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Proposition No. 1
General Obligation Bonds Park and Recreation Facility Improvements

The City Council of the City of Maple Valley adopted Ordinance No. O-15-581 concerning a proposition for park and recreation facility improvements. If approved, this proposition will authorize the City to construct, improve, upgrade and/or equip City park and recreation facilities; acquire land and/or make improvements to existing City land for a community park; preserve trails, natural areas and open spaces; develop recreation, athletic, and family areas; issue $22,500,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum of 20 years and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, as provided in Ordinance No. O-15-581. Should this proposition be approved:



The City of Maple Valley owns and operates park and recreation facilities, including the Lake Wilderness Park, Summit Park, Lake Wilderness Golf Course, and other properties, that have capital needs in order to provide the City and its citizens with adequate, proper, and safe facilities.  Following the goals and objectives outlined in the City Parks, Recreation, Cultural, and Human Services Plan, Proposition 1 allows the City to construct, develop, equip, and make identified improvements to its park and recreation facilities; to develop recreation, athletic, and family areas in the City; to acquire land and/or make improvements to land owned by the City to construct a community park, including infrastructure for public access, trails, and walking paths; and to preserve open space, trails, and water features in the City.  Proposition 1 authorizes improvements at Lake Wilderness Park including the construction of and improvements to parking areas, picnic shelters, playgrounds, trails, shoreline enhancements, landscaping, sport courts, a spray park, and other park improvements.  Proposition 1 authorizes improvements at Summit Park including the construction of lighted synthetic surface athletic fields, a dog park, a skate park, playground equipment, parking facilities, and other park improvements.  Proposition 1 would authorize the issuance of $22,500,000 of general obligation bonds to be repaid within 20 years of issuance and the levy of annual property taxes to repay the bonds (estimated levy rate (subject to change) is $0.5405/$1,000 of assessed value (e.g., $208 per year, or $17.34 per month, on a $385,000 home)).

For questions about this measure, contact: Shaunna Lee-Rice, City Clerk, 425-413-8800,

In a 2015 survey, the majority of Maple Valley residents said they support raising revenue to build badly needed parks and ballfields, improve Lake Wilderness Park, and protect remaining open space. This election, we have the opportunity to make a long-term investment in the health, recreation, and enjoyment of citizens young and old.

Revenue from Proposition 1 will build Summit Park with all-season, multi-use ballfields, the city’s first dog park, sport court, and a skate park, benefiting residents while bringing visitors to local restaurants and businesses. Our limited green space will be preserved and insured with a critical investment in the Lake Wilderness Golf Course and building phase 1 of a community park on the Legacy site.

Funding will enhance and protect the natural habitat and character of Lake Wilderness Park while upgrading dated infrastructure and making access to the park easier.  Families and groups will enjoy updated picnic shelters, a splash feature, and upgrades to the playground, among other plans to enhance park trails, the lake shoreline, and landscaping around the Lodge.

Passing Proposition 1 will create and protect places to play, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of our community.  Join me by voting for Proposition 1.

Submitted by: Patrick Weiler,

The Park Bond is billed as a “something for everyone” between ball fields, Lake Wilderness upgrades, 15+20 acre park on Legacy site, and the list goes on. There is no definitive plan. The City’s ordinance (O-15-581) includes language such as “includes but is not limited to” because there are no definitive plans for what the taxpayers are being asked to pay for.

There is also no plan for how to pay for the maintenance of these parks in the future.  With a City City that is running a 5% deficit each year, even with tax increases, we can guarantee that the cost of these parks far exceeds the cost of the bond.

“Investing” $1.5 million into the golf course overlooks the fact that since the golf course was purchased by the City it has lost in excess of $1,750,000. All paid by tax payers.

The Lake Wilderness portion will build a facilities building but beyond that it is speculative. There is an outdated 7-year-old plan that is the basis of the improvements. With a speculative cost structure there is no guarantee of the benefit to taxpayers.

Don’t write a blank check to parks, Vote No

Submitted by: Lawrence Lindstrand,


Substantial research shows parks are investments that vitalize the local economy which, combined with user fees, reduce impact on city budgets.

Master plans for Summit and Lake Wilderness Park will guide development with public input and adjustments as construction costs become known. The community park will dovetail with master planning for the entire site beginning this year. Golf course improvements are limited to deferred maintenance.

Prop 1 is a well-planned investment in Maple Valley’s future.

A “majority” of MV residents did not support raising revenue to build parks. The sample size was 400, hardly a majority. Of that 400, only 260 people supported a bond of $10m. As the price got higher, support was lower. This bond is for double the 2015 surveyed amount.

Ask Parks what we get for $22.5m and they will tell you as much as possible, nothing definitive.

No plan, no blank check. Vote No.    

60% yes vote and a minimum turnout of 2,055 voters (Washington Constitution, art. VII, sec. 2(b))

For questions about this measure, contact: Shaunna Lee-Rice, City Clerk, 425-413-8800,



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