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Proposition No. 1

Should the City of Enumclaw be annexed to and be a part of the King County Rural Library District, doing business as the King County Library System?



If approved by a simple majority of Enumclaw voters, this measure would annex City of Enumclaw residents to the King County Library System (KCLS) effective June 1, 2012. The City of Enumclaw would no longer operate the Enumclaw library. KCLS would provide library services at the Enumclaw library to the residents of the City of Enumclaw including increased hours, more public computers and different library programs. Annexation would mean that City of Enumclaw residents would pay for library services through property taxes levied by KCLS rather than by the use of the City's general fund money. KCLS is a separate local government, and not part of King County government, with the sole purpose of providing library services. KCLS is governed by a Board of Trustees. The City of Enumclaw will retain the authority to have its own library board, which will serve in an advisory capacity to the King County Library System and it will retain control of the library endowment funds.

For additional questions regarding this measure contact: Michael Thomas - City Administrator 360-615-5607 •

Library annexation is our opportunity to grow!  Except for Seattle and Enumclaw, all other cities in King County have already annexed to the King County Library System, giving them access to 48 libraries.  KCLS’ excellent web site is available for requests, renewals, and detailed descriptions of many activities and resources offered.  In 2011, the Library Journal described KCLS as the best system in the nation.  Our library staff will have career opportunities with KCLS.  KCLS will run our library building with staff, books, periodicals and up-to-date computers available to us sixty hours a week.

Our library is underfunded and only open 35 hours a week.  It has no money to buy books, media materials, periodical subscriptions, or to update its computer capacity.  The city has no funds available to continue its operation for another year.

The choice is ours:  Vote to annex our library to the King County Library System or allow it to close and lose a vital cornerstone of Enumclaw history.  We urge you to vote YES and save our beloved library.

Enumclaw Library has 94 years of exemplary community service.  Yet, City Administration sees it as non-essential and underfunds the Library.  The Mayor and City Administrator confirmed April 20, 2011; Proposition 1 raises property taxes 24% with a $0.50/1000 County Levy; a $125.00 increase on a $250,000 home.  KCLS director, Bill Ptacek, classifies Enumclaw as a “small district” with no guarantee levied taxes will all return to our Library.  The KCLS transfer agreement gives the Enumclaw Library Board no meaningful influence and ill-defined control over endowment funds.  

City Resolution 1369 tasks the City to investigate alternative solutions to fund the Library.  Yet Council refused to review any options but annexation and barred Library Board members from all discussions on the Library’s future. 

City Administrations are temporary; the Library is a legacy to our children.  Don’t give control of our Community Library to KCLS and don’t pay a 24% tax increase when a smaller increase in City taxes would keep the Library under our control.

We’re King County residents, already eligible for KCLS library cards and services near us.  No need to send more tax dollars to King County!  Keep that money here in Enumclaw and VOTE NO on Proposition 1.

Fact: The Library Advisory Board will still advise KCLS library operations. The city keeps control of endowment funds.

Fact: The city held a public hearing and considered the Library Board's recommendation, but the city council voted to go with KCLS.

Fact: We all love our library and want it there for our community.  A YES vote keeps our library. A no vote closes it and ends our use of KCLS libraries.

Vote YES for KCLS!

Statement submitted by: Richard H. Elfers, Richard E. Hughes and Barbara Braun •


Don’t be fooled, this isn’t about a caring City Council saving the Library.  It’s about new KCLS taxes for residents so the City can spend elsewhere.  Our Library provides new books sooner, proctors exams, provides free conference rooms, and designs learning centers unique to Enumclaw residents.  KCLS does not.  Don’t threaten closing the Library!  City funds ARE available and if necessary, a City tax LESS than the KCLS levy will properly fund OUR Library.

Statement submitted by: Charles V. Sansone, JoAn McKinlay and Una Waldron •


Simple Majority (RCW 27.12.370)

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