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Woodinville Fire & Rescue

Proposition No. 1
Benefit Charge Continuation

Shall Woodinville Fire & Rescue be authorized to continue voter-authorized benefit charges each year for six years, not to exceed an amount equal to sixty percent of its operating budget, and be prohibited from imposing an additional property tax under RCW 52.16.160?



Woodinville Fire & Rescue is seeking reauthorization of the Benefit Charge. The Benefit Charge accounts for approximately 40 percent of Woodinville Fire & Rescue’s budget. It was first approved by voters for six years in 1989, and was renewed for an additional six years in 1995, 2001 and 2007. Voter approval is once again required in order to retain this revenue source. Renewal of the Benefit Charge for another six years will allow Woodinville Fire & Rescue to maintain response times and service levels, train personnel and purchase equipment.

The Benefit Charge is based on the occupancy type and square footage of improvements to real property, and reflects the service level (i.e., fire flow of water) needed to control a fire in a particular building.  Each year, the elected Board of Fire Commissioners holds a public meeting to review the Benefit Charge and ensure fiscal responsibility for the coming year.  The law allows for partial exemptions from the charge for senior citizens, buildings with fire sprinkler systems and some agriculture-related improvements.

With the Benefit Charge in effect, state law prohibits the imposition of the $.50 regular property tax for fire protection otherwise allowed by RCW 52.16.160. 

For additional questions regarding this measure contact: Margene Michael - Executive Assistant/Board Secretary 425-483-7907 •

Woodinville Fire & Rescue (WF&R) provides a wide range of essential public safety services to the citizens of Woodinville and the surrounding community.  In addition to fire suppression services, District firefighters respond to emergency medical incidents, motor vehicle accidents, technical rescues, hazardous materials incidents and other requests for assistance.

The benefit service charge that is up for renewal currently provides approximately 40% of the District’s operating revenue.  Continuing the support for the benefit service charge allows the District to maintain current levels of service including providing funding for training of firefighters, purchasing of essential equipment, and other needs to ensure our community remains safe.

WF&R is NOT asking for a tax increase or a new tax.  It is asking to continue its current funding model to ensure that it maintains the ability to quickly and effectively respond to emergency situations to help those in need.

Please join us in voting yes to keep our community safe.

Statement submitted by: Andrew deBoer and Stacie Martyn

No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

60% majority approval (RCW 52.18.050(1))

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