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Proposition No. 1

Fire Station, Emergency Response, and Community Safety Improvements General Obligation Bonds - $39,000,000

The Board of Commissioners of King County Fire Protection District No. 39 (South King Fire & Rescue), King County, Washington, adopted Resolution No. 504 concerning bonds for fire station improvements and firefighter safety equipment upgrades. If approved, this proposition authorizes the District to improve and upgrade fire stations and facilities; upgrade and acquire fire trucks, ambulances, lifesaving and cardiac response equipment, and firefighter safety and other equipment; modernize technology infrastructure for emergency response and basic life support; refund and restructure outstanding District debt; issue $39,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum of 20 years; levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, as provided in Resolution No. 504.

Should Proposition No. 1 be:



The population in South King Fire & Rescue is increasing and expected to continue to increase, causing the fire department’s call volumes to continue rising. District facilities are badly in need of improvement and rehabilitation to continue to provide 911 emergency services for fire and basic life support. Proposition 1 allows the District to make needed improvements to aging fire stations and facilities including earthquake safety upgrades and roof replacement; modernize technology infrastructure and equipment for firefighting emergency response; and modernize fire station exhaust systems and infectious disease decontamination and related areas to current local and federal standards designed to prevent the transmission of disease and cancer causing agents in the stations.

Proposition 1 would authorize the issuance of $39,000,000 of general obligation bonds to be repaid over 20 years and the levy of annual property taxes to repay the bonds. Our estimate of the levy rate is $0.16 per thousand of assessed valuation, which converts to about $40 per year, or $3.33 per month, for a residential property worth $250,000.00. Proposition 1 allows the District to upgrade and acquire fire trucks, aid cars/ambulances, and other equipment for 911 emergency and medical responses; acquire lifesaving and cardiac response equipment for patients and up-to-date safety equipment for firefighters; and improve and acquire equipment to meet current safety standards.

For questions about this measure, contact: Allen Church, Fire Chief, 253-946-7258,

Keep fast 911 Emergency Response. SKFR responds to more than 17,000 calls for firefighting, medical, trauma, cardiac, and other emergency incidents annually. An aging vehicle fleet, deteriorating facilities, and outdated technology compromise firefighter and community safety!

Maintain Quality Service. SKFR has earned the best class rating in Washington for overall performance; resulting in lower insurance costs for citizens and businesses within the district.

Replace Response Apparatus. Twenty-year old emergency response vehicles, purchased with the last district voter approved bond, must be replaced to ensure community safety on the road and at emergencies.

Fix Deteriorating Facilities. SKFR fire stations, built 30 to 50 years ago, do not meet current safety and earthquake standards. Significant structural damage may harm first-responders and reduce the district’s ability to respond during a natural disaster.

Listened to the Community. A reduced package, Prop. 1 is a comprehensive plan that addresses critical facilities and equipment needs. Projected at sixteen cents (.16) per thousand of assessed valuation, a $250,000 home, would cost about $40 per year.

Vote Yes for Prop 1! Please support this bond to ensure safety, compliance, fast emergency response, and a high level of service to our community.

Statements submitted by: Wayne Corey, Roger Flygare, and Matt Pina,

We all want our families to be safe, but once again SKF&R leadership is asking you to pay for their mistakes.

This tax increase has nothing to do with your safety or the safety of our emergency responders.

It is about decades of mismanagement, nepotism, childish behavior costing taxpayers tens of thousands, and letting things deteriorate enough that you will agree to give them even more money.

Instead of using existing funds to keep equipment and stations in good repair, SKF&R leadership wastes $250,000 every year on non-essential pet projects.

The responsible decision, without raising taxes, is sell their 320th property, stop sending multiple fire trucks to first aid calls, and add specialized equipment costs to specialized building permits.

Should voters approve more taxes because of leaderships mistakes, SKF&R will use your hard earned money to buy $1,000,000 custom industrial response firetrucks instead of low cost, fuel efficient residential response vehicles.

Respected SKF&R Commissioner Mark Freitas said it best “We have good firefighters, good equipment, good service and now we’re asking for a handout because we didn’t manage well the resources we had”.

Nothing has changed since April to restore trust in district leadership.

Reject bailing out irresponsible SKF&R leadership.

Statements submitted by: Jerry Galland and Matthew Jarvis, Jerry@SouthKingFire.Net

Responsible. SKFR leadership has demonstrated decades of fiscal responsibility. Faced with a 30% revenue reduction during the recession, they chose to maintain immediate life-saving response through staffing, over equipment and facilities improvements.

Strategic. SKFR’s proposals and decisions are based on data analysis, community growth projections, and overall risk assessment; not conjecture.

Value. SKFR provides first-class service at a comparatively low cost. Don’t risk personal safety and higher insurance costs.

Please support your fire department!

Why SKF&R wants tax increases for supposed essential needs:

SKF&R wasted $20,000 dollars to defend fire chief’s son in personal investigation; $43,000 to call 500 voters about Bond; and squandered over  $7,000,000 for unused property.

Hiring family and friends to high paying positions instead of funding essential purchases is not acceptable leadership.

Meanwhile, Lakehaven Utility District accomplishes what eludes SKF&R, responsibly funding $70million in infrastructure without raising rates or taxes.

Demand accountability! Reject Prop1.

60% yes vote with a minimum turnout of 14,356 voters (Washington Constitution, article VII, section 2(b))

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