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Kent School District No. 415

Proposition No. 2
Capital Projects and Technology Levy

The Board of Directors of Kent School District No. 415 adopted Resolution No. 1649 concerning a proposition for a capital projects and technology levy. If approved, this proposition would authorize the District to levy the following excess taxes, replacing an expiring levy, on all taxable property within the District, to provide funding for capital projects for student safety, security, instruction, classroom and support services, and technology needs.


Collection Year

Approximate Levy Rate/$1,000 Assessed Value

Levy Amount














Should this proposition be approved?




Passage of Proposition No. 2 would allow Kent School District No. 415 to renew an expiring levy for capital projects and technology by levying $29,200,000 in property taxes for collection in 2024, $60,900,000 for collection in 2025, $63,400,000 for collection in 2026, and $65,900,000 for collection in 2027. 


In accordance with Resolution No. 1649, these amounts would be used to improve Districtwide student safety, security and health by installing new heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, boilers, upgraded building access controls and alarm systems and making Children’s Internet Protection Act improvements. The District would improve school and support facilities Districtwide by updating elementary schools to accommodate pre-K education, installing synthetic fields at four high schools, ADA upgrades to playground equipment, and making other capital improvements.  In addition, the District would improve its technology systems by continuing its student laptop program, upgrading instructional technology, data security and disaster recovery infrastructure, modernizing school technology infrastructure, acquiring hardware and software licenses and providing training to implement new technology.


Based on projected assessed valuation information, the District estimates tax rates of $0.66 per $1,000 of assessed value (2024 collection); $1.32 per $1,000 of assessed value (2025 collection); $1.32 per $1,000 of assessed value (2026 collection); and $1.32 per $1,000 of assessed value (2027 collection).


Tax exemptions may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements. For information regarding exemptions, call the King County Assessor at (206) 296-7300.

Vote to approve Capital Projects and Technology Levy Proposition 2!


This levy replaces the 2018 technology and capital levy. It will maintain the full funding of the student laptop program from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It will also fund critical repair projects across the district to keep our buildings healthy and safe for students and staff. This includes healthy air ventilation and cooling systems as well as modernized safety systems including intrusion and fire alarm upgrades.


This levy will also provide program expansion for preschool programs at every elementary school which is not part of state funding. It will also allow for the continued work to upgrade playgrounds to accessible and inclusive equipment.


This levy will be a four year replacement and will provide for capital repairs that are not included in the general budget and not funded by the state. As buildings age, the cost of repairs and upkeep is inevitable. Funding these building repairs through a capital levy is essential to allow the Educational and Operational Programs Levy to go directly to programs supporting our students. Vote to approve this four year replacement Capital Projects and Technology Levy: Proposition 2.


Submitted by: Allyson Johnson, Alan Sutliff, Brooke Valentine


Do you feel heard?  This levy is a transparent attempt to repackage the failed 2023 bond, because "the beauty on levies is it's a 50% vote passage as opposed to the supermajority you need for a bond measure".  Same cost, same projects, lower approval threshold.


The community’s concerns expressed in the 2023 Bond Feedback Survey have been ignored.  The levy resolution was passed without an opportunity for public comment.  The resolution includes language that removes community voice, removes board oversight, and allows the district to spend money "as the District in its discretion shall determine".  There is still no detailed breakdown of cost or focus on the highest priorities.


While this levy will fund air conditioning in schools, it also includes wasteful spending.  All high schools will receive new synthetic fields, while Mill Creek's dangerous field continues to be ignored.  The levy funds the district's 1:1 technology program requiring laptop replacements every 4 years, needed or not.


Do not let the district force unnecessary and wasteful spending by piggybacking on these important projects.  Do not let them continue ignoring public demands for transparency and fiscal responsibility.  Vote for change.  Vote No on KSD Prop 2: Capital Projects and Technology Levy.


Submitted by: Shawn Bettinger, Joseph Riley

It is true that the replacement Capital Levy will increase in funding collected over the four year levy when approved. This is an important aspect since it will allow the maintenance of services for students from the general fund while allowing for important safety and environmental upgrades for the health and safety of students and educational staff.


Vote Yes on KSD Proposition 2 and maintain the high quality of capital supports that our students deserve!


Submitted by: Allyson Johnson, Alan Sutliff, Brooke Valentine

By definition, this is not a replacement levy and cannot be called that.  The existing levy collects $29.5 million in 2024. The "replacement" levy will collect an additional $29.2 million in 2024 and then over $60 million for each of the remaining 3 years.


The district has repeatedly stated that levy projects are not a promise and can be changed as needed.  How can we trust these projects will be completed without oversight or accountability?


Submitted by: Shawn Bettinger, Joseph Riley

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Dr. Wade Barringer, Deputy Superintendent, (253) 373-7001,

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