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Advisory Proposition No. 1

Sale, Possession and Discharge of Consumer Fireworks in the City of Maple Valley


The Maple Valley City Council is calling for an advisory election to determine whether the sale, possession, and discharge of consumer fireworks should be prohibited within the City of Maple Valley. The prohibition of the sale, possession or discharge of consumer fireworks would not affect properly licensed and permitted public displays of fireworks.

Shall the sale, possession and discharge of consumer fireworks be prohibited in the City of Maple Valley?




This ballot measure is advisory only. Therefore, approval or rejection of this advisory measure would not have any legal effect by itself. It is likely, however, that the Maple Valley City Council would use the result of this advisory ballot to determine whether to adopt the draft ordinance in the voters pamphlet. The draft ordinance, if adopted, would make it unlawful for any person to sell, posses, use, transfer, discharge, ignite or explode any fireworks within the City of Maple Valley. The prohibition would not apply to duly authorized public displays of fireworks as provided in RCW 70.77.290 or duly authorized use for religious purposes as provided for in RCW 70.77.311(2). If adopted, the ordinance would not go into effect until one year after adoption.

For questions about this measure, contact: Shaunna Lee-Rice, City Clerk, 425-413-8800,

Personal use fireworks injure people, cause fires and contaminate our air and water.  Our veterans with PTSD suffer from the sound of fireworks.  Our pets and wildlife panic with each boom, and sometimes die from ingesting toxins in the remnants.  Fireworks cost taxpayers money for the overtime required to protect people and property.  

In 2014, there were twice as many injuries in Washington State caused by legal fireworks than by illegal fireworks.  This year, a Maple Valley mother had to dive on top of her three-year-old daughter to protect her from a legal firework that misfired.  It hit the mother, whose badly burned leg will be scarred for life.  What if it had hit her daughter? 

Fireworks caused several acres to burn on the Elk Run Golf Course site.  Many smaller fires burned vegetation in our yards, threatening homes.  The Maple Valley Fire Department added two people on overtime in order to have an extra fire unit available, yet were still overwhelmed with calls because of the number of fires.    

Fireworks are a danger we can control.  Let’s limit their use to professional displays.  Vote “yes” to ban fireworks in the City of Maple Valley.

Statements submitted by: Linda Olson,

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Statement submitted by: Clark Davis

Vote “yes” to protect our families and friends from the danger, noise and pollution of fireworks.  Police enforcement will improve by clearly defining what is legal and illegal.  The sense of community will continue with BBQs and parties.  Our charities will find less dangerous and toxic options for raising funds.  Only personal use fireworks will be banned.  We will still be able to enjoy fireworks at the professional display at Lake Wilderness Park.            

Is a con really needed when it comes to this topic?  Fireworks are a tradition of our freedom and independence.  Injuries are tragic and unfortunate, but to say there were twice as many with legal vs illegal is a shock-n-awe statement as Nobody tracks this information.  The Elk Run fire is source undetermined, and many Vets feel they fought for the right to have them.  Don’t let fear mongering sway the vote here.

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