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Houghton Community Municipal Corporation

Proposition No. 1
Continuation of Community Municipal Corporation

The community council of Houghton Community Municipal Corporation has adopted Resolution No. 2013-2B concerning this proposition to continue the community municipal corporation. Pursuant to RCW 35.14.060, this proposition would continue the existence of the community municipal corporation for an additional four years. Should the Houghton Community Municipal Corporation remain in existence until the first Monday of January, 2018?

For continuation of the community municipal corporation

Against continuation of the community municipal corporation

In 1968 the Cities of Houghton and Kirkland were consolidated.  The voters in Houghton also voted to establish within the former City of Houghton a community municipal corporation.  Its governing body is the Houghton Community Council, composed of seven members elected for four year terms by the voters within Houghton.  The Houghton Community Municipal Corporation also has a term of four years and then expires unless continued for an additional four years by majority vote of the electors within Houghton.  The current four year term expires December 31, 2013, unless extended at the general election to be held November 5, 2013. 

Under the Community Municipal Corporations law (RCW Ch. 35.14) the adoption, amendment, authorization or other approval by the Kirkland City Council of any ordinance or resolution applying to land, buildings or structures within the Houghton Community Municipal Corporation becomes effective within Houghton only on approval of the Community Council or by failure of the Community Council to disapprove the ordinance or resolution within 60 days of its final enactment by the Kirkland City Council as to the following:  comprehensive plan; zoning ordinance; conditional use permit, special exception or variance; subdivision ordinance; subdivision plat; or planned unit development.  In addition to its disapproval jurisdiction, the Houghton Community Council also has authority to make recommendations to the Kirkland City Council and City Manager on any issues which may directly or indirectly affect the area within the Houghton Community Municipal Corporation. 

For additional questions regarding this measure contact: Robin Jenkinson - City Attorney 425-587-3030 •

The Houghton Community Council (HCC) was established in 1968 when the citizens of Houghton agreed to merge with the City of Kirkland.  A key condition of the merger was that the Houghton neighborhood would retain an independent council with veto authority over land use regulations in the area comprising the former city. Since then, unpaid volunteers have served on the HCC to represent Houghton and its residents while working with City of Kirkland staff and the City Council to evaluate land use issues within the original city of Houghton boundary. Every four years the citizens of Houghton vote to retain this consideration.  When Houghton agreed to become a part of the city of Kirkland, the citizens recognized that it was vital to keep control over the land use within its boundaries to ensure the unique beauty and qualities of Houghton would be recognized and maintained. Because of this, Houghton has remained the City's most desirable community and a vibrant neighborhood.  The HCC continues to prove its value and deserves our vote for another four years. We urge you to once again renew this unique provision by voting Yes to keep this privilege.

The state authorized creation of community councils in order to encourage consolidations and annexations. These councils were to have final say on land use matters in their jurisdiction until such time as it was no longer needed, and were generally expected to naturally sunset.  A few such councils were approved in the 60’s; 2 remain today.

The Houghton Community Council was formed 45 years ago when the cities of Houghton and Kirkland consolidated.  At that time, care was taken to ensure balanced representation on the Planning Commission, and a special commission subsequently developed a comprehensive land- use plan for the unified city through an extensive public process.

There has been more than enough time and enough effort expended for our neighborhood to fully integrate with the rest of Kirkland, which has now grown to a city of 80,000 people in 15 neighborhoods! We should honor our community council members for their past service, but Houghton should join the rest of our great city in following the same rules as everyone else.

Vote no on continuation of the Houghton Community Council.

Statement submitted by: Santos Contreras and Dave Russell 425-827-6870

The main reason for the formation of the Houghton Community Council (“HCC”) 45 years ago still exists: to protect our neighborhood from undesirable land use decisions when Houghton doesn’t always have direct representation on the Kirkland City Council. We get this privilege at negligible cost as HCC members are volunteers utilizing Kirkland city staff and resources already in place. However, should this protection not be renewed, we lose it forever. Vote to retain the HCC.

Statement submitted by: Carol Buckingham and Scott Mullet

No rebuttal submitted.

Simple Majority (RCW 35.14.060)


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