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Proposition No. 1
Basic Public Safety, Parks & Recreation, and Community Services Maintenance and Operations Levy

The Shoreline City Council adopted Resolution No. 307 concerning basic public safety, parks and recreation, and community services. If approved, this proposition would maintain current police/emergency protection including neighborhood patrols and crime prevention; preserve safe parks, trails, playgrounds/playfields and the Shoreline pool; and maintain community services including senior center and youth programs.

This proposition would restore Shoreline’s property tax rate to $1.48/$1000 of assessed valuation for collection in 2011; limit levy increases for 2012-2016, not to exceed inflation (Seattle CPI-U); and use the 2016 levy amount to calculate subsequent levy limits.

Should this proposition be approved?



The City of Shoreline has taken aggressive steps to reduce costs and assure efficiency, including more than one million dollars in budget cuts, staff reductions and elimination of cost-of-living pay raises. Since 2001, Shoreline’s property tax levy increase has been limited to 1% a year, while inflation has gone up nearly 3 times as fast, and as a result funding has not kept pace for basic City services.

If approved, Proposition 1 would maintain current levels of police and emergency services including neighborhood safety patrols, traffic enforcement in school zones and neighborhoods, east and west-side police store-front programs, school safety officer in Shorewood and Shorecrest high schools, enforcement of drug and vice laws, and community crime prevention programs. Proposition 1 would preserve safe, well-maintained and accessible parks and trails; playgrounds and play equipment that meet safety standards, playfields, restrooms and the Shoreline pool; and preserve recreation programs for youth, families and seniors. Proposition 1 would continue funding for community services including the Shoreline senior center and youth programs.

If approved, any increase in the annual levy would not exceed
inflation (Seattle region CPI-U) for 2012-2016. Proposition 1 would set the City’s property tax rate below the legal limit of $1.60 at $1.48/$1,000 assessed valuation for collection in 2011 and will use the 2016 levy amount to calculate subsequent levy limits. The typical homeowner would pay an additional average of $9.25 per month to maintain police and emergency protection, parks and recreation, and community services.

TAKING CARE OF BASICS: Police, Parks & Community Services

Shoreline, like many cities in our region, is facing financial challenges with its operating budget. Revenue has simply not kept pace with the cost of basic services. City officials have made extensive budget cuts, reduced staff, eliminated cost-of-living increases, and reduced reserves by 16% without raising taxes; while maintaining an excellent bond rating. In spite of these efforts, the budget gap is projected to be $14 million over the next 6 years.

An 18-member citizen advisory committee researched the most effective ways to address Shoreline's long-term financial challenges. Based on feedback from Shoreline citizens they recommend this levy to preserve basic services.

Today, Shoreline neighborhoods are safe, crime is low, parks and recreation facilities are well-maintained, and a wide variety of people benefit daily from human services programs. Let’s protect this.

For about $9 a month, your YES vote on Proposition 1 will maintain the basic services most valued by Shoreline citizens. These services are greatly needed during this weak economy and at risk of being lost due to decreased revenue.

Vote YES FOR BASICS to keep Shoreline safe and healthy for everyone.

The city’s proposed property tax increase comes at the worst possible time. There are alternatives for protecting city services without burdening taxpayers with higher costs.

Property taxes have the hardest impacts on those who can afford it least. Whether you rent or own , this increase will affect all residents. Seniