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Proposition No. 1
Funding for Transit and Related Transportation Needs


The City of Seattle’s Proposition 1 concerns funding for transit and related transportation needs in Seattle.


If approved, this proposition authorizes up to 0.15% sales and use tax expiring April 1, 2027, and as proposed in Ordinance 126115, to replace the current voter-approved 0.1% sales tax, expiring December 31, 2020.


Revenues are dedicated to: transit services benefitting Seattle residents, including frequent transit network maintenance and associated capital improvements; low-income fare programs for Seattle seniors, students, workers, and residents; and transportation needs related to COVID-19 recovery and the West Seattle Bridge closure.


Should this proposition be approved?




In 2014, Seattle voters approved a $60 Vehicle License Fee and a 0.1 percent sales and use tax for a six-year term expiring on December 31, 2020. To replace the funding expiring at the end of this year, Proposition 1 proposes a 0.15 percent sales and use tax for six years starting April 1, 2021, and ending April 1, 2027. 

Tax revenue is only for purposes described in Ordinance 126115, including: King County Metro services with over 65 percent of stops within Seattle; service hours on current and future RapidRide lines serving Seattle; programs supporting transit access for low-income residents, workers (including “Essential Workers”), seniors, and youth, including the ORCA Opportunity program for K-12 students and income-eligible college students; limited transit infrastructure maintenance and capital improvements; and emerging mobility needs related to COVID-19 response and recovery, and closure of the West Seattle High Bridge, including first-last mile transit connections, the Reconnect West Seattle plan’s strategies, and regional partnerships. 

Beginning in 2022, more than half of the tax revenue spent annually will go to King County Metro services with over 65 percent of stops within Seattle, and to current and future RapidRide lines serving Seattle. The City will issue an annual report describing King County Metro’s services in Seattle and countywide, how Proposition 1 revenues were used, and impacts of King County’s service reductions, increases, or changes in Seattle. The Seattle Transit Advisory Board will serve as the public oversight committee charged with advising on spending of Proposition 1 revenues. 

Seattle Transit: Vote Yes!

Seattleites count on transit. Proposition 1 continues our transit investments that work for our neighbors and environment. Prop. 1 preserves the essential bus service we need, creates affordability for riders, addresses the West Seattle transportation crisis head on, and ensures transit is efficient and reliable. This measure will fund our most frequently utilized bus routes and enable us to maintain our transportation system as we work toward recovery.

Supporting Essential Workers and Trips

One out of three of Seattle's essential workers rely on transit. Every day tens of thousands of people count on transit to get to their jobs, appointments, and to access services. Prop. 1 keeps buses showing up for them, so they can show up for Seattle.

Helping Our Neighbors

Bus service remains a vital lifeline for seniors, people with disabilities, students, and working families. Prop. 1 supports access programs for our low-income neighbors, including free passes for public high school students and programs for essential workers, seniors and public housing residents. Our neighbors are counting on these affordability programs now more than ever.

Staying the Course

A healthy, sustainable economic recovery relies on reliable, frequent buses. Prop. 1 could generate more than 150,000 prioritized transit service hours a year for the next six years. While the current crisis has many of us at home, Seattleites are among the most reliable transit users in the nation. Providing essential access to jobs, services, and opportunities is critical to getting back on track. 

Supporting West Seattle, Georgetown, & South Park

We know that there is no easy fix to the West Seattle Bridge. Providing mobility options for West Seattle as we work toward a solution helps us all stay moving. Decreased congestion also equals cleaner air for South Park, Georgetown and all the communities in Southwest Seattle.
Using Dollars Wisely

Prop. 1 supports infrastructure improvements such as bus lanes and signal priority across transit corridors. Maximizing trip efficiency and reliability helps keep buses rolling so riders aren’t stuck in traffic. Independent citizen oversight of Prop. 1 ensures our transit dollars are spent wisely.

Supporting Healthy, Sustainable Recovery

Transportation Prop. 1 renews Seattle’s investments in transit service. Seattle has led the nation in transit growth, and we must ensure the availability of transit service during the current crisis and in economic recovery. Now isn't the time to roll back our progress. 
Vote Yes on Seattle Proposition 1!

Alex Hudson, Nicole Grant, Paulina Lopez,

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