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Council Position No. 2

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams

P.O. BOX 3041

KENT, WA 98089

Education: Certified In-home Caregiver
Occupation: In-home Caregiver, Author, Activist

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am a third generation caregiver who cares for citizens all across King and Pierce counties. I understand the aftermath of gentrification to a city. The area that my family lived in for generations has been flatted for the expansion of the airport. We lost the history and traditions that were held and taught on that land. That is why I am running for Burien city council seat 2. We must protect this beautiful city and continue to build it stronger and make it sustainable for generations to come.


The following places I serve are: Executive board member of SEIU775; Trustee on the Health and Benefits Trust SEIU775; King County Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Committee; King county Metro low income orca lift program; SEIUIU National Action Team; IHCGM extended hands; Take Back; CDWA Rate Setting board



Endorsed by: MLK Labor, SEIU1199NW, SEIU775


Linda Akey

Linda Akey

PO BOX 66245

BURIEN, WA 98166

(206) 395-4596

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Public Administration Associate of General Studies Early Childhood Education
Occupation: Nonprofit Consultant, CEO and Owner of Competent Assistance for Nonprofits

I am a community leader with a proven track record of working to improve our community. As a nonprofit consultant, I have helped hundreds of organizations start and operate successfully. I will bring professionalism and healthy communication to the City Council. I also serve on the Burien Business and Economic Development Partnership,  the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and the Burien Creative District.


Once elected, I will work to expand and enhance community policing while ensuring accountability, transparency, and stronger gun laws. I will work to create more affordable housing options and support minimum wage increases. I am passionate about working to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness. I will support the creation of substance abuse, mental health treatment centers and transitional housing options. I will work to protect our environment, mitigate climate change, and support policies promoting clean air and water.



I humbly request your vote.


Cydney Moore

Cydney Moore

PO BOX 48311

BURIEN, WA 98148

(206) 775-0741

Education: C.E.R.T. Certified, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, and Lane County Community College
Occupation: Burien City Councilmember

As someone deeply committed to our community, I enjoy volunteering for organizations like the Burien Severe Weather Shelter, local food banks, and more. I hold positions on the board of three nonprofits (including the Burien Arts Association), and regional committees focused on environmental sustainability, public transportation, and public safety (including the Domestic Violence Task Force).


As a councilmember, I have prioritized addressing our most pressing issues: supporting small businesses and families through the pandemic, passing tenant protections, creating affordable housing, defending workers’ rights, and expanding human services - including rent/utility assistance, healthcare, and education. It has been an honor to serve our city, and I will keep fighting to make sure the needs of Burien residents are met. 


Endorsements: MLK Labor, 33rd District Democrats, King County Young Democrats, King County Councilmembers Joe McDermott and Dave Upthegrove, State Representative Mia Gregerson, Burien City Councilmembers Sarah Moore and Hugo Garcia, and more.


Rut Perez-Studer

Rut Perez-Studer

P.O. BOX 48044

BURIEN, WA 98148

(206) 375-3309

Education: Bachelor's in Political Science, University of New Mexico; International MBA, Rotterdam School of Management
Occupation: Manager in Maritime Division, Port of Seattle

We need to trust and see cooperation in our city council for Burien to thrive.  We need leadership for all because our 52,000 + residents deserve it.  We need leadership that works with our entire community to find solutions, We need leadership that will listen and work together towards the right economic, environmental and social development for the long-run. Burien is a hard working community that deserves safety and security.  When all members of our community are positively contributing to help it thrive, we strengthen  our social contract with each other.  We need to re-build  what Burien is known for...being welcoming. As a Burien City Councilmember, I will work  to restore our social contracts. I will need all of you to help me to make it happen.  I ask for your vote so that we can begin building a community that represents all of us.


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TTY: Relay 711

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