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Council Position No. 7

Nancy Sivitilli

Nancy Sivitilli

4004 NE 4TH ST, STE 107-190

RENTON, WA 98056

Education: University of Washington (Tacoma) Bachelors of Arts
Occupation: Boeing IT Global Sourcing and Vendor Management

Renton has reached a pivotal point and it is time for change.  Decisions must benefit and support the continued improvement of our beautiful city. Renton deserves to thrive and that starts with executing the right strategy with the right priorities. Renton voices must be heard, and I want to listen and partner with you, Renton, to bring about the change we need.

We must do better to address crime, homelessness, and drug use.  Strong education for our youth is key for Renton’s future. Also, fiscally responsible economic development that supports small business is essential to driving good growth. It’s time for innovative and fresh ideas. I am ready to take on the challenge and make positive transformations.

As a concerned mom, wife, and resident, I'm committed to driving for changes that improve prosperity for all.  No hidden agendas.  Time to bring community together and create positive change.

Steven Vargas

Steven Vargas

PO BOX 573

RENTON, WA 98057

Education: B.S. in Computer Science, California Polytechnic University, Pomona
Occupation: Senior Software Engineer

Renton is a great city. I was captivated by everything it has to offer, leading me to start a YouTube series highlighting landmarks and businesses in and around Renton. Through the series, I connected with individuals across the city, inspiring me to deepen my involvement with various Renton-focused non-profits and pursue this position.

As your council member, I will address crime, enhance public safety, promote transparent governance, and work to improve housing affordability. With a decade of experience working on large-scale engineering projects, I bring thoughtfulness and rigor to my approach.

I don’t believe in handouts, but I do believe in providing opportunities for those willing to put in the work. My great grandfather immigrated from the Philippines to Seattle, and now, almost 100 years later, I am thrilled to run for elected office in this region.

Kim-Khanh Van

Kim-Khanh Van

PO BOX 1246

RENTON, WA 98057

(425) 919-9051

Education: BAs, Sociology and Law, Societies, & Justice, University of Washington; JD, University of Dayton
Occupation: Renton Councilmember, Small Business Owner, Judge Advocate General, and Attorney

As a refugee, I want everyone to have access to the American Dream. As a Renton Technical College Board Member, I’ve expanded access to apprenticeships and career pathways. As a mom, PTA board member, Rotarian, and community leader, I’ve worked tirelessly for healthy, thriving kids and families.

On council, I’ve led on public safety for all investing in officers and training, funding mental health navigators, and creating a Downtown Patrol Unit. I’ve prioritized economic opportunities for local businesses and federal small business funds.  And I’ve prioritized Renton kids, seniors, and veterans, leading on affordability, protecting our Cedar River and open spaces, and serving neighbors in need. I would be honored to earn your continued support.

Endorsed: Renton Firefighters, Aerospace Machinists, MLK Labor, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW, Congressman Smith, Executive Constantine, Fmr CM Gossett, Fmr Superintendent Gibbons, Senator Hasegawa, Estela Ortega, Steve Randolph, Dr. Linda Smith, Martin Tamayo, Mark St. Peter, democrats!

Michael Westgaard

Michael Westgaard


RENTON, WA 98055

(206) 370-1987

Education: Center for Employment Education CDL 2006, Environmental Remediation Clover Park 2016, King County OIT 2018
Occupation: Wastewater Treatment Operator

My name is Michael Westgaard, and I’m running for City Council because of my lived experience and my belief that a better world is possible.


I grew up in poverty. Coming from a union background, I saw the difference that union representation made in providing stability. We are at a crossroads on public safety. The war on drugs has failed. With the passage of Crisis Care Centers, Missing Middle Housing, the State Budget, and the IRA, we have the opportunity to take a different path. We can expand treatment options, build housing, and serve people in need by addressing issues with compassion. Through my volunteer work I’d run into electeds that would oppose progress because they feared it was not the right time. We need a council that will fight for progress.


I am endorsed by the 11th LD Democrats, Raise the Wage Renton, Councilmember Carmen Rivera, KC Young Dems.


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Sean Atchison

5526 NE 10TH ST

RENTON, WA 98059

(425) 445-7326


Education: No information submitted
Occupation: No information submitted

No statement submitted

Camila Lagow

Camila Lagow

1207 N LANDING WAY #1069

RENTON, WA 98057

(425) 202-6239

Education: Master’s Degree in Public Relations, Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science
Occupation: Educator Consultant at Public Health — Seattle & King County

I am committed to addressing longstanding issues in our city. From tackling safety concerns to addressing homelessness, addiction, and mental health, my focus is on fostering a thriving environment for businesses and communities. Together, we will develop policies prioritizing the equitable representation of all voices.

With a background in education and communications, I bring extensive community engagement experience to the City Council. Currently serving on the Renton Civil Service Commission, I collaborate with our Renton Police Department to improve services, training, and accountability. This firsthand involvement allows me to understand the issues and advocate for practical solutions.

As an immigrant, I have experienced the challenges and triumphs of building a life in a new country. This perspective drives me to champion fairness and responsible spending. I am determined to approach problems with fresh alternatives, ready to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

Randy Corman

Randy Corman


RENTON, WA 98056

(425) 271-6913

Education: Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis; Continuing City and Boeing training
Occupation: Retired Boeing Engineering Manager and former Renton City Council Member

Randy is seeking to rejoin and reunite the City Council in response to the increasing challenges faced by the community: rising crime, drugs, homelessness, and cost of living.

While on the Council, Randy played a significant role in driving positive changes: substantial improvements in public safety, enhancement of parks and amenities, successful attraction of major businesses like The Landing and Seahawks, and prioritized production of of affordable housing. He also embraced our rich diversity by implementing measurable programs of inclusion and equity that remain a model across the country.

Renton has the potential to achieve even greater accomplishments. With Randy's prior Council experience, and his educational background in Mechanical Engineering with extensive training with Boeing and the City, Randy brings expertise to drive real solutions. Please vote to return Randy to the City Council.  Join the Mayor, several council members, and the broad coalition of Renton residents supporting him.

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