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Alex Cooley

Alex Cooley



Education: CWU Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development
Occupation: Seattle Public Schools Substitute Teacher, 37th Democrats 1st Vice Chair

Our city is at a turning point. We haven’t had leadership that listens. We aren't able to trust that our elected officials will do a good job. We’ve been hindered by political games, inflexibility, indecisiveness, and special interest money. We can’t afford more of the same.


I decided to run the day my son was born. I need him to grow up in a place where leaders behave like leaders and respond to their neighbors when they are called upon. In my role as a husband, father, business owner, care provider, activist, and substitute teacher I’ve learned that the most important piece of our lives is how we can be of service to our community.


I would like to serve because we need one million square feet of “home” for our homeless neighbors within the next three years. Allowing for temporary sanctioned encampments for those unready to come inside, ending the practice of sweeps, and adding wrap-around services will allow people build self-sufficient lives of meaning. Additionally, we’re going to reinstate the free ride zone so that Seattle becomes a leader on public transit opportunities for people nationwide.


Immediately, we need to leave the war on drugs behind and invest in education, support services, and job training. I will work to create a jobs pipeline into new public safety models for formerly incarcerated persons so that those with lived experience can be the next case workers, crisis responders, and more.


My campaign is being run exactly how I’ll run my office; with hard work, direct conversations, and building solutions. I’m the only candidate funding their campaign entirely using Democracy Vouchers, because money and politics don’t mix.


Endorsements: Former City Councilmember Nick Licata, Former US Attorney John McKay, Earl’s Cuts & Styles, Catfish Corner, A for Apple Learning Center, and more!

Bobby Goodwin

Bobby Goodwin



(803) 868-3443

Education: Bachelors in Philosophy, UNLV; Juris Doctorate, Seattle University School of Law (magna cum laude)
Occupation: Public Defender, Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel

I want to live in a Seattle where the government is accountable to the community, especially when it comes to keeping the community accountable.  Over the last few years, particularly since the CHOP, I have been frustrated by our city government’s abdication of their responsibilities.  Seattle has been increasingly covered in graffiti and inundated by property crime while a toxic compassion has taught us to walk past and otherwise ignore our neighbors' suffering as they kill themselves with fentanyl and other drugs.  We can do better.

For the last 12 years I've worked as a public defender, representing some of the poorest and most marginalized among us. Many of my clients were chronically homeless, suffering from substance use disorders as well as co-occurring mental illnesses. I know it’s possible to treat people with respect while still expecting responsibility.

My experience with mental illness isn’t just professional, but also personal.  In 2015, I was confronted with a difficult diagnosis at 30 years old.  It shattered my identity, and the stigma inspired suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, I found a supportive community and the right combination of medications, and I’ve been stable now for six years.  I’m sharing this for two reasons: to confront the stigma, but also, because I recognize we need to be accountable for our own mental health. 

If elected I will work to reconcile the trust gap between the community and SPD.  We need more officers out of cars and patrolling streets on foot and by bike. I will provide housing subsidies to both help attract new officers and make sure more of our officers are patrolling the streets of the communities they live in. We will prioritize community safety, not just officer safety.

I promise to stay accountable and accessible, and to prioritize ideas that are practical and actionable.

Ry Armstrong

Ry Armstrong

PO BOX 9100


(206) 657-6287

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Central Washington University; Master's Degree, International Relations, American University
Occupation: Customer Success Partner, TheGuarantors; Artist & Producer with RYCO Theatricals

I am running to be the first non-binary Councilmember on the Seattle City Council to represent our historic Arts District, the diverse LGBTQ+ community, and all constituents in District 3. Our campaign is building momentum to keep Seattle as progressive as we can with a focus on shelter, safety, and sustainability.

Together, we will establish a universal “right-to-shelter,” pass robust renter protections and rent control, work to reform our strained policing system (in partnership with the BIPOC community) in building specific alternatives to those more traditional response models, and create America’s first carbon free city by 2030. I believe that we get more done for the city and its residents when we put aside divisive rhetoric and work together toward a common goal. Inspired by the work of Senator Sanders, I identify as a pragmatic Democratic Socialist and believe that I’m the most progressive candidate running for this seat. Furthermore, as a lifetime Sierra Club member and activist with Extinction Rebellion, Seattle will never see a stronger advocate for protecting our environment and battling the impacts of climate change. 

