treatment, hunger prevention and abatement programs, before-and-after school programs.  Economic opportunity: Support for local small business, particularly immigrant/minority/women owned.  Parks and Open Space: More parks and open space with equitable access.

The tasks ahead for our district and our city are formidable. With the right leadership – knowledgeable, experienced, courageous – they are achievable. If I have the honor of your vote for City Council, I will be transparent and accessible. I will lead with equitable and community-driven solutions, and most importantly, I will be accountable to you. 

I am proud to be a Moms Demand Action “Gun Sense Candidate”, endorsed by 32nd Democrats, Representative Cindy Ryu, Judge Theresa Doyle (ret.) and many small businesses.

Lucca Murdoch Howard

Lucca Murdoch Howard



(206) 822-8878

Occupation: Student at North Seattle College

A college student and native of North Seattle, Lucca Murdoch Howard is deeply familiar with issues facing District Five. Affording rent, much less mortgage, is drifting out of reach for most residents. Seniors and students alike have to choose between moving out of city limits or facing tough choices. Basic problems are ignored in our bus network, making driving mandatory, and creating parking problems across the district. Aurora hasn't been invested in for decades, being so decrepit that neighbors avoid it when it could be a business area and urban hub. Across North Seattle, communities are ignored by city hall--most District Five neighborhoods have no community center or voice in Seattle's growth.


As Seattle's youngest City Council member, Lucca will bring a fresh perspective for our district. He will listen to the community, and advocate for their solutions. Lucca worked on I-135, and will assure the Seattle Social Housing Developer is funded to relieve homelessness. Aurora should be a proper Main Street, by bringing bus, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure to places that don't have them. 


Lucca's main priorities are transit, affordable housing, and community improvements. He will prioritize community-based, sustainable solutions so that young people can start to thrive in Seattle.


Bobby J. Tucker

Bobby J. Tucker

PO BOX 18025


(206) 665-4857

Education: Seattle University, Public Admin ; Philosophy Minor
Occupation: HealthCARE

As a Christian, a Father, and your next City Council Representative; I will serve our di5trict with the humility, transparency and with the wisdom of our collective community to deliver on a future our children deserve. My campaign will focus our Care on:

Systemic Racism; People deserve to be treated with Care and basic human dignity regardless of sex, orientation, gender, nationality of birth, or color of skin. I am commited to Police Reform and for equality under our laws.  

Homeless Crisis; One only needs to walk our streets and in some cases just look out of your office window or out of your bed room window to see the crisis we face regarding homelessness in this city and the 2023/24 budget has earmarked nearly $320million dollars to Care for unhoused in Seattle. I will ensure that every dollar ensures a better future for Seattleites struggling out of poverty. 

Psalm 82: “Be fair to the poor and to orphans. Defend the helpless and everyone in need. Rescue the weak and homeless from the powerful hands of heartless people” 

Fair and Good Paying Jobs; The unfair union busting actions we’ve seen in recent years by Seattle’s most well-known industries must end and be held to account. As your representative in City Council, I will work with trades and union organizers to ensure fair demands are met with Care.

Our Environment; As Your representative for district 5, I will ensure that our needs are being met as well to ensure cleaner parks for our kids to play in, upgraded equipment for them to enjoy, protected bike lanes for you to commute to work and tax dollars for businesses ready to be net-zero carbon today.

Tye Reed

Tye Reed

PO BOX 75102


Education: Bachelor's in Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior, minor in Human Rights; University of Washington, Bothell
Occupation: Operations Director, Real Change News

My name is Tye Reed and I’m running to be your next District 5 councilmember.

Most people know me as the co-chair and co-founder of the House Our Neighbors coalition that won permanently affordable social housing in Seattle. I’m also a mutual aid organizer, a member of the Transit Riders Union, a board member for both Be: Seattle and the Housing Justice Project, as well as a displaced renter who is ready to represent your community on the Seattle City Council.

As your councilmember, I will immediately focus my office’s attention on passing bold  progressive revenue to fill the projected $200 million shortfall in the 2024 budget. I will do this by increasing the Jumpstart tax on large corporations and implementing a capital gains wealth tax at the city level. Seattle residents are tired of regressive taxes that make every year harder and harder for working class families.

Seattle must stop these pointless sweeps. We know they don’t work and they never will. Last year, the City carried out over 900 sweeps, many of them at the same location multiple times, with only a worsening homeless crisis to show for it. Our tax dollars should not be wasted; we need more public bathrooms, trash pickup, and hygiene stations - not sweeps.

Finally, I will prioritize creating safe spaces for our kids, elders, and disabled neighbors through massive infrastructure investments. I will start by pedestrianizing Aurora with sidewalks, trees, and lit crosswalks. I will fight to make sure the 130th St station opens on schedule in 2026, with zoning that allows for dense, affordable housing in our district.

Community members have already told us what they need to live and thrive in a safe, healthy Seattle; politicians simply need to say yes. Vote Tye Reed to be your District 5 Councilmember.

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