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Proposition No. 1
General Obligation Bonds - $47,700,000

The Board of Directors of Vashon Island School District No. 402 adopted Resolution No. 637 concerning this proposition for bonds. This proposition authorizes the District to construct a classroom building and renovate Building A at the High School, modify other buildings, upgrade ventilation and technology systems at the Middle and Elementary Schools, make other capital improvements included in Phase I of the Capital Facilities Master Plan, issue $47,700,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum term of 21 years, and levy excess property taxes annually to repay the bonds, as detailed in Resolution No. 637. Should this proposition be:



If approved by voters, passage of Proposition No. 1 would authorize the Vashon Island School District No. 402, King County, Washington to levy excess property taxes sufficient to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $47,700,000, maturing within 21 years of the date of issue, for the purpose of making improvements to school facilities to provide the students of the District with adequate, proper and safe educational facilities.

Such improvements include constructing a classroom building and renovating Building A at the High School, modifying other buildings, upgrading ventilation and technology systems at the Middle and Elementary Schools, and making other capital improvements included in Phase I of the Capital Facilities Master Plan. The project includes necessary equipment, supplies, appurtenances, and services to complete the project.

Voter approval of the bonds includes approval of property tax levies for those bonds. Exemptions from taxes may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements. For more information, call the King County Department of Assessments at 206.296.3920.

Vashon’s schools are an integral part of our vibrant community.  On February 8, voters will have the opportunity to support the long overdue renovation and modernization of the island’s high school campus while taking advantage of low construction costs and low bond interest rates. Responding to community concerns, improvements have been prioritized for all three schools.

Currently 37 high school doors open to the outside after each class period and 85% of the classrooms have single-pane windows. Half of the high school classrooms are too small and have no fire sprinklers. Passage of the bond will correct these deficiencies and will improve the learning environment  by: consolidating classroom instruction at the high school with a new building, renovating existing buildings, updating technology infrastructure throughout, and increasing energy efficiency in all three schools.

The tax increase for Proposition 1 is $8.66 per month for the average homeowner. An experienced project management team will ensure that all construction is completed on time and on budget. A modern, safer high school will promote the vitality of our community for generations to come.  Please join us and VOTE YES for our kids, our community and our future.

We support excellence in education.  This Bond will not support teacher salaries, educational programs or even maintenance.

The Bond before us is one of the highest priced school bond issues in the country.

New classroom: $19,600,000 for 36,206 square feet- $541 per square foot.

Renovation: $22,200,000 for 42,236 square feet- $525 per square foot.

Project Management and Design Fees are calculated on top of 28% contingency.

Average per square foot cost for a High School in Seattle is just one third of our project cost - $163 per square foot.

These numbers far exceed the established guidelines for construction costs.

The total projected $47,700,000 for 516 high school students equals $92,442 per student.

High School enrollment has declined 4% in the last year and depends on off island students that will not pay for this Bond. 

Vote NO on Bond Prop I

The opponents made many factual errors:

The budget for this project is actually lower than average for Puget Sound school districts doing similar work. Our budget was confirmed by two professional Washington estimating firms.

New building construction cost, with contingencies and contractor overhead and profit is $288/sf.

Renovation budget is $287/sf.

No high school in Washington has been built for $163/sf recently.

$92,442/student is a meaningless number over the 50 year life of the project.

Statement submitted by: John “Oz” Osborne, May Gerstle and Bettie Edwards

While we take note of the “low construction costs and the low bond interest rates” the $47,700,000 figure proposed does not in any way reflect this. This bond uses  the same cost numbers from the failed measure two years ago. 

If these bonds succeed the combined property tax on an average $450,000 home would increase by $720/ year for twenty years.  These numbers come from the Vashon Island School District Website.

Statement submitted by: George Wright and Lee Ockinga  •  206-567-4238

60% yes vote and a minimum turnout of 2,456 voters (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(b)).

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