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Council Position No. 3

Marianne "Ginger" West

Marianne "Ginger" West


SEATAC, WA 98198

(425) 658-6555

Education: Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Occupation: Military, Culinarily ,Corrections ,Management

I am a Navy Gulf  War Veteran 

I want to help my city the best way I can, I want to be a advocate for the homeless and veteran's services . I want to help make sure that my city has the best transportation options available. I want to help make everyone feel welcome to express themselves in a safe environment. I would strive to give everyone a chance to express their experiences and try to find a way to make everyone feel included in their community. I want everyone to have a voice and to be able to give their opinions. I want to help make my city a safe place for everyone.


Elizabeth Greninger

Elizabeth Greninger

18119 43RD AVE S

SEATAC, WA 98188

(360) 797-5778

Education: Masters of Social Welfare, University of California– Berkeley; Bachelors, Montana State University
Occupation: Learning Experience Designer, Amazon (2022-Present); Social Worker (2009-2023)

SeaTac is growing and evolving, and we have an opportunity to create a welcoming community where everyone thrives. My wife and I found a diverse and accepting community in SeaTac, and I am eager to help our city reach its full potential.

I’ll bring compassionate and inclusive leadership to the council. As a social worker by trade, my career has centered around helping people. I’m a person who listens, solves problems, and helps folks get what they need. I’m a clear communicator and someone who takes action. I’ll increase access to safe and affordable housing, boost our local economy, be a strong voice for working families, prioritize neighborhood safety, stand against airport pollution and noise, and protect our green spaces. 

I’m proud to be supported by MLK Labor, Working Families Party, and King County Democrats. I’m committed to helping SeaTac reach its full potential and hope you’ll join me.

Peter Kwon

Peter Kwon

4455 S 164TH STREET

SEATAC, WA 98188

(206) 498-1919

Education: Network Services and Computing Systems, Bellevue Community College, University of Washington, Certificate of Municipal Leadership
Occupation: Systems Engineer, Public Servant, Volunteer

Thank you for trusting me as your SeaTac Council representative.  It has been a sincere honor.  Few were impacted by the pandemic like airport communities.  Travel virtually ceased, yet our city continued to provide services better than most.  I ensured SeaTac's increased funding for public and human services and improvements to our parks, roadways, and sidewalks without increasing city taxes.  Together we've kept our cost of living the most affordable in King County.

As a true non-partisan, I have endorsements from both sides of the political aisle, including your neighbors, local businesses, and community leaders.  I love bringing people together.  We have ongoing projects to benefit everyone, such as affordable housing and neighborhood shops. I believe we should keep our city free from partisan bickering, outside influence, or special interest groups, and maintain our independence.

Now I ask for your trust again.  Together we can continue to make SeaTac extraordinary!

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