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Proposition No. 1
Change in Plan of Government

Shall the City of SeaTac abandon its present Council-Manager plan of government under which it currently operates under RCW 35A.13 and adopt in its place the Mayor-Council plan of government under the provisions of RCW 35A.12?



SeaTac is authorized by state law to be governed under one of two plans of government.  SeaTac now operates under the Council-Manager plan.  If approved, this proposition would change the plan of government to the Mayor-Council plan.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.13, the Council-Manager plan of government, now in effect, consists of an elected city council which is the legislative body of the City.  The Council appoints the City Manager who is the chief executive officer of the City government.  The Councilmembers choose a chairperson from among their number who has the title of Mayor and who presides at meetings of the council and is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes. 

Pursuant to RCW 35A.12, the government of a city which adopts the Mayor-Council plan is vested in an elected Mayor and an elected City Council.  The Council is the legislative body of the City.  The Mayor is the chief executive officer.  The Mayor may appoint a chief administrative officer.   The Mayor also presides at Council meetings, but with a vote only in the case of a tie, and with right of veto subject to override by a majority of all Councilmembers plus one.

A “Yes” vote is in favor of changing to the Mayor-Council plan of government.

A “No” vote is against the change and favors retention of the Council-Manager plan.

Vote YES to Democracy!

  • It’s your RIGHT to ELECT your Mayor.  An elected Mayor resides in SeaTac, has firsthand knowledge of issues, and is directly accountable to citizens.
  • The current head of SeaTac city government, the City Manager, IS NEITHER ELECTED NOR A RESIDENT.

YES to saving MILLIONS annually!

  • The average City Manager budget is MILLIONS MORE than Elected Mayor budgets.
  • City Managers enhance their resumes by building empires, with more staff, larger fees, bigger budgets, and higher taxes.
  • Our City Manager salary is $144,083 without including benefits. Elected Mayors average $65,000 LESS.

YES to checks and balances!

  • The lack of checks and balances costs us MILLIONS.
  • Currently, the City Council holds both Executive and Legislative powers, resulting in unchecked authority. An elected Mayor (Executive) and elected Council (Legislative) provide checks and balances to prevent either from abusing power.
  • The State Auditor found SeaTac violated contracting law and falsified bid tabulations while building a fire station, which was ultimately 45% over budget.  An elected Mayor answers to the voters for cost overruns.

Vote YES to Elected Mayor!

  • A resident ELECTED MAYOR is our neighbor, sharing our values, experiences, and issues.

Enough is enough:  This measure has been defeated 3 times by Seatac voters.  Our City Manager form of government has 7 independently elected council members who represent us with a diversity of backgrounds that reflects our multicultural community. The council elects the mayor, shares power equally and governs by majority consent.  Every new city formed in the last 20 years in this state chose this form of government. 

Vote against increased city spending.  The elected mayor form of government requires a salaried mayor, a city administrator and support staff increasing the city’s annual expenditures by as much as $250,000. Changing our city government requires several special elections, a rewrite of the city’s operating procedures costing thousands of dollars and disrupts city services.

Vote against inexperienced unqualified city management and partisan politics.  Our professional City Manager is hired by the Council through a nationwide search, has business experience and consensus skills to work with council, staff and our diverse community.  An elected mayor is subject to outside special interests, inviting corruption, strong arm control; removal can only be done at the end of a four year term.

Three times wasn't enough to regain the RIGHT to elect our leaders.  Three times the anti-democracy opposition made false claims about "professional" management.  Three times the voters were misled about the true costs and benefits.  Federal Way recently changed to an Elected Mayor and saved MILLONS.  Within SeaTac are HUNDREDS of citizens, each with more REAL business experience than all our prior city managers combined.  Don't be misled again. VOTE YES TO ELECT YOUR MAYOR.

Statement submitted by: Earl Gipson, Michael T Kovacs and Larry Tannenbaum

Democracy works best through our 7 elected Council Members who share leadership. They are your neighbors.   The city manager works for the City Council. Council is the head of our government.  SeaTac citizens are well represented.  An elected mayor will add a layer of costlier and bigger city government. 

Changing city government is the goal of a select few citizens.   Don’t be misled.  Don’t sell your vote to special interests.  VOTE NO PROP 1.

Statement submitted by: Oren Hadaller, Wendy Morgan and Tom Layden

Simple Majority (RCW 35A.06.060)

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