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Osman Salahuddin

Osman Salahuddin

PO BOX 3061


(425) 200-4267

Education: BS Neurobiology & English Minor, University of Washington; Former UW Student Body President; LWSD Graduate
Occupation: King County Community Engagement Manager; Coffee-shop Owner; Former Medical Researcher

As a lifelong Redmond resident, I’m running to bring new leadership and fresh ideas to our growing city. Experienced in public, private, and healthcare settings, I'll take a data-driven, community-based approach toward addressing our city’s most pressing issues.

I’m committed to an affordable, sustainable, safe, and inclusive Redmond. This means ensuring families and seniors aren’t priced out of their homes. It means protecting trees and green spaces, and promoting public transit. It means investing in safe neighborhoods where all residents can thrive. I love Redmond and am passionate about ensuring youth and families have the experience I grew up with – quality schools, accessible parks, and supportive communities for all. Let’s build a better future together!

Endorsed: MLK Labor Council; Redmond Firefighters; AG Ferguson; Senators Kuderer, Dhingra, Representatives Slatter, Walen; County Councilmembers Perry, Balducci; Redmond Mayor Birney, Councilmember Khan; LWSD Boardmember Stuart; 48th LD Democrats; KC Young Democrats; and more.

Nate Niederhausern

Nate Niederhausern

PO Box 51


(425) 895-8943

Education: MS, Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, Utah State University; BS, Broadcast Journalism, Utah State University
Occupation: Principal at Sunstone Media Group

I am eager to represent you on the Redmond City Council. As a longtime resident for over 25 years, I have had the privilege to live and work in our thriving community. Microsoft initially brought me to Redmond, and it became the place I chose to raise my family, with my children attending our outstanding schools.

My primary focus as a public servant will be to represent you, the people, using a commonsense approach to serve on your behalf. I firmly believe in promoting balanced growth that preserves our community's character while ensuring economic opportunities. I am committed to fostering safe neighborhoods by collaborating with law enforcement and implementing effective strategies to keep us safe.

I will work tirelessly to promote community unity through diversity. By actively listening to your concerns through open dialogue we can build a Redmond where everyone feels valued and supported. I would appreciate your vote! 

Paul Stepanov

Paul Stepanov

325 118TH AVE SE SUITE 200


(206) 683-4386

Education: Seattle University School of Law, JD
Occupation: Business owner

Redmond deserves city council members who look out after its residents safety, prosperity and comfort. 

Redmond is the city that I live in and my kids are growing up here and going to school here. I am a small business owner, who wants to ensure that we have safe, prosperous and thriving community. 

As your City Council I will be voting only for the initiatives that promote safety and prosperity for the community and its residents. I will be your voice in the City Council that ensures that our kids can safely walk on the streets of Redmond, businesses can operate safely and police is encouraged, respected and allowed to do their jobs. 


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TTY: Relay 711

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