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Teresa Mosqueda

Teresa Mosqueda

PO BOX 20655


(206) 643-5634

Education: Masters in Public Administration, focus in health policy, Evergreen State College; BA, University of Washington
Occupation: City Councilmember; labor champion, children’s advocate, public health policy leader

I’m running for King County Council to improve the opportunity for all residents to be healthy, housed, and resilient. We can do this by expanding behavioral and public health systems; building workforce housing; and investing in workers and small businesses through job training, accessible transit, and affordable childcare.


My career began in community and public health; I then advocated for children’s health and early learning as the Children’s Alliance Legislative Director. I served as Government Affairs Director for the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, where I fought for worker rights and helped lead the statewide minimum wage and sick leave initiative. At Seattle City Council, I’ve built broad coalitions and delivered on progressive revenue, affordable housing, community safety investments, small business support, and groundbreaking worker protections. At King County, I’ll work to improve community health, access to housing, and create economic opportunity for all.



Health: treating gun violence, behavioral health, and substance abuse as the public health crises they are by increasing support for upstream investments; investing in our public health workforce; and implementing the new Crisis Care Levy that I proudly helped craft. 



Housing: expediting solutions and funding to grow housing, preventing displacement and sprawl, creating economic stability, and supporting walkable and livable neighborhoods which reduce car emissions and global warming. 



Economic opportunity: investing in childcare workers and affordability, transit workers and accessibility, job-training, and union apprenticeships to create pathways to family-wage jobs and support local businesses.



Proudly endorsed by U.S. Representative Jayapal; Attorney General Ferguson; King County Executive Constantine; Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell; all endorsing unions including MLK Labor, SEIU locals, UFCW 3000, OPEIU 8, and Seattle Building Trades; majority of the 34th, 33rd, 11th, 37th, and 43rd legislators; Progreso: Latino Progress; Washington Conservation Action; WA Housing Alliance Action Fund; NW Women’s Political Caucus; and over 200 more!



Sofia Aragon

Sofia Aragon

P.O. BOX 66305

BURIEN, WA 98166

(206) 327-1252

Education: BA in Economics (UW Seattle), BS in Nursing (Seattle U), Juris Doctor (Law) Loyola University-Chicago
Occupation: Mayor of Burien and WA Center for Nursing Executive Director

I’m the Mayor of Burien and a citizen of King County. I’m the product of the diversity and challenges that the county has to offer. I want to make sure King County is a safe, healthy, and inclusive place where families can call home for a lifetime and businesses can take root.


As a result of Defund the Police, our communities are struggling to address rising crime. We can and must do better, especially as leaders. My job is to represent all residents fairly and not just narrow interests.  I want to make sure this county has great jobs with great benefits, a responsive public health system, that first responders have the tools they need to serve, affordable housing, and a healthy environment.



I’m able to run for office because of the opportunities available to me growing up in different parts of King County.  As an immigrant child from the Philippines growing up in south Seattle, I always had good healthcare thanks to my mom’s union. Following in her footsteps I became a registered nurse. I chose to serve diverse patients who often spoke different languages, were immigrants, or low income.  I helped those suffering from mental health and substance abuse. Nursing taught me how to be an advocate for others. 



I decided to strengthen my advocacy skills and earned a law degree to shape public policy in Olympia. There I advocated for workplace safety, healthcare for all, and getting toxins out of the environment.



I want to serve on the council to create conditions of opportunity, where everyone has the chance to succeed, and where everyone feels safe.



Endorsements: NW Women's Political Caucus, State Representatives Tina Orwall and Cindy Ryu, Former State Representative Eileen Cody, Mayors of Bellevue, Redmond, SeaTac, and Tukwila; Former Burien Mayor Brian Bennett, and more.




10219 9TH AVE S


(206) 601-8172

Education: Minnesota born. Universities: Germany, Sweden, and America: Masters and Bachelors. Languages: German, Swedish, French.
Occupation: Accountant. Chemical Plant Operator. Owner: Rentals and Stocks.

To help raise the living standard, Spaceguy minored in Economics. With knowledge of Economics, Goodspaceguy has run for public office many, many times and has recommended raising the living standard and decreasing homelessness and building a better safety net. Elect prosperous Goodspaceguy to the King County Council.

Please, think of Earth as a spaceship. In our King County on our Spaceship Earth, let us expand our minds and help raise the living standard by abolishing the job-destroying, crime-promoting Minimum Wage. The Minimum Wage promotes homelessness and shoplifting and other crimes and Job Stress. If we successfully declare the Minimum Wage unconstitutional, then low-paying, therapeutic jobs for the Homeless can return into existence. Employed people make safer people. The crime rate and the cost of living can come down. Let us move towards full employment.

Prediction: Improving technology will raise the living standard. With your help, King County could become a leader in the new and upcoming orbital space colonization industry. Elon Musk and other leaders are opening the high frontier. Life's new destiny is to rise up and gradually colonize Orbital Space around our Earth and around our Sun. Imagine many of your descendants gradually moving up to the amazement of living in the upcoming Orbital Space Colonies. Start small.

In King County, let us see how high we can raise the living standard by helping to un-sabotage the Economy. Let Supply and Demand, in search of Profits, adjust wages and prices to Equilibrium. Profits are the Incentives that create Employment. Greater Profits, greater Employment! Make it easy for the homeless and people-with-problems to get jobs. Make us a safer King County of employment. Let us embrace the Free Market Economy of Capitalistic Consumerism. You, the Consumers and Taxpayers of the Market Place, should lead. Elect Goodspaceguy.

38 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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