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Proposition No. A
General Obligation Public Safety and Training Facilities Bonds

The City Council of the City of Kent adopted Ordinance No. 4118 concerning a proposition for public safety and officer training facilities. This proposition authorizes public safety improvements – constructing and equipping new police headquarters, improving the firearms training range, improving the city’s jail, and completing other training and public safety facilities – to be funded through the issuance of up to $34,000,000 in city general obligation bonds, maturing within 20 years, and annual property tax levies in excess of regular property tax levies, as needed to repay the bonds (estimated average levy rate of about 19 cents per $1,000 assessed value). Should this proposition be approved:



The purpose of this measure is to ask Kent voters to approve a bond issue to build a new police station and other public safety and training facilities to accommodate a growing police force.  The City’s existing police station is a remodeled library originally designed in 1991 to accommodate 85 officers; today, the police force includes 144 officers spread among four different buildings.  The City plans to grow the police department to 160 officers by 2017, not including jail and support staff.  Projects include removing the existing police headquarters; designing, constructing, and equipping a new police headquarters at the same location; adding mental health crisis cells and re-plumbing and rewiring the City jail, which is expected to extend the jail’s life for approximately 30 more years; and increasing capacity at the City’s 25 year-old firearms training range to provide realistic training for critical incidents. Without voter approval, the City does not have funding to pay for these projects. 

The bonds would mature within 20 years and would be paid by annual excess property taxes.  The average levy rate is estimated to be approximately 19 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value or, for a home with an assessed value of $300,000, approximately $57 a year, or a little under $5 per month.  Homeowners who are 61 years or older, disabled, and who meet low-income requirements may qualify for a property tax exemption.

For questions about this measure, contact: Ronald F. Moore, City Clerk, 253-856-5728,


Vote yes for a safer Kent!  It is our obligation to provide our police department with the facilities and resources needed to keep Kent safe.

At a cost of 19 cents per $1000 assessed evaluation, equaling $57.00 per year on a $300,000 home, this $34 million, 20 year bond will fund rebuilding the police headquarters at the current location adding a second story, improving the infrastructure of the 1986 jail, constructing additional crisis cells needed for mentally ill offenders and allowing the 25 year old firearms training facility to be renovated and expanded to provide realistic critical incident training.

Having our officers, detectives and support staff spread among four locations impedes the communication that’s critical to our police department’s standard of operation which is Intelligence Led Policing.

In 1991, 85 officers worked in the current building serving 38,000 residents.  Today 144 officers plus support staff work out of the same, now over- crowded space.  The projected growth of Kent calls for an additional 16 officers by 2017.

Kent is a big city served by a large police department that works out of very small city facilities.

This is your opportunity to support our police.  Vote Yes on Kent Proposition A.

The purpose of the measure is to construct and equip new public safety and training facilities to accommodate a growing police force.

How did the City decide upon Mr. Dave Clarke? Was he hired as a paid consultant? Is that cost figured into the $34 million? Was there a bid process followed or was the cities own bid process by passed for a rapid approval resulting in the $34 million dollar projected cost? All too often in the past you the citizens of Kent have been willing to provide an open door to city budget for the Public Safety departments (Police & Fire) without looking closer at the bottom line costs. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and be assured that this $34 million dollar cost is the best figure the city can come up with?

We will be voting on more tax proposals in the fall election let’s make sure these tax dollars are spent wisely.

Please vote No on Proposition A: A Bond Measure to Support Public Safety and Training Facilities

Submitted by: Alex Senecaut

The Kent City Council voted unanimously to put this proposition on the ballot to support our police with updated facilities.  The bond amount is based on a consultant’s space study and addresses the critical needs facing the police department, such as a larger headquarters’ building, mental health cells, and tactical firing range.   By law, this project cannot exceed the bond amount.  The bid process would begin after the bond passes.  Vote yes on Proposition A.

Submitted by: Marvin Eckfeldt, Monty Burich, rita ann schwarting -


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60% yes vote and a minimum turnout of 8,393 (Washington Constitution, article VII, section 2(b))

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