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Vashon-Maury Island Park and Recreation District

Proposition No. 1
Park District Levy Renewal for 2016 through 2019

Shall the Vashon Park District be authorized to impose a regular property tax levy of not more than $0.50 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation in each of 4 consecutive years beginning with collection in 2016, to pay operation and maintenance costs associated with the District’s facilities as provided in Resolution No. 15-01?



Passage of Proposition 1 would authorize the Vashon Park District to levy annually for four years excess property taxes to pay costs for operation and maintenance associated with the District’s facilities. This levy will replace the District’s expiring levy.

The proposed four-year capital levy would authorize the collection of levy amounts estimated to be not more than $0.50 per $1,000 of assessed value in each of the years between 2016 and 2019. The tax rate of approximately $0.50 per $1,000 of assessed value projected for the first year of collection in 2016 would equate to $50.00 per year (or $4.17 per month) for a $100,000 home.

Exemptions from taxes may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements. For more information, call the King County Department of Assessments at 206-296-7300.

For questions about this measure, contact: Elaine Ott, Executive Director, 206-463-9602,

This levy continues current funding for the Vashon Park District, which is an integral part of the active and healthy lifestyle of the citizens of Vashon.  The Park District’s properties and programs help support beach walks, rowing, sailing, swimming, baseball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, skateboarding, equestrian sports, fitness, yoga, Farmer’s Market, Concerts in the Park, Strawberry Festival, Drama Dock, and the Vashon Commons.

As the sole source of revenue for the park district, this levy funds the management and maintenance of all park properties and operations.  A “yes” vote sustains the following parks and recreational activities:  The Vashon swimming pool, North End boat ramp, Winghaven Beach, Ferncove Nature Center, Agren playfields and trails, Vashon playfields, Ober Park playground and multi-purpose rooms, Paradise Ridge equestrian center, Jenson Point boat house and launch ramp, Tramp Harbor fishing pier, Lisabula Beach, Burton Acres, Burton Skate park, Point Robinson beach and light house, and the Village Green.

For further information on how the Vashon Park District serves the people of Vashon, visit

Six years ago we had a vibrant Park District. We had numerous summer camps, summer concerts in both the Village Green and Ober Park. Parents were able to register their children for sports activities and their own adult classes at the Ober Park office. We had a Kayak Center and we had just added the Senior Center to the Park District offerings. BARC was staffed, supervising the children at the skate park.

Then we built the VES 'Field of Dreams'.  We have already spent over $2 million on the VES fields and we are not finished.  This year about one-third of our budget is dedicated to these fields. 

Now the VPD summer camps and concerts in the Village Green are gone. The Kayak Center has been sold.  The Senior Center decided to run their own programs. Registration for all sports is now done by individual leagues.  BARC has no supervision. The Ober Park office has shortened hours so staff can work undisturbed by the public.  

With the Park District doing less and the VES field being completed, why do we still need the same levy amount? Vote no now! We can vote for a lesser amount in the November election. 

Park District levy income, which depends on property values, decreased by 40% during the expiring levy cycle.  To balance the budget during the housing market downturn, the District deferred non-critical maintenance and suspended certain programs and services. This proposition does not increase the levy rate, but continues the same rate as in the past.  A Yes vote will allow the District to restore programs and services to the quality levels that Islanders desire and expect.

Submitted by: Jeff Chale and John Bean

The Park District provides Concerts at Ober Park and the Pool, but the other activities mentioned are not park programs. Volunteer groups support our parks: Friends of Point Robinson, Paradise Ridge, Jensen Point Boathouse, BARC, the Village Green and now the Pool.  Thankfully these volunteers make sure our parks are well cared for.

A no vote tells Parks we want programs returned to the community. In November we can vote to fund these programs again.

Submitted by: Hilary Emmer, 206-463-7277

60% yes vote and either (1) a minimum of 1,253 yes votes or (2)

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