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Proposition No. 1
Fire Station, Emergency Response, and Firefighter Safety Equipment Improvements General Obligation Bonds - $53,700,000

The Board of Commissioners of King County Fire Protection District No. 39 (South King Fire & Rescue), King County, Washington, adopted Resolution No. 501 concerning bonds for fire station improvements and firefighter safety equipment upgrades. If approved, this proposition authorizes the District to improve and construct fire stations and facilities; upgrade and acquire fire trucks, ambulances, lifesaving and cardiac response equipment, and firefighter safety and other equipment; modernize technology infrastructure for emergency response and basic life support; refund and restructure outstanding District debt; issue $53,700,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum of 20 years; levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, as provided in Resolution No. 501.

Should Proposition No. 1 be:



The population in South King Fire & Rescue is increasing and expected to continue to increase, and District facilities are in need of improvement and rehabilitation to continue to provide 911 emergency services for fire and basic life support. Proposition 1 allows the District to make needed improvements to aging fire stations and facilities including earthquake safety upgrades and roof replacements; modernize technology infrastructure and equipment for firefighting emergency response; construct and equip a new fire station; and modernize fire station exhaust systems and infectious disease decontamination and related areas to current local and federal standards designed to prevent the transmission of disease and cancer causing agents in the stations. Proposition 1 allows the District to upgrade and acquire fire trucks, aid cars/ambulances, and other equipment for 911 emergency and medical response and other District purposes; acquire lifesaving and cardiac response equipment for patients and up-to-date safety and breathing equipment for firefighters; and improve and acquire equipment to meet current safety standards. Proposition 1 allows the District to refund and restructure outstanding District bonds payable from regular property tax levies, proceeds of which were used to acquire property, fire apparatus, and other capital purposes. The refunding and restructuring will make regular property taxes available for fire prevention, fire protection, emergency medical services, and other District purposes. Proposition 1 would authorize the issuance of $53,700,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 20 years and the levy of annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds.

For questions about this measure, contact: Allen D. Church, Fire Chief/Administrator, 253-946-7258,

Yes! Keep Fast Emergency, Medical & Cardiac Response. South King Fire & Rescue has earned the best rating in Washington for overall performance. Prop. 1 will maintain fast emergency fire, medical, and cardiac response when we need it and help keep South King safe.

Yes! Upgrade Deteriorating Stations, Trucks & Ambulances for 911 Response. Prop. 1 includes needed fire station upgrades, decontamination areas, earthquake safety improvements, up-to-date fire trucks, ambulances, and technology infrastructure – needed now to maintain the fast emergency response.

Yes! Update Firefighter Safety Equipment to Standards. Firefighters respond to more than 17,000 emergency calls for firefighting, basic life support, and cardiac arrests. Prop. 1 will update Firefighter Safety Equipment to meet current safety standards including breathing and infrared equipment for dangerous firefighting and life-saving situations.

Yes! Modernize Technology for Emergency Response & Basic Life Support. It’s been 20 years since District 39’s last bond for needed upgrades to ensure fast and effective emergency response. Prop. 1 will modernize technology infrastructure to maintain fast emergency response and basic life response.

Endorsements: South King & Washington State Firefighters; King County Paramedics; Des Moines Police Foundation; Federal Way Mayor & School Board; Des Moines Mayor & Council, 30th LD Democrats.

The safety and security of our families is one of our most basic and universal needs.

Unfortunately this bond measure is not about keeping our families safe. Instead it’s tragically focused on empire building, stroking egos and pensions of SKFR leadership, while compensating for a decade of poor financial decisions.

If this was about your family’s safety, SKFR leadership would acquire low cost, fuel efficient rapid response vehicles, or installing EMT sub-stations near the areas of town where most emergencies occur.

Instead SKFR leadership desires buying custom built, gas guzzling, $500,000 fire trucks for going to the grocery store more often than to an actual fire. It is management egos that require buying a $750,000 yacht, building a brand new station on the very edge of town and buying SUVs for the Chiefs.

Past misappropriations show abject disregard for your safety, favoring much higher regard for their paychecks.

Leadership at SKFR wants you to believe bad things will happen by voting no. No evidence supports this bullying. More taxes will not fix the waste, nepotism, corruption and immaturity leadership that plagues SKFR. Voting no sends a clear message. Present a bond measure designed for our safety, not egos.

Vote No.

Fact:  Last year, the average response time for heart attacks and cardiac arrest was 3 minutes 24 seconds. Prop. 1 makes sure the District can continue to respond quickly and effectively. 

Fact:  The District has maintained a strong record of fiscal responsibility, despite a 30% reduction in operating revenues during the recession.

Fact: The District earned the best performance rating in Washington - helping keep us safe and our insurance more affordable.

Please Vote Yes.

Submitted by: Wayne Corey, Roger Flygare, and Matt Pina


Reject millions in new radio taxes and new fire department taxes.

If the needs are truly vital, why doesn't leadership buy them with the millions in Excess Levy taxes we already give them each year?

Last year SKFR leadership wasted tens of thousands of your dollars because their Chief accused an elected official of "staring at me during meetings."

Should you trust them with another $53,700,000?

Leadership shows no accountability. Vote no!  Reject Prop 1.

Submitted by: Jerry Galland and Matthew Jarvis,

60% yes vote with a minimum turnout of 14,356 voters(Washington Constitution, article VII, section 2(b))

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