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Tammy J. Morales

Tammy J. Morales

P.O. BOX 9100


(206) 588-6262

Education: Master of Science, Community and Regional Planning, UT Austin; BA, Anthropology, UT San Antonio
Occupation: Current Seattle City Councilmember, former Rainier Beach Action Coalition organizer

It’s been an honor to serve as your Councilmember, and I’m running again so that, together, we can continue building a future that includes all of us. I’ve got the experience to organize community-centered approaches and I secure the investments to match. We deliver on our values rather than simply profess them.

My office has a proven track record of progressive action. We committed to investing in historically under-funded schools, so we funded mental health in Southend schools. We said we’d prevent displacement, so we won tenant protections, monumental worker protections like paid sick leave for gig workers, and secured rent control for our small businesses. I secured permanent funding for community-driven development, and for the Green New Deal. All this and more in difficult times.

Let’s advance these wins even further. I envision housing abundance and vibrant small businesses within reach of all generations who stay rooted in their community. Children with full stomachs and single mothers with full wallets. Community networks preventing violence rather than just reacting to it. We’ve only just begun building alternatives to punishment and incarceration—especially for our Black and brown neighbors who suffer from the paradox of over-policing and under-policing.

Let’s deepen our investments in care and shared prosperity. We all deserve to feel safe in our neighborhoods. As a mom with 2 kids in Seattle Public Schools, it’s important to me that all our children are safe whether they’re walking to school or enjoying the park. We’ve only begun that work by investing in the resources District 2 needs to improve our community health, joy, and safety.

Thank you for getting me here; I hope to continue serving D2’s vibrant communities.

Proudly endorsed by MLK Labor, 37th LD Dems, Progreso Latino, Working Families Party, Rep. Jayapal, Sen. Saldaña, and dozens of others.

Tanya Woo

Tanya Woo

PO BOX 27041


(206) 657-6679

Education: University of Washington, Bachelors of Arts in Communication
Occupation: Business Owner, Community Advocate

I grew up in Beacon Hill, work at my family business in the Chinatown International District and now live in Rainier Beach. I’ve seen how South Seattle has changed, I’ve seen what happens to neighborhoods that don’t have a voice and are expected to live with bad city policies. I want to change that.


As a community advocate, I’ve fought against continued discrimination from the city towards the CID, recently named one of the most endangered neighborhoods in America. I learned that fighting for our voice when the city imposes their will without listening to our community, is a fight we can win. I want to bring that same passion to fight for all of South Seattle.


I know how to achieve better public safety. Every week, I practice what alternative policing looks like with my community watch group that prevents violence while working with first responders when needed, and provides mutual aid to the unhoused in the CID. 


I know how to create more affordable housing. My family renovated the historic Louisa Hotel into workforce housing which only charges residents a percentage of their income so nobody is charged rent they cannot afford. This model can be used to fight displacement and gentrification across South Seattle.


We need to move past elected leaders telling us what they're going to do, but never showing up to hear what people really want. We need leaders that listen to the community even when it's not politically convenient, and do the hard work it takes to run Seattle. Together we can uplift South Seattle to be the place we know it can be.  I promise to show up, work hard and help make Seattle better, together. 


Endorsed by Representative Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Seattle Port Commissioners Sam Cho and Toshiko Hasegawa, and more.


Margaret Elisabeth

Margaret Elisabeth



(540) 227-6168

Education: University of Kentucky - Information Science
Occupation: Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States

My name is Margaret Elisabeth and I’m running for Seattle City Council in District 2.

I first visited Seattle during June of 1999 and fell in love with the city. I vividly remember sitting in a coffee shop in Kirkland looking South towards Mt. Rainier – the sky an impossible blue where you can see for miles and Mt. Rainier took my breath away. I moved to Seattle in 2012, into the Belltown neighborhood, where I lived for 5 years. In 2017 I moved to Rainier Beach where I’ve lived ever since. 

We have a lot of serious issues facing us as citizens of Seattle and I’d like to mention three things we need to directly address: Universal Citywide Single Payer Healthcare, The Right to Shelter and a Real Living Wage.

Healthcare is a right and we need to enact legislation to make this right a reality. Following the models of Healthy San Francisco and NYC Health+Hospitals, the City of Seattle should establish a universal healthcare access program to ensure all residents receive free, at point of service, healthcare without relying on employer-sponsored plans or private insurance.

The City of Seattle should establish rent control and renter’s rights, end exclusive single-family zoning, ban new AirBNB developments, establish high-density, mixed incoming housing near transit centers, and the City should expand cooperative housing, expand social housing and make it easier to enter and sustain home-ownership for Seattle residents.

The City of Seattle should adopt a $25/hr true living wage which is automatically adjusted based on the cost of healthcare, housing, food, transportation and inflation. I’m running for Seattle City Council in District 2 because I believe we can change our city if we take bold action now. Vote for me in District 2 for an Evergreen future.

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TTY: Relay 711

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