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Proposition No. 1

Proposition No. 1 concerns labor standards for certain employers.

This Ordinance requires certain hospitality and transportation employers to pay specified employees a $15.00 hourly minimum wage, adjusted annually for inflation, and pay sick and safe time of 1 hour per 40 hours worked. Tips shall be retained by workers who performed the services. Employers must offer additional hours to existing part-time employees before hiring from the outside. SeaTac must establish auditing procedures to monitor and ensure compliance. Other labor standards are established.

Should this Ordinance be enacted into law?



This measure, proposed by initiative petition by the people, adds a new chapter to the SeaTac Municipal Code requiring certain hotels, restaurants, rental car businesses, shuttle transportation businesses, parking businesses, and various airport related businesses, including temporary agencies or subcontractors operating within the City, to:

  • Pay covered employees an hourly minimum wage of $15.00, excluding tips, adjusted annually for inflation.
  • Pay covered employees paid leave for sick and safe time of at least 1 hour per every 40 hours worked.
  • Ensure tips and service charges are retained by the covered employees who performed the services.
  • Offer additional hours to existing qualified part-time covered employees before hiring additional part-time employees or subcontractors.
  • Offer employment to qualified covered employees of a previous contractor before being able to hire off the street or transfer workers from elsewhere.
  • Successor employers shall not discharge covered employees without just cause during initial 90 days.

Covered employees are non-managerial, non-supervisory employees of these certain businesses who work within the City.  Employees not subject to a collective bargaining agreement cannot waive any provisions of this chapter.  Employees subject to a collective bargaining agreement may waive all or portions of this chapter, but only if set forth in clear and unambiguous terms.

The City is required to monitor compliance. Violations may be investigated by the City Attorney who may initiate legal or other action, if deemed appropriate.  Any person claiming a violation may also file suit against the employer in Superior Court.

For additional questions regarding this measure contact: Kristina Gregg - City Clerk 206-973-4660 •

Proposition 1 is a common sense proposal that has helped other communities across the West Coast thrive. It puts our health and safety first by providing paid sick leave, encourages the creation of more full-time jobs, and ensures tips go to the hard working employees who actually perform the services.

Since the start of the recession, millions of dollars have been cut from our vital community services and local families are struggling. Meanwhile, big overseas and multinational corporations doing business at the airport racked up hundreds of millions in profits last year -- yet continue to use the recession as an excuse to cut wages, hours, and benefits. This hurts all of SeaTac.

Proposition 1 requires airport-related employers do the right thing and give our community an opportunity to succeed. By putting the public good ahead of corporate greed, it will create middle class jobs, enabling families to buy more in local stores and restaurants—boosting SeaTac’s economy.

That’s why Proposition 1 is endorsed by small business owners, teachers, nurses, firefighters, and faith leaders across SeaTac, and the Washington State Democratic Party, Congressman Adam Smith, King County Executive Dow Constantine and Councilmember Julia Patterson. Vote YES for SeaTac.

Proposition 1 is unfair.  SeaTac taxpayers and small businesses will bear the burden, while fewer than one in ten workers who will benefit (less than 600) actually live in SeaTac. Proposition 1 gives higher wages and benefits to some workers, but not to others doing exactly the same work. Only unions--not our city, taxpayers or non-union employees--can change this law.

Proposition 1 takes taxpayer money from community priorities such as public safety, parks, and street improvements, and spends it on enforcing this law to benefit thousands who don’t live in SeaTac. Our small businesses will suffer if they have to compete with wages 63% higher, and SeaTac will lose business to neighboring cities and lose tax revenues.  It will be harder for SeaTac residents to get local jobs and will take away the first rung of the ladder for young people starting out.

Proposition 1 is more than a huge pay raise, it’s virtually a union contract, including benefits, hiring rules, and grievance procedures.  These private-sector issues should be negotiated between employers and employees, not imposed by our small city. This misguided proposal just goes too far.  Please Vote No on Proposition 1!

Airport-related corporations make record profits yet provide jobs our neighbors can’t live on, which hurts our entire community. To protect their rigged system, they’re spreading misinformation.

The truth… airport communities with similar laws are doing well: 1) SFO had a $56 million economic boost because more families could buy local; 2) At LAX Alaska Airlines built a new terminal, and dozens of small and large businesses competed for new stores, after the minimum wage increased.

Statement submitted by: Jan Bolerjack, Judy Volkers and Sili Savusa

Prop 1 makes no sense for SeaTac.  More than a 63% pay raise atop the highest state minimum wage in the country, Prop 1 imposes a virtual union contract onto SeaTac’s economy and forces the City to administer and investigate.  Prop 1 takes away from our priorities and makes SeaTac less affordable to live and do business.  More than 90% of Prop 1 beneficiaries don’t live here.  Common Sense SeaTac says NO on Prop 1.

Statement submitted by: Mike West, Erin Sitterley and LeeAnn Subelbia

Simple Majority (RCW 35.17.330)

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