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Proposition No. 1
Levy for Police Services


The Carnation City Council has passed Resolution No. 387, placing funding for police services before the voters.

To provide additional funding for police services, this proposition would increase the regular property tax rate for collection in 2015 to $1.83925 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The dollar amount of the 2015 levy would permanently be used for the purpose of computing the limitations for subsequent levies provided for under Chapter 84.55 RCW.

Should this proposition be approved?



Ensuring sufficient funding for police services is an important budget priority of the Carnation City Council. If approved, Proposition 1 would provide additional revenue that would be specifically used to increase and enhance police services. The City currently has 40 hours per week (2,080 hours per year) of dedicated weekday police coverage. The revenue generated by Proposition 1 would provide an estimated 832 hours per year of additional dedicated evening and weekend patrol, and/or fund special operations such as drug investigations.

State law allows cities to “lift” the cap on regular property tax levy increases by obtaining voter approval of the proposed increase. The City’s regular property tax rate is currently $1.48467 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. If Proposition 1 is approved, the City’s tax rate for collection in 2015 would increase by $0.35458 to $1.83925 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

For properties valued at $350,000, landowners currently pay approximately $519.63 per year in City of Carnation property taxes. Under Proposition 1, this amount would increase to $643.74 for collection in 2015, which is an increase of $124.11 per year or $10.34 per month.

The 2015 levy amount would become the base upon which levy increases in subsequent years would be computed.

For questions about this measure, contact: Ken Carter, City Manager, 425-333-4192,

No statement was submitted prior to the deadline.

The City wants to raise your taxes 27.56%. They never conducted any analysis to determine if raising your taxes by 27.56% would solve a problem.  They never identified a problem to fix.  They want to raise your taxes and spend it.  This money would provide a few hours per week of service - it will not provide a solution to any criminal problems.  The City did not even follow the budgeting process that is in place to ensure our money is spent wisely.  Why?  Because they want to spend your money on more of their pet projects.  It would permanently raise your taxes by 27.56% the first year.  Each subsequent year your taxes will go up by the same percentage as your house valuation.  If in year two your house value goes up by 10% then taxes will go up an additional 10%.  The City has $100,000 that could be spent on police but they are spending it on engineering design for beautifying downtown.  The design alone will cost $850,000.  Construction will cost more than 4 million.  We need to send the City the message to prioritize police over beautification - the City has the money already - Vote No.

This $70,000 is primarily to fight the drug problem in Carnation. This is not a pet project. The drug problem is getting worse. The No side wants people to think money magically exists. It doesn’t. The $100,000 mentioned was generated through a sale of property years ago with the purpose of reinvesting in the city and not for a one-time expense. We would just be in the same position next year. Think long-term. Vote Yes!

Submitted by: Stuart Lisk, Ann Estrin-Wassink, and Jason Stuvland

Keep in mind the city is asking for a permanent tax increase. This is not a Levy that will be looked at again. That means as revenue into the City increases they are not forced to prioritize Police services again. This is not funding a part or another full time Officer. This is for “special” services only. Vote no on this Levy. Then make sure City Council knows you want them to prioritize the budget. 

Submitted by: Jim Ribail -


Simple majority (RCW 84.55.050)

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