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Auburn Transportation Benefit District

Proposition No. 1
General Obligation Bonds - $59,000,000

The Board of the Auburn Transportation Benefit District adopted Resolution No. 2012-2 concerning a proposition to fund District transportation improvements and projects. If approved, this proposition would authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds to pay the costs of the transportation improvements and projects identified in the City of Auburn six-year Transportation Improvement Plan in an amount not more than $59,000,000, each series of such bonds maturing within 25 years or less, and authorize the annual levy of excess property taxes to pay and retire such bonds, as provided in Resolution No. 2012-2. Should this proposition be approved?



If approved, Prop. 1 would provide revenues for up to twenty-five years that would be specifically dedicated to Auburn’s many miles of high-traffic arterial roads, which must be rebuilt and maintained largely with limited local resources.   Auburn has worked with citizens and businesses to identify and prioritize the City’s arterial roads for preservation projects.  The City is prioritizing road preservation because a high quality street system that efficiently moves goods and people enhances our competitiveness and creates a tangible return on investments for businesses and residents. The City has prioritized high-traffic arterial roads in response to concerns that further deterioration of these roads will impact economic development and efficient flow of commuter traffic. 


If approved, Prop 1 would dedicate excess property tax revenues to repay general obligation bond proceeds to rebuild and repair a list of citizen-selected arterial street improvement projects over a period of twenty-five years or less.   The average $250,000 home would see a $4-$8 per month increase in years one to five ($36-$96 per year) and average monthly impacts of $8-$9 ($96- $113 per year) in years six to year fifteen. Thereafter, as the bonds mature and are paid off, the average annual impact to a homeowner steadily declines and is eventually retired.



The bond funds cannot be used for other projects.  The resolution proposing the Proposition (Resolution No. 2012-2, adopted February 21, 2012), states that, if approved, “none of the Bond Proceeds shall be used for any purpose other than preservation purposes related to the Projects.


Auburn’s citizens know our high-traffic streets badly need repair.   We cannot depend on anyone else to fix them – federal and state funds for street repair are very limited.   The longer we wait, the more potholes develop and the more costly it becomes to fix them.    


That’s why local citizens and businesses came together and asked the City of Auburn to Save Our Streets by developing an affordable street improvement program.  Your YES vote will keep our local tax dollars in our community, make our busiest streets safer, help local businesses be more competitive, and create jobs.


Save our Streets will also protect your pocketbook.  A citizen-led Arterial Task Force will select and prioritize the projects to maximize resources and minimize disruption.  To keep costs down, bonds will be issued over a twenty-five year or less period.  Monthly costs for the average homeowner start under $3, increase up to $9 and then decline to zero.  Every dollar generated by this program must be dedicated to specific road improvements.


Our streets need fixing.  This is an affordable and responsible way to do so.  Please join us in Voting YES to Save Our Streets and Keep Auburn Moving!


Statement submitted by: Nancy Colson, Cyril Van Selus and Ed Vander Pol


No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

60% yes vote and a minimum turnout of 6,060 (Washington Constitution, article VII, section 2(b))

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