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Bellevue School District No. 405

Proposition No. 1
Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy

The Board of Directors of Bellevue School District No. 405 passed Resolution No. 13-23 concerning this proposition for educational funding.  This proposition authorizes the District to continue funding students’ educational needs and school operations at the current level by levying the following excess taxes to replace an expiring levy on all taxable property within the District, for essential educational operating and maintenance expenses:



Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value















Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 1 would replace an expiring levy and enable the Bellevue School District to pay for its essential educational programs and services, including teaching, student transportation, school supplies, and athletics and activities, such levies to be made for four years for collection in the years from 2015 through 2018.  In recent years, this levy has provided approximately 27% of the District’s annual operating budget.  Without this levy, the District’s operational budget would be reduced.  Proposition No. 1 would allow the levy of $58,300,000 in property taxes within Bellevue School District No. 405 for collection in 2015, the levy of $62,500,000 for collection in 2016, the levy of $66,500,000 for collection in 2017, and the levy of $66,500,000 for collection in 2018.  In accordance with Resolution No. 13-23 approving this proposition, these taxes would be deposited in the District’s General Fund to pay part of the general expenses of operating the District.  General expenses of the District include teacher and other employee salaries, instructional materials, special programs, activities and sports, technology systems operation, student transportation costs, maintenance of facilities and other non-capital expenses of operating the District schools.  If authorized by the voters and based on projected assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $1.41 (2015 collection); $1.46 (2016 collection); $1.51 (2017 collection); $1.47 (2018 collection).  The exact levy rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual assessed value of the property within the District at the time of the levy.

For additional questions regarding this measure contact: Melissa deVita - Deputy Superintendent 425-456-4025 •

Vote Yes to this replacement levy, which supplements state money and pays directly for classroom needs.  It replaces the current levy and represents 27% of the district budget.

The levy funds smaller classes by paying for one out of three teachers and supplies textbooks and other curriculum materials.  It expands student learning by funding art and music programs in elementary schools and world languages in middle school.  It extends the school day to seven periods in middle and high schools and allows our kids to be well prepared for higher education. Washington State only pays for five periods in middle and high schools.  It funds student transportation, athletics, special education and gifted programs.

Approving this levy will renew our commitment to fund high quality basic education.  It will maintain the district’s ability to prepare students for college, work and life in the global marketplace.  Our children deserve a comprehensive education, and this levy provides 27% of the day-to-day operating budget.  Our school district needs these dollars to make up the difference between what the state funds, and what it actually requires to provide a high quality education.

Make a difference.  Continue our commitment and Vote Yes.

Union officials in the Bellevue Schools have pressured the school board to divert levy funds from student services in order to pay teachers more. Our levy should pay for student services, not for wage increases.


In the collective bargaining agreement sought by union officials, the average state-provided wage of $49,390 for teachers will be enhanced by 28.8 percent from levy and levy-matched funds. This costs roughly $13.7 million per year which could be better used to help at-risk students or reduce class sizes. The school district leads taxpayers to believe the levy money is being used for students, yet large amounts support union priorities instead.


Levies are great for funding local priorities and unique services for our area students, but taxpayers should hold off giving the school district any more money until the school board is able

to put student services above the demands of union officials.

Opponents would have you believe that teachers are overpaid and that this levy will be spent on pay increases for teachers.  They haven’t done their homework.

Proposition 1 pays for vital programs and services, including pay for teachers to work additional hours and take on additional responsibilities.  Students need and deserve access to high quality teachers.

Our school board has worked hard to make sure resources are available and focused on student needs.

Vote Yes!

Statement submitted by: Tobey Bryant and Steve Brown


Don’t let the Bellevue School District confuse you by a nuanced definition of taxes, levy, new, or renewal. Approving this measure will increase the amount you pay the government. Taxpayers should hold off giving the district any more money until the school board is able to put student services above the demands of union officials.


Voting ‘no’ on Proposition 1 will send this message to the district: Be more responsible with taxpayer’s money.


Statement submitted by: Laurie Lyford, Renay Bennett, and Tom Henningsgards




Simple Majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

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