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Proposition No. 1
Increasing Property Tax Levy Rate for a Six Year Period (2017-2022)

The Board of Commissioners of King County Fire Protection District No. 28 (the “District”) adopted Resolution No. 2016-001 to finance fire protection and emergency medical services. This proposition would authorize the District to exceed the 1% limitation on annual increases in property tax revenues, allow the District to increase its regular property tax levy rate to its authorized limit of $1.50 per $1,000.00 of assessed value upon all taxable property within the District for collection in 2017, and allow an annual increase of up to 6% (but not to exceed a rate of $1.50) for years 2018 through 2022.

Should this Proposition be:



King County Fire Protection District No. 28, a fire protection district serving the Enumclaw area in King County, is placing a levy lid lift proposition on the April 26, 2016 ballot. This proposition requests that voters authorize the District to increase its current allowable levy by approximately $0.48, up to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, for a six year period from 2017 through 2022. The proposition is presented to provide voters the opportunity to exceed the tax levy limitation imposed by statute and to allow voters the opportunity to maintain current fire department service. In addition, this measure will allow the district to establish reserve funds for replacement of aging apparatus and firefighter safety equipment.

This proposition meets the requirement of the statute, mandating that any increase in revenue of more than 1%, over the previous highest levy, be approved by the voters.

Approval of this proposition would allow the District to maintain the current level of services. Rejection of this proposition would lead to the loss of substantial tax revenue, which could necessitate cutbacks in services and personnel.

For questions about this measure, contact: Randy Fehr, Fire Chief, 360-825-5544,


Our family knows, intimately, as many of you do, the importance of an adequately staffed and well equipped fire department.  In May, our son and his friend were severely burned in a terrible accident at our home.  With their lives hanging in the balance, KCFD#28/Enumclaw Fire arrived, within minutes, to treat their life threatening injuries.

If not for the rapid response and vital lifesaving work from our firefighters, my son Beau, would not be with us today.  Proposition 1 must be approved for our department to continue providing the essential fire, medical and rescue services that our community needs.

Proposition 1 will allow our fire department to restore firefighter staffing levels, replace aging equipment and continue providing exceptional service.  If this measure fails, more firefighters will be laid off and old equipment will not be replaced.  Less firefighters and older equipment means a lower level of service and longer response times.  In our son’s case, this would have cost us more than money.

No matter who you are, young or old, we all need our fire department at some point.  Please join our family in supporting our local fire department and vote “yes” on Proposition 1.

Submitted by: Ryan Ward and Angela Ward

While the City of Enumclaw oversaw Fire District 28, union contract negotiations were contentious.  The city couldn’t  afford what the union wanted. Once separated from the city, under the direction of Board Chairman Dave Hannity, the union received pay increases every year during the great recession while private sector business and their employees are fighting hard just to survive and their average pay decreased. Benefits given to the union firefighters are beyond the scope of anything possible in private companies because the benefits given to these union members would break most companies.  When faced with layoffs after the last levy loss, the union made zero concessions in order to help retain even one union member.  New Fire Board members along with the new chief have made great strides creating a cost effective organization. The union has not given any concession except not taking a pay increase since 2014. Even so the union continues to ask for more benefits.  The chief and board of FD 28 are doing all they can in efficiency and transparency while the union employees continue with their entitlement mentality.  Unions purpose is to get everything legally possible from an employer.  This union has done so.

Submitted by: Ted DeVol,



Proposition 1 will ensure your fire department can begin to provide the level of service this community needs. Fact: In 2015 crews were unavailable to immediately respond 328 times (nearly once a day). Support your community’s immediate need for emergency services.  The con statement is simply not true; please talk to your Fire Chief and elected commissioners. The fire department has published fact based information. You can view a copy at  “Approve” Proposition 1.

More taxes mean more entitlements for Union members. A few months ago union members filed a grievance for more pay for the 3 captains in the tune of $38,391. They offered to drop the grievance if they could get a new Salary Savings Plan. This Savings Plan turned out to be a Golden Parachute for union members who retire early to pay for their medical premiums. Current Benefits are out of hand and un-sustainable.

Simple majority (RCW 84.55.050)

For questions about this measure, contact: Randy Fehr, Fire Chief, 360-825-5544,



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