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The Seattle Transportation Benefit District Board passed Resolution No. 12 concerning funding for Metro Transit service benefitting the City of Seattle. If approved, this proposition would fund preservation of transit service on existing routes primarily serving Seattle that are proposed to be cut beginning in 2015. A portion of the funds collected would support regional transit service and improved access for low-income transit riders. This proposition would authorize an additional annual vehicle license fee of $60 per registered vehicle with a $20 rebate for low-income individuals and authorize a 0.1% sales and use tax. Both the fee and the tax would expire by December 31, 2020.

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King County ordinance 17848 directs Metro Transit to reduce service by 180,000 service hours starting in February 2015. A committee may propose changes if new revenues and/or expense reductions are found. King County anticipates further service reductions later in 2015.

To fund transit service in Seattle, the Seattle Transportation Benefit District seeks voter approval to impose an annual vehicle-license fee up to an additional $60 per vehicle, with a $20 rebate for low-income individuals, and an additional sales-and-use tax of no more than 0.1%. Each would expire no later than December 31, 2020. Combined, they would raise approximately $45,000,000 annually.

After administrative costs, including the rebate program, revenue will be used to fund: (1) Metro Transit service hours on routes with more than 80% of their stops within Seattle, with funding first being used to preserve existing routes and prevent Metro’s proposed service cuts and restructures scheduled to start in February 2015; (2) up to $3,000,000 annually, to support regional transit service on bus routes that enter or terminate service within the City of Seattle; and (3) up to $2,000,000 annually, to improve and to support access to transit service for low-income transit riders.

Any remaining revenues may be used to address overcrowding, reliability, and service frequency within the City of Seattle. Revenues will not supplant other funding for any routes partially or completely operating within Seattle that Metro would otherwise provide in accordance with the adopted Metro Transit Service Guidelines. More about this proposal can be found at: 

For questions about this measure, contact: Monica Martinez Simmons, Seattle City Clerk, 206-684-8361,

Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1: Vote Yes!

Seattle cares about transit. Seattle Transportation Proposition 1 is an essential first step to provide the bus service we need. This transit-only measure will fund city bus routes and enables us to develop a better transportation system.

Moving Forward on Transit

Next year, up to 45 bus routes in Seattle could be reduced or eliminated – harming our ability to get around and cutting a lifeline for seniors, students, and working families.. Transportation Prop 1 preserves bus service so we can move forward on transit. 

Protecting Seattle Buses

Transportation Prop 1 is funded by the same sources Seattle voters overwhelmingly supported in April, but this Seattle-only measure allows us to determine for ourselves the appropriate level of Seattle transit service.

Helping Our Neighbors

Bus service is vital for seniors, students, and working families. This measure funds access to transit for low-income riders and incorporates a low-income tax rebate to help working families.

Reducing Congestion

Traffic is bad enough.  Cutting bus service will make it worse. We don’t want thousands of cars back on the road because people can’t take the bus anymore.

Vote Yes on Seattle Transportation Proposition 1!

Submitted by: Jessyn Farrell, David Freiboth, and Alison Eisinger -


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