As a third-generation union worker and member of two locals, I am deeply committed to go beyond business-as-usual and fight as a warrior for the labor movement and the working people of Seattle. We can do more to lift up wages and worker protections while also focusing on economic recovery. These are the values I will bring to the Council when elected. 

Our campaign is proudly endorsed by the King County Young Democrats, the Seattle Green Party, and the Green Party of Washington. I’m honored that our race has the backing of these groups and so many others. It would be a great privilege to earn your vote and support throughout our people-oriented campaign to create actionable change in our community. 

Shobhit Agarwal

Shobhit Agarwal

1420 E PINE ST # E403


(206) 851-5766

Education: BE, Computer Science, Delhi University, India 1995; MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India 1997
Occupation: Ex- Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, PMP; Actor; Cashier

I am a first-generation gay immigrant from India and have lived in Seattle since 2002. From working as a program manager at Microsoft to pursuing the dream as an actor to working retail, I have experienced the struggles of work at every level. I am also a member of the SAG-AFTRA union.

I have served on my condo HOA board for five years. This role has enabled me to listen to my constituents, be empathetic to their problems and focus on finding and implementing solutions. 

I get the job done!

My platform prioritizes advancing green infrastructure across the city. This includes expanding Sound Transit with last mile loop buses. I will also work with Seattle City Light to expand electric infrastructure. This will enable the expansion of electric cars throughout the city. The green energy industry should provide opportunities for local businesses, and I especially want to support businesses owned by women, people of color and sexual minorities.

I want to make housing more affordable by de-zoning, leveraging I-135 and reducing competition from non-resident investors. I believe in compassionate solutions for homelessness. I believe in enhancing public safety by hiring local Seattleites for our police and fire departments while ensuring equal opportunity for all historically excluded communities.

I support reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, and worker rights to organize. I want to streamline the process and resolve local constituent concerns like potholes and damaged pavements in a timely manner. I am in this race because I want to build a more prosperous and equitable Seattle.

Joy Hollingsworth

Joy Hollingsworth



(206) 698-2680

Education: Master of Education, University of Washington; Bachelor of Arts, University of Arizona
Occupation: Food Access Network, Northwest Harvest; Operations, Hollingsworth Farms

I am a non-profit leader, small-business owner, and third-generation Central District neighbor. I’m also a community connector, problem solver, and optimist. These are the perspectives I’ll bring to City Council where I will work to ensure that our local government is serving the needs of our community and neighbors. With your vote, I’ll prioritize:

Community safety rooted in upstream solutions that reduce crime, prevent gun violence, keep our youth safe, and connect vulnerable people to care – not jail. I will prioritize crisis response teams and non-armed responders for neighbors in crisis, adequate Fire Department, EMT and Police staffing to keep communities safe and reduce response times. 

Affordable housing for all income levels, from students and young families to seniors, including the expansion of emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing. I’ll promote density, address impacts of displacement and gentrification, and provide opportunities for first-time homebuyers and family housing options. 

Healthy communities for current neighbors and future generations with thriving local businesses that anchor our neighborhoods and create jobs; where affordable childcare and wraparound services, parks, playfields, libraries, roads, and open space are within reach, and there are safe and accessible ways to get around.  

My family of public school educators, public servants, and civil rights leaders have made positive change in Seattle for generations. Inspired by them, I’ve dedicated my life to public service and driving equitable policy at every level. I will be a bridge for our community to city hall and the 45 city departments for service. I would appreciate your vote.  

Proudly endorsed: 37th LD Democrats, UFCW 3000, LiUNA, Iron Workers, State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, Justice Faith Ireland (ret.), former County Councilmember Larry Gossett, Colleen Echohawk, Dr. Harriet Walden, Andrea Caupain, and 70+ community leaders, small business owners, and housing, youth, LGBTQIA+, climate, equity advocates. 

Andrew Ashiofu

Andrew Ashiofu



(206) 468-8559

Education: Bsc Microbiology Igbinedion University Nigeria
Occupation: HIV Clinical Program Manager HealthPoint CHC

I am a pragmatic uniter who believes in standing up for what’s right, with empathy and accountability. I believe in building together through community-centric relationships; my lived experiences continue to inform me on how this translates into meaningful policy. As one formerly unhoused and who lives and works alongside those who face the same struggles - especially when it comes to housing affordability, availability, and accessibility. I will use this office to fund the mandate for social housing by Seattle voters.

