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Proposition No. 1

Shall Valley Regional Fire Authority, serving the communities of Algona, Auburn and Pacific, be authorized to continue voter-authorized benefit charges each year for six years, not to exceed an amount equal to sixty percent of its operating budget, and be prohibited from imposing an additional property tax under RCW 52.26.140(1)(c)?



In 2006, voters from Algona, Auburn, and Pacific, approved the Fire Benefit Charge (FBC) by a super-majority (more than 60%). Since 2008, the FBC has supported about 44% of the Valley Regional Fire Authority (VRFA) operating budget. Every six years, approval to continue the use of the FBC funding model is required by state law. Support of the FBC for another six years will allow the VRFA to maintain response times and service levels for fire protection, emergency medical aid calls, training of personnel and the purchase of necessary equipment.


The FBC is calculated based on occupancy type and square footage of structures. It reflects a direct and proportional assessment of the cost of providing appropriate fire protection services to a particular building. Each year the Board of Governance reviews the FBC in a public hearing to ensure fiscal responsibility of this funding for the coming year. Revenue derived from the FBC is restricted by state law to not exceed 60% of the VRFA operating budget. By approving the FBC, state law prohibits imposing an additional property tax of fifty (50) cents per thousand dollars of assessed property value for fire protection services otherwise allowed by law. The law allows discounts for senior citizens and for buildings with approved fire sprinkler systems. Property owners may appeal their assessments.

Funding for essential services needs to be renewed.  This is not a new tax or a tax increase, but simply a vote to maintain the current funding model.  Valley Regional Fire Authority has managed our tax dollars very well while delivering superior fire & emergency medical services to our communities.


The Fire Benefit Charge (FBC) is about 44% of the department’s operating budget.  Failure to renew this funding model will result in fewer firefighters available to respond, longer response times, less training and elimination of important prevention programs.


Our VRFA firefighters respond to many different types of emergencies, from literally saving lives to helping an older citizen up from a fall.  These services protect our property and improve our quality of life, providing value to our communities.  Our firefighter/EMT’s are always there for us, so please join us in voting yes in support of them and maintain this vital funding.


Statement submitted by: Donna Foxley, Robert "Bob" Baggett, and Tracey Apata

No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

60% Majority (RCW 52.26.210)
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