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Proposition No. 1
Levy for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services

The Board of Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority adopted Resolution No. 153 concerning a proposition to maintain and adequately fund Puget Sound Fire operations. This proposition authorizes the Regional Fire Authority to restore its regular property tax levy to $1.00 per $1,000.00 of assessed valuation to be levied in 2019 and authorizes annual adjustments by the greater of 1% or the annual CPI-W for Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue as reported in June of the levy year for each of the five succeeding years. The maximum allowable levy in 2024 shall serve as the base for subsequent levy limitations as provided by chapter 84.55 RCW. Should this proposition be:



Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (Puget Sound Fire) provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the cities of Covington, Kent, SeaTac, Maple Valley, Fire District 43 and Fire District 37. This proposition will authorize Puget Sound Fire to restore its regular real property tax levy rate (currently approximately $.706 per thousand of assessed valuation) to the 2011 levy rate of $1.00 and will authorize an annual growth rate greater of 1% or the annual CPI-W for Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue as reported in June for each of the five succeeding years to allow the RFA to keep pace with inflation.

Puget Sound Fire has a two-part funding system including this property tax in combination with a benefit charge. The benefit charge is a service fee based on the square footage of your structure and the amount of resources needed to extinguish a fire.  Due to voter approved limits, property tax collections cannot exceed a 1% increase per year.  As a result of this limitation, the benefit charge portion of our funding has gradually increased.  If this measure is approved with the restoration of the property tax to $1.00 per thousand and the use of a CPI annual adjustment, the department will be able to reduce the benefit charge applied to all parcels in the fire authority based on size and use.

This rebalancing of the two-part funding system will allow the department to maintain and improve fire protection, prevention, emergency medical services and the protection of life and property in the Puget Sound Fire response area.

Saving lives, homes and businesses is not something to take for granted. We trust that our fire department will be there when seconds count. Now, it is our time to be there for them.

Voting Yes on Proposition #1 ensures continued, sustainable funding for the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority. Proposition #1 resets the property tax to $1.00 per thousand dollars of assessed value. With this adjustment in property tax comes a decrease in the Benefit Charge for all residences. It is a fair, efficient and equitable way to provide sustainable fire and emergency medical services.

Please vote Yes for continued funding and support of the very service that might save Your life or home one day!

Submitted by: Jennifer Harjehausen, Chris McCartin, Jonathan Ingram,

No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

Simple majority (RCW 84.55.050)

For questions about this measure, contact: Greg Markley, Battalion Chief, 253-856-4408,

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