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Proposition No. 1
Fire Protection Bonds

The Board of Commissioners of King County Fire Protection District No. 50 adopted Resolution No. 15-01, concerning a proposition to finance and undertake a capital project. This proposition would authorize the District to improve or construct fire stations and facilities; upgrade and acquire fire trucks, ambulances, lifesaving, firefighter safety, and other equipment; modernize technology infrastructure for emergency response and basic life support; incur indebtedness, issue no more than $690,000 of general obligation bonds maturing in 20 years, and levy annual excess property taxes to pay and retire such bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 15-01.

Shall this proposition be:



King County Fire Protection District No. 50 (Skykomish Fire Department) provides emergency medical, rescue and fire protection services to the residents of the communities of Baring, Grotto and Skykomish.  Approval of Proposition No. 1 would authorize the District to issue up to $690,000 in general obligation bonds to pay for fire station construction or improvements, acquisition and upgrades to fire trucks, ambulances, lifesaving and firefighter safety and other equipment, and modernization of technology infrastructure for emergency response and basic life support.

Passage of Proposition No. 1 would allow the District to make critical facilities improvements to its headquarters building in Skykomish, which requires significant restoration and expansion.  Approval of this proposition would also enable the District to acquire and upgrade fire trucks and ambulances, ensure that its firefighter safety equipment meets minimum standards, maintain its EMS equipment at current standards, and upgrade its emergency response apparatus to ensure that it is mechanically safe and sound.

The bonds will be paid from annual property tax levies in excess of regular property tax levies over a period of 20 years.  The exact amount of such annual levies will depend on interest rates and property values at the time the bonds are sold.  Exemptions from taxes may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements.

For questions about this measure, contact: James Knisley, Chief, 360-677-2686,


The Skykomish Volunteer Firefighters, King County Fire Protection District #50, has for many years provided for the health and safety for the people and property in the district. The fire districts last bond was in 1992 to construct the Baring fire station and that Bond expired in 2002. The department has made many improvements over the years through alternative sources. Support is needed to make renovations or reconstruction of the headquarters station in Skykomish that was constructed in 1975. This funding will also help upgrade equipment to insure we remain compliant and have what’s needed to perform emergency responses safely. Your support of this issue will provide the equipment and facilities the department needs to continue to meet its obligation to the residents of the district.

Some of us, who depend on the Skykomish Fire Department for life saving attention, would not be here if it wasn’t for the quick response and dedicated service. We hope that increased education and updated equipment will continue to be available to our Department. Please consider the needs that are being met by the District 50 members to the whole community up here.

Submitted by: Jerry Dinsmore

No statement submitted.

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60% yes vote with a minimum turnout of 79 voters (Washington Constitution, article VII, section 2(b))

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