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Bellevue School District No. 405

Proposition No. 2
Replacement for Technology and Capital Projects Levy

The Board of Directors of Bellevue School District passed Resolution No. 17-17 concerning this proposition for capital levies. This proposition authorizes the District to modernize facilities by acquiring, developing and implementing computer technology systems, facilities and projects for operations and instruction and other capital and administrative expenditures, and authorizes excess levies for such purposes on all taxable property within the District:


Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value


2019 $0.54 $37,000,000
2020 $0.54 $40,000,000
2021 $0.53 $42,000,000
2022 $0.53 $44,000,000

all as provided in the Resolution. Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 2 to replace an expiring levy, would allow a levy of $37,000,000 in property taxes within Bellevue School District for collection in 2019, a levy of $40,000,000 for collection in 2020, a levy of $42,000,000 for collection in 2021 and a levy of $44,000,000 for collection in 2022, to fund large scale capital improvements; multi-season fields; laptops for middle and high school students; integrated digital curriculum; collaborative STEM learning for every student; additional laptop carts to support elementary student learning; and technology training for teachers to support classroom learning.  These taxes would be collected over the 2018-2019 through 2022-2023 school years, inclusive, and deposited in the District’s Capital Projects Fund for such improvements to meet the current and future educational programs for its students.  If authorized by the voters, and based on projected assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $0.54 (2019 collection), $0.54 (2020 collection), $0.53 (2021 collection) and $0.53 (2022 collection).   The exact levy rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual assessed value of the property within the District at the time of the levy.

Vote Yes on this replacement levy which renews our commitment to more than 20,000 Bellevue students and reduces your tax rate.  This levy funds technical literacy for all students and essential building maintenance projects.

The technology portion of this levy pays for computers and peripherals used by all students and teachers.  This includes classroom projectors and smart boards, printers, shared laptop carts for elementary students, and individual laptops for middle and high school students. It also pays for the digital curriculum supporting STEM learning, software packages such as Dreambox, RazKids, and the student information system as well as the technical staff to support the infrastructure, teachers and students.

The capital projects portion of this levy pays for critical school repairs, such as replacing roofs, flooring, and HVAC systems.  Properly maintained school buildings are critical to student safety and the overall learning environment.

Approving this levy ensures our school buildings are safe and maintained, and that our students are all given access to a technical education that prepares them for the global job market they will enter.

Make a difference, renew your commitment and vote yes.

The State Legislature approved Engrossed House Bill 2242; the intent of this legislation was to establish the legislative foundation for funding education for State students in compliance with Article IX of the State's constitution; and to satisfy subsequent State Supreme Court decisions regarding such funding.  The full impact of this legislation (and possible additional actions by the Legislature and Court) has not yet been determined by the Bellevue School District, King County, or other applicable regulatory agencies.  Consequently, the amount of funding to be provided by the State for District educational programs is not yet known.  Thus, it is premature to consider the imposition of new tax levies until a final determination of such funding is made.  Voters are  therefore urged to reject this proposition.

Further, the Bellevue School District and Board have not considered any alternatives to increased taxation which is directed toward educational enhancements, not basic education; neither body has provided Bellevue citizens with detailed information on why changes to the K-12 curriculum, services, and other economies could not be considered to reduce the need for possible additional funding that could eliminate the need for new taxes.  Voters are therefore urged to reject this proposition.

Bellevue students must be prepared for the digital world.  House Bill 2242 significantly underfunds the technology programs, equipment and support staff Bellevue students benefit from today.  Nor does the state fund major school maintenance and repairs.  A high-quality technical education and well-maintained schools require this replacement levy.  It allows technology learning to continue, major building repairs to be completed and replaces the expiring levy.  Vote Yes for 20,000+ Bellevue students!

Submitted by: HyAnne Neff, Chris Marks

Proposition 2 should be rejected because it includes costs for  technology enhancements that have no credible rationale.  These costs could be funded by the State once the Legislature and State Supreme Court agree on a final McCleary resolution.  Funds for building maintenance should not be approved until the maintenance plans have been reviewed by a competent engineering firm, and results of the review presented to the Board and district taxpayers.

Submitted by: David Plummer

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Melissa deVita, Deputy Superintendent 425-456-4025

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