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Highline School District No. 401

Proposition No. 1
Bonds to Construct New Schools and Replace and Renovate Deteriorating Schools

The Board of Directors of Highline School District No. 401 adopted Resolution No. 15-16, concerning a proposition to relieve overcrowding and replace deteriorating, outdated schools. This proposition would authorize the District to: rebuild Highline High School, construct a new middle school, construct a new elementary school to replace Des Moines Elementary, develop designs for future rebuild of Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific Schools, renovate Olympic School, and make District-wide health, safety  and security improvements; issue no more than $299,850,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 21 years; and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 15-16. Should this proposition be:



Passage of this proposition would authorize Highline School District to issue no more than $299,850,000 of general obligation bonds to: rebuild Highline High School, construct a new middle school at the Glacier site, construct a new elementary school at the Zenith site to replace Des Moines Elementary, develop designs for future rebuild of Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific Schools, renovate Olympic School, and make District-wide health, safety and security improvements.

The School Board determined that there is an urgent need for construction of new schools and replacement and renovation of existing schools due to: overcrowding, deteriorating and educationally outdated infrastructure and schools; State of Washington class size reduction requirements; and the needs of the District’s educational programs. With passage of this proposition and issuance of bonds, the District anticipates receiving approximately $59,500,000 in State match and FAA noise mitigation to help complete these projects.

The bonds will be repaid from annual property tax levies in excess of regular property tax levies over a period of 21 years. The District anticipates a tax rate increase (over the existing rate) of approximately $0.79 per $1,000 of assessed value through 2026, or $197.50 per year (or $16.46 per month) for a $250,000 home. The total bond tax rate will be approximately $2.43 through 2026, and thereafter, the rate is expected to decrease to approximately $1.36 for remaining life of the bonds.

Exemptions from taxes may be available to certain homeowners. For more information, please call the King County Department of Assessments 206.296.3920.

For questions about this measure, contact: Duggan Harman, Chief of Staff, 206-631-3078,

Highline schools are overcrowded. Enrollment increased by 1500 students in the past five years alone, with no slowdown in sight.

Forty parents, community members and business owners spent a year developing this smart, efficient, long-term approach to ensure our students have good, safe schools. It prioritizes our most urgent needs and tackles the problem in three phases to help keep costs down for taxpayers.

This bond provides additional classroom space so our children have the best opportunities to learn. We will build a new Highline High, a new middle school, and a new elementary school for Des Moines. It includes money to design new schools at Evergreen, Tyee and Pacific, so we can build them more quickly and efficiently in the next phase.

All students across the district will benefit from safety improvements, including centralized locks and improved surveillance cameras. Aging schools do not meet modern fire or earthquake codes and lack technology to monitor people coming and going.

This bond saves money in the long run by dealing with problems now when they are cheaper to fix. If we pass it, the state will provide matching funds.

Good schools benefit the whole community. Vote Yes on Prop One!

This Part One of a half a Billion dollar money grab is poorly constructed. The Highline School Board (HSD) wants you to believe the ideas were appropriately conceived; the fact is there's a Conflict of Interest: the company determining the viability of the buildings and the construction of the new ones is the same company!

Highline School Board wants us to believe this is a community driven bond.  Not true.  Any and all opposition to the Board’s Master Plan was completely dismissed!  Why won’t they listen? 

The HSD has the Lowest Per Capita income in all of King County. The affordability of this project in its entirety should be questioned!  We are currently paying for two previous school bonds; passage of this third bond would increase property taxes and rents substantially.

Relocating Des Moines Elementary, disrupting wetlands and natural habitats is unconscionable adding yet another closed and abandoned school campus to the ones that currently sit vacant.  While schools need to be updated and refurbished, the question remains:  Will these also be inadequately maintained once again to further the request for even more money?

Evergreen HS and the citizens of North Highline will get nothing from this Bond.

Vote No!

The state doesn’t pay for school construction, except with matching funds. Voter-approved bonds are the only way to build schools. Bonds are financed over 20 years and must overlap to keep up with instructional needs, growth and security. Contractors are selected by competitive bid. Opponents claims are not factual. This bond will reduce overcrowding and address safety issues, while keeping costs down for taxpayers. Delaying hurts kids and costs taxpayers more in the long run.

Submitted by: Charles Tuman, Rose Clark, Aaron Garcia,

The CFAC Co-chairman Rose Clark said the bond needs to be logical and affordable for us.

Is it logical to finance technology for twenty years?  Is it affordable to pay for designs for additional schools not knowing if more bonds will pass?

This first bond asks for $299 Million with only $53.75 Million in matching funds. It' s not a dollar for dollar match.

We need updated schools but at what cost?

Definitely Vote No!

Submitted by: John Castronover, Karen Steele, 206-436-4806

60% yes vote and a minimum turnout equal to 9,183 voters (Washington Constitution, art. VII, sec. 2(b))

For questions about this measure, contact: Duggan Harman, Chief of Staff, 206-631-3078,


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