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Federal Way School District No. 210
Proposition No. 1
Capital Projects Levy

The Board of Directors of Federal Way School District No. 210 adopted Resolution No. 2012-19 authorizing the capital projects levies. This levy funds the replacement of Federal Way High School, upgrading or replacing elementary playgrounds, improving exterior security cameras and other capital improvements to educational facilities of the District, and authorizes the following excess levies on all taxable property within the District:






Levy Rate/$1,000

Assessed Value























Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 1 will allow the levy of property taxes over a six-year period to replace Federal Way High School, upgrade or replace elementary playgrounds and improve exterior security cameras.  Originally built in 1929 as an elementary school, Federal Way High School has been expanded and renovated over the last 80 years.  While we have been excellent stewards of Federal Way High School, major systems such as roofing and plumbing are now failing and older construction styles are not readily adaptable for technology.  New building designs and materials can improve energy efficiency and improve air quality and a new building will create a safer and more secure school for our students.


In addition, to rebuilding Federal Way High School, passage of Proposition No. 1 will update elementary playgrounds at 19 elementary schools and implement a district-wide security camera installation to safeguard our buildings, staff and students.  Financing these projects with a capital levy means all funds will be used for building improvements and none for interest payments.  Additionally, Washington State will fund approximately 35% or $38M of the total project costs.  More details can be found at


Exemptions from taxes may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements.  For more information, call the King County Department of Assessments at 206.296.3920.

Vote YES to frame the future of our community. As residents, we have the opportunity to rebuild the district’s oldest school (built in 1929), which is in desperate need of an upgrade, due to the failing of major elements, such as leaky roofs and inadequate heating systems. In addition, aging playground equipment at 19 elementary schools will be replaced or upgraded, and improvements will be made to security cameras at schools throughout the district. The levy will result in property owners paying a little more than half the actual cost of construction, with the remainder coming from School District and State resources.


Federal Way High School was originally designed as an elementary school, with narrow hallways and short ceilings. This new building will be more age-appropriate, energy efficient and have improved air quality, creating a more safe and secure campus for our students and staff. The construction will also support technology enhancements, which are currently unattainable.


By running a capital levy rather than a bond issue, the district will save taxpayers an estimated $29 million in interest.


Please join local business, parent and community leaders in supporting our students, staff and community by voting YES!

The current Federal Way High School does not graduate many kids who are either prepared to succeed in college or gain employment in living wage paying jobs.  The school district should offer us a plan to change this before we spend our dollars on replacing this facility.  Colleges are ranking the current school poorly and there are no employers who are seeking the school’s graduates.  The School District needs to show the voters a specific plan, with an estimate of its costs, before the voters approve any expenditure for the replacement of Federal Way High School.  We urge the School District provide a specific plan for the replacement of this school prior to authorizing the expenditure of our dollars.  Simply replacing the buildings without addressing the needs of the community isn’t a wise choice for taxpayer’s dollars.   Let’s not put the “Cart before the horse!

It is disappointing that a factually incorrect attack is offered on Federal Way students to avoid providing a functional, flexible and secure facility. The facts are clear – studies show students attending schools in poor condition score up to 10 percentile points lower on standardized tests. New school planning, from ongoing community input forums to architectural open houses, has been and will be transparent, collaborative and specific. Our students deserve better. Vote YES!


Statement submitted by: Kris Milholland, Caroline VanderArk and Pete Shimer

The School District continues to refuse to reveal any vision for a new Federal Way High School.  This school’s graduates are currently below the 25th percentile in achievement at the University of Washington and it has no recognized vocational programs.  Why would we want a new building for this?  There needs to be a more defined vision for this school than simply replacing it.  We need a better proposal for the education of our children.


Statement submitted by: Charlie Hoff

Simple Majority (Washington Constitution, art. VII, sec. 2(a))
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