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Proposition No. 1

Levy of General Tax for Maintenance and Operations

The Board of King County Fire Protection District No. 27 adopted Resolution No. 2020-01, concerning a proposition to adequately finance maintenance and operation costs. This proposed levy would replace the District’s expiring voter approved excess levy and provide for the continued support of fire protection and emergency medical services, facilities, maintenance, staffing and operations by authorizing the District to levy excess taxes in the following amounts over the next four years.


Collection Year

Estimated Levy Rate/$1,000 Assessed Value

Levy Amount














Should this proposition be approved?



If approved by the voters, the Fire District will be authorized to replace its expiring four year maintenance and operations excess levy with a new four year excess levy of $650,000.00 in 2020, $676,000.00 in 2021, $703,000.00 in 2022 and $731,000.00 in 2023, to be collected in each succeeding year Such levy will be in addition to the District's regular and EMS tax levies for a four-year period.

The District continues to experience increases in the cost of providing fire protection and emergency medical services and cannot maintain current staffing and service levels within the limitations of the District's regular tax levy. The levy will provide funds required by the district to maintain and improve the level of service in the district.

The District estimates that the tax levy rate necessary to generate these funds each year will be approximately $0.47 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. In subsequent years the levy rate will decrease if assessed property values increase.

If the levy is approved, a taxpayer with property valued at $500,000 would experience an increase over the current excess tax levy of approximately $0.12710/$1,000 Assessed Value which equates to $63.55 per year or $5.29 per month.

We love our Fall City Fire Department! They come to our aid when needed.  Now we can support them by voting Yes!  We’ve approved every funding measure since the department was created in 1946.

This Maintenance & Operations Levy will provide approximately 26% of the department’s operating budget.  It’s critical funding for firefighter/EMT’s, vehicles and equipment, and training – all needed to provide medical aid and firefighting services to us.  

Our department made great progress in 2020 to address needs identified during the merger discussions.  An 11th firefighter was hired and 3-person career firefighter crews are now scheduled 24x7.  New bunker gear was bought for all firefighters and a power load for the aid car.  A temporary training captain was appointed, and new training program implemented.  This levy funds a 12th career firefighter, and improves safety with additional training and equipment.  All district vehicles/apparatus are paid for and in good condition, and the levy funds their future replacement.

This 2021-2024 M&O Levy replaces the 2017-2020 levy and adjusts for inflation.  Our tax increase is minimal, only $5.29/month for a home valued at $500,000.  This is a very small price to pay to continue our strong and independent fire department.  Vote Yes!

Robert Angrisano, Terri Divers, Dave Hart, 425-417-8798

Vote No: End Unnecessary Taxation, Retain Fire Fighters, and Increase Your Family’s Safety. 

Fall City cannot cover the costs for fire services using the traditional property tax structure. Currently, you pay an additional tax (an M&O levy) of $475,000 to make up for the shortfall, simply to survive. Our community is now being asked to raise that “extra” M&O levy to an escalating $650,000 with no tangible benefit to you or your firefighters. The Commissioners’ projections show we actually need $950,000 to meet adequate service levels. 

The constant uncertainty of our fire department’s future has led to the departure of almost half of our firefighters this year alone, and more slated to leave by the end of the year. This is a century’s worth of Valley experience lost. 

Your commissioners have researched and are aware of other options that save our tax dollars while fulfilling their obligation to keep our community and firefighters safe. Voting No forces your elected officials to pursue these better options that provide for the safety and security of our Firefighters and spend your tax dollars more responsibly.

Jay Bluher, Danielle Bothwell, Rick Reynolds,

Our fire commissioners prioritized Safety, Staffing, Training and Equipment to reduce $950,000 “wishlist” to a modest M&O levy of $650,000.  Voted M&O levies are standard funding models for districts – fire, school, hospital.  Our department will be debt-free in 2021 (station remodel and engine paid off) and you’ll stop paying those taxes.  We’re fully staffed, increasing training and buying equipment – much better than “surviving”!

Supporting our local independent fire department is our best option.  Vote Yes!

Last year, we were promised if we stayed independent, we could save money, support 12 firefighters, better training, and replace our aging equipment. Now they’re asking for an escalating $650k excess levy without fulfilling those promises. Our commissioners are not being transparent with their commitment to the community and the firefighters.  There are other measures to be taken before taxing families that are already struggling to put food on the table. Vote No!

60% approval and at least 488 Yes votes (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Chris Connor, Fire Chief, (425) 222-5841,

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