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Mercer Island School District No. 400

Proposition No. 1
Replacement Educational Maintenance and Operations Levy

The Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 662 concerning educational funding. This proposition authorizes the District to levy the following excess taxes, to replace an expiring levy, on all taxable property within the District, to support the District’s educational maintenance and operations not funded or fully funded by the State:

Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value

2019 $1.00 $11,750,000
2020 $1.00 $12,000,000
2021 $1.00 $12,300,000
2022 $1.00 $12,750,000

subject to legal limits on levy amounts and rates at the time of levy. Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 1 would replace an expiring levy and allow the levy of $11,750,000 in property taxes within Mercer Island School District for collection in 2019, the levy of $12,000,000 for collection in 2020, the levy of $12,300,000 for collection in 2021, and the levy of $12,750,000 for collection in 2022.  In accordance with Resolution No. 662 approving this proposition, these taxes would be deposited in the Mercer Island School District’s General Fund to pay part of the general expenses of operating the District.  General expenses of the District include employee costs (such as salaries), instructional materials, special programs, activities and sports, technology systems operation, transportation costs, maintenance of facilities and other non-capital expenses of operating the District schools.  If authorized by the voters and based on projected assessed valuation information, the estimated levy rate per $1,000 of assessed value would be $1.00 for collection in the years 2019 through 2022, inclusive.  The exact levy rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual assessed value of the property within the District and the legal limit of the levy amount at the time of the levy.

Mercer Islanders have a long tradition of supporting excellence in education, which has resulted in our schools consistently being rated among the top in the state. This 4-year levy replaces one that expires in 2018 and will provide continued funding for critical programs. It is projected to raise between $11.75 and $12.75 million per year, and will comprise 20% of the school district’s annual budget and 38% of the Special Education budget. Levy funds will go toward maintaining our existing levels of educational standards across all schools: a 7 period day at the high school, advanced science and fine arts at both the high school and middle school, and Elementary K-5 Music, Art, PE, and Spanish. The funds enable us to invest in our dedicated teachers and staff by paying for professional development as well as stipends to lead after-school clubs at all levels. The past several levies were overwhelmingly approved by Mercer Island voters. This levy has the endorsement of all seven school PTA’s and current and former school board directors. Please vote yes to keep our schools among the best in the state.   

Submitted by: Erin Gurney, Paula Holtzclaw, Kathy Moffett McDonald

No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Tyrell Bergstrom, Chief Financial Officer 206-236-3295,

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