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Proposed West Hill Annexation Area

Proposition No. 1
Proposed Annexation to the City of Renton

Shall that area of unincorporated King County known as the West Hill Annexation Area as legally described in City of Renton Resolution Nos. 4061 and 4125 be annexed to the City of Renton?

For annexation

Against annexation

If this Proposition is approved by the voters, the area known as the “West Hill Annexation Area” could become part of the City of Renton.  The exact date that annexation would be effective would be established by the Renton City Council.  The City will provide municipal services including police protection, emergency response and fire services, street and storm drainage facility operation, construction and maintenance, traffic management, building and land use permitting, parks and recreation, and neighborhood and economic development programs.  Services currently provided that will not change because of annexation include: the Renton School District; Skyway Water and Sewer District; King County Library System;.  The local garbage collector will remain Waste Management, although rates and services may change and garbage collection will be mandatory.  Upon annexation, all property within the annexation area will be subject to City comprehensive planning and zoning as determined through an open public process prior to the annexation’s effective date.  Property within the annexation area will not be required to assume the City’s existing voting indebtedness, and upon annexation, would be assessed and taxed on the same basis and at the same rate as property within Renton. 


The West Hill Potential Annexation Area is approximately 1,857 acres, generally bounded on the north by Rainier Avenue; on the west generally along the Burlington Northern Railroad line (in the vicinity of I-5); on the south along Martin Luther King Junior Way and SW Sunset Highway; and the existing City of Renton to the east.

West Hill is one of six urban unincorporated areas in King County and includes Skyway, Panorama, Bryn Mawr, Lakeridge, Campbell Hill, Skycrest and Hill Top.


It is increasingly difficult for King County with shrinking revenues to deliver services to urban unincorporated areas. Maintaining mandated services like fire and police while providing a safety net and facilitating economic development is difficult given federal and state budget cuts. Over the years, West Hill has been plagued by economic deterioration and an escalation of crime, while nearby incorporated areas have had visible economic and service improvements. Uncertainty concerning governance of West Hill continues to distance investors.


What the West Hill community needs requires long-term planning. It needs a comprehensive action plan to guide future development. To achieve economic recovery, a partnership with elected officials and residents is necessary to craft a vision, goals and objectives and create a process for implementation efforts. West Hill as part of the City of Renton would represent about 16% of Renton's entire population; it is only about 5 thousandths of 1% of King County's population.  Join Senators Kline and Prentice, Representatives Maxwell and Hasegawa, and 11th LD Democrats who support Annexation.  Vote Yes!

Under annexation, our vital services will be reduced. Our Fire District goes away and service reduced from nine firefighters, an aid car, and two trucks to three fire fighters and one truck. Decisions on fire service are not made by our directly elected board, but only in the interest of Renton. Police patrols are decreased, with only two units covering a larger area from a less resourced department. Do not be influenced by the claim that not annexing will reduce services; King County won’t leave us without services.


New utility taxes mean we pay more. There is no assurance that services like roads, water management, or code enforcement will be any better than now.


Increased taxes result in no benefit to West Hill. The proponents promise funds to magically invigorate our businesses districts but Renton doesn’t even have the funding to make any improvements to their existing neighborhoods. Estimated tax losses for Renton under annexation are $2 million yearly.


Annexation would be irrevocable; we cannot take it back if it doesn’t work. Annexation is not inevitable; we can say NO. We should make a change only if it is in OUR BEST interest. It is not.



Statement submitted by:
Paul Berry, Charlene Noll and Erika Tedin

Now is the time for Annexation! Vital services have already been reduced. King County is concentrated on services to rural areas. West Hill is an urban area. Renton is working with King County to bridge the funding gaps; efforts include:

  • Direct annexation funding support
  • Expansion of  State sales tax credit
  • Allowing utility tax to benefit tax paying area 
  • State capital budget funding
  • Grant funding
  • Staffing the Fire Station with career firefighters

Statement submitted by: Celeste DaVault, Marc Nordlund and Dian Ferguson

No rebuttal submitted.
Simple Majority (RCW 35A.14.080)
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