As a Black man from a Nigerian immigrant background,  community safety means that we all must feel safe, including that we must find alternatives to policing that are evidence-based and rooted in community responsibility and resilience. We cannot keep doing the same old things and hoping for different outcomes; this is not only fiscally irresponsible, it is morally harmful. Seattle can and must do better.

I am HIV-positive, and I have been fighting for dignified healthcare and health equity as a professional and an activist.. I am an LGBTQ+ individual who is active in LGBTQ+ rights, especially for BIPOC individuals. As such I am a lifelong advocate for the safety and sense of belonging that we all inherently deserve.

I rely on public transit and walking; I know how important it is to expand safe and accessible multimodal transportation and build safe walkways and bike lanes.

I march, and I also walk the walk. I am the chair of the Washington State Stonewall Democrats, co-chair of the Seattle LGBTQ Commission, and Board Member for People Of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN) and Seattle LGBTQ+ Center. I hope to earn your vote to serve you as District 3’s next City Councilmember. 

Endorsed by Fmr. King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, Washington Stonewall Democrats, UW Democrats, Seattle U Democrats, , and more.


Alex Hudson

Alex Hudson

401 2ND AVE S STE 303


(206) 682-7328

Education: BA in Political Science, Minors in Sociology and Economics, Western Washington University - 2007
Occupation: Executive Director, Transportation Choices Coalition, First Hill Neighborhood Association (former)

I’m a progressive urbanist with a proven record of finding common ground, solving problems, and delivering results. Alongside community, I’ve created lasting, positive changes in housing and transit, reforming enforcement and improving neighborhoods.

For five years, I led First Hill’s neighborhood association, where we welcomed affordable housing, built safer transportation, better parks, and increased livability. Until recently, I was the Executive Director of Transportation Choices Coalition, where I built coalitions that secured transformative transportation investments, expanded light rail and bus service, and made transit free for youth.

Our district has beautiful, vibrant places. We lead with compassion. But things are off track, and too many of us fall through the cracks. We must urgently address complicated problems like homelessness, public safety, and affordability.

With fresh ideas, courage, and a commitment to action, we can build more housing, care for our vulnerable neighbors, and keep everyone safe. We can be a great city. I understand District 3’s challenges - and how to make progress. On my website, I’ve released extensive policy agendas and am bringing bold solutions to the table. 

I’m a First Hill renter, public school parent, and cancer survivor. I’m a first-generation college graduate who worked my way through WWU. I was named one of “Seattle’s Most Influential People” in 2015 by Seattle Magazine. I serve on the board of a major non-profit affordable housing provider and the Freeway Park Association. I’m proud to be endorsed by labor unions, progressive organizations, and community leaders.

We deserve a representative committed to listening, problem-solving, and making our lives better. My years of experience shows I can hit the ground running and get Seattle on track to reach our full potential together. It'd be an honor to serve our district, and I’m asking for your vote.

Efrain Hudnell

Efrain Hudnell

PO BOX 27713


(206) 593-2203

Education: BA Government/Political Science NMSU & JD Seattle University School of Law
Occupation: Attorney

With at least four new faces coming to Seattle City Council we have a unique opportunity to enact real, lasting solutions to the housing affordability, homelessness, and climate crises. I am uniquely qualified to serve during this critical time in our city’s history. 

I was born during the height of Reaganomics and my family struggled financially throughout my childhood. I would not be here today without sacrifice, community, and the occasional second chance. My early struggles are why I’m drawn to serve in the public sector, previously as part of the uniformed services, and currently, as an attorney in Mental Health Court. 

We’re living at an inflection point: the culmination of generations of deliberate disenfranchisement along racial lines exacerbating divisions in our country, and underinvestment in social services. Our task is not a simple one, we must invest in non-police responses for crisis intervention while also taking an aggressive stance on removing guns from our streets all while prioritizing rehabilitation for low level offenders to break the cycle. 

Simultaneously, we Must greatly expand our supply of affordable housing; maximize usage of existing inventory; minimize displacement of vulnerable communities; and ensure accessible transit for all. To this end, I’m committed to leveraging our social housing developer and creating 200K homes over the next ten years–anything less and we’ll only see the affordability crisis worsen. 

For Seattle to be successful, we must acknowledge there’s no going back to “how things were before.” We must take action to build a Seattle we can all be proud to pass on to the next generation. We must decarbonize our transportation system, invest in bold capital projects to redefine our city and improve quality of life. I believe we have it within us to realize this vision, and be an example for other cities to follow. 

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