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Proposition No. 2
Levy for City Parks Maintenance, Restoration and Enhancement

The Kirkland City Council adopted Ordinance No. 4365 concerning a proposition for a park levy rate increase. To restore and enhance funding for park maintenance and beach lifeguards, to maintain, renovate, and enhance docks, park facilities, trails and playfields and to acquire parkland and open space, the City’s regular property tax levy base shall be increased permanently by $.16 per $1,000 of assessed value for collection beginning in 2013 and such amount shall be used for the purpose of computing the limitations for subsequent levies provided under RCW ch. 84.55. Should this proposition be:



The City of Kirkland is asking voters to decide whether to increase property taxes by a levy rate of sixteen cents ($0.16) per $1,000 of assessed value to restore parks maintenance and lifeguard services and to invest in the renovation and enhancement of Kirkland’s park system.


Levy funds will be used solely to maintain, renovate and enhance Kirkland’s park, open space and recreation facilities, including O.O. Denny Park.  Funds will be used to restore previously cut park maintenance including restroom maintenance, landscape maintenance and repair of park facilities.  The levy will provide beach lifeguards at Houghton, Waverly, and Juanita beaches to improve water safety.  Funding would be provided for the Green Kirkland Partnership which restores and preserves natural areas and open spaces.  Planned capital improvements include major repairs and improvements to Waverly Beach Park, Edith Moulton Park and the Juanita Beach bathhouse and the improvement of school playfields.  Repair of public docks and restoration of shorelines at waterfront parks would be undertaken and an interim bicycle and pedestrian trail within the 5.75 mile Cross Kirkland Corridor would be built.  Additional land would be acquired for future neighborhood parks to meet growing needs throughout Kirkland. 


If approved by voters, the City estimates that this permanent levy would result in additional property taxes of $55.36 per year ($4.61 per month) for a home with a median assessed valuation of $346,000.  Annual increases for collection after 2013 are limited to a maximum of one percent per year as governed by RCW ch. 84.55.

Protect and Enhance Kirkland’s Parks

Our parks, trails, and beaches are a big part of what makes Kirkland a special place to live, work and play. We must protect these community assets now. Let’s ensure clean, safe, healthy parks so our kids and grandkids can get outdoors and have the same quality of life we enjoy.


A Sound Investment

 Our city is now the state’s 12th largest, with population projected to increase 23% in the next 20 years. It’s been a decade since the last park levy. Kirkland needs funding now to take care of our existing parks and acquire parks in underserved neighborhoods. It will only cost more if we wait. Opportunities for new parks will be lost forever.


Strong Accountability

Based on recommendations of a diverse citizens committee, your yes vote will:

  • Maintain safe parks, docks, and clean restrooms
  • Provide lifeguards at beaches
  • Upgrade playfields for afterschool use
  • Create the Cross Kirkland Trail (rail corridor)
  • Acquire key parkland
  • Expand Green Kirkland’s volunteer restoration program
  • Improve Edith Moulton, Waverly Beach, Juanita Beach parks; maintain O.O. Denny Park


Funds will be used solely for parks, audited annually and subject to citizen review.

Something is amiss. We love parks so why is the City funding other services before parks? Increasing taxes does not improve our quality of life?  We don’t need more debt.  This levy is proof the city has overextended its budget at the cost of our parks. We've already bitten off more than we can chew.  Park doors were locked and garbage pickup was reduced.


We need to restore park funding to its proper place.  In this year’s budget, the City has access to $449,372,936 million to pick from.   We will give away more than $3,000,000 to outside agencies some of which have nothing to do with government.  History tells us we will still end up with millions in surplus.  With all that money, there is no need for this levy.


We don’t need higher taxes. Kirkland’s tax rate is going up three times faster than our cost-of-living. There's enough money in the budget for parks. It's already there if they would only budget for it.


We love our parks. Now is the time to be heard. Vote NO to insure parks are funded first without raising taxes.

All agree our parks deserve help.  City budgets have had to prioritize public safety, cutting parks maintenance by 20% and improvements 38%. We cannot assume parks funding can be secured.


The levy doesn’t add debt—it dedicates ongoing funding for parks maintenance, safety and pay-as-you-go improvements. 


Proposition #2 is endorsed by current and former City Council members, and Parks Board and Finn Hill Parks District members.  Let’s continue the legacy of great Kirkland parks.


Statement submitted by: Jay Arnold, Mary-Alyce Burleigh and Scott Morris

It doesn't make good economic sense to take on more debt right now.  Raising taxes is not necessary. 


Each year we give away more than three million dollars to outside agencies.  Each year the City has more money than the year before.  Each year millions are spent on other something else.  It’s affecting our Quality of Life. 


Protect our quality of life.  Let’s have great parks without more taxes.  Vote NO.


Statement submitted by: Robert Style

Simple Majority (RCW 84.55.050)

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