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Proposed North Highline Area “Y” Annexation Area

Proposition No. 1
Proposed Annexation to the City of Burien

Shall that area of unincorporated King County known as the North Highline Area “Y” Annexation Area as legally described in City of Burien Resolution No. 330 be annexed to the City of Burien?

For annexation

Against annexation

This proposition seeks voter approval of the annexation into the City of Burien of an area commonly known as the North Highline Area “Y” Annexation Area. The area consists of approximately 2,045 acres and 17,392 residents. The area is generally described as lying north of the corporate boundaries of the City of Burien, south and east of the corporate boundaries of the City of Seattle, and west of SR-99 adjacent to the City of Tukwila and the City of Tukwila corporate boundaries. The area is legally described in City of Burien Resolution No. 330.


This proposition will be deemed approved, if a majority of the votes cast by voters in the proposed annexation area are in favor of the annexation. If the annexation is approved, the City Council will determine the effective date of the annexation. Upon the annexation’s effective date, all property within the annexation area will be taxed at the same rate and on the same basis as other property within the City of Burien. Local public services currently provided by King County will be provided by the City of Burien. Services currently provided by special purpose districts will continue to be provided by those districts.

Like our firefighters?  Like our libraries?  Like our utility services?  Like our police?




State law says North Highline cannot stay unincorporated.  Burien is the only city that has guaranteed us a vote on annexation.


As Burien residents, we will have our own LOCAL government:

  • WE will have a greater voice in OUR future
  • WE will have a say about what happens here
  • OUR growth will be the way WE want it
  • OUR tax dollars will stay in OUR city


Burien provides police service through its contract with the King County Sheriff’s Office.  Burien will increase the number of officers in our community and keep the White Center Store Front Deputy.


Burien has made substantial improvements in the parks and roads in the recently annexed area.  Burien will continue to fight to keep the White Center and Boulevard Park Libraries open.


Vote for Burien…local police and fire…better parks…better services…local libraries…smaller government.


Vote YES to Annex to Burien – It’s the city to join!!!


Endorsed by North Highline Firefighters.

Vote NO on annexation-Retain your independence. If you don’t join Burien, it does not mean you will be forced to join Seattle. This ballot measure is about whether to pay over $400 more to Burien in taxes yearly or stay unincorporated King County. Annexation to Burien will increase/add seven new Burien taxes or fees for residents and businesses (B&O taxes, property taxes, utility and cable taxes, permit fees, underground wiring and fire levies), with no increase in services. Burien land use and zoning changes and ordinances will negatively impact your neighborhood. Burien has parking tickets and requires permits to trim your trees. Burien doesn’t have the money to provide more services than what is currently provided by King County. No increase in police or fire and Sales Tax Credits will only cover the cost of police service. Burien does not have the $77 million needed to improve and maintain roads, sidewalks, or parks. Human services-such as refugee and job services, homeless and senior services-will be reduced. King County Animal Control and medical marijuana dispensaries will be eliminated. If you join Burien, you will get no added services or representation for your increased taxes.


Vote NO on Burien annexation.  

The CON statement is a CON.

Annexation is state law.  If we decide not to join Burien, we could become part of Seattle without a vote.  In the meantime, King County is reducing services.

A survey found that our neighbors who voted in 2009 to join Burien are highly satisfied.

Average taxes will increase $10 a month for better services.

We keep our schools, firefighters, police, utilities, libraries - all public services.

Vote Yes Burien!


Statement submitted by: Barbara Dobkin, Ed Dacy and Liz Giba

Vote NO. Stay with King County and keep our firefighters, police, utilities, local business center and libraries just as they are. Burien annexation will increase our taxes and reduce our services. Any informed person knows the pro annexation claims that we will get our own local government are incorrect and misleading. Burien is broke and looking to the short term sales tax credit from North Highline as a quick bailout. Vote NO on Burien annexation.

Statement submitted by:
Debi Wagner, Peter Levine and Don Malo

Simple Majority (RCW 35A.14.080)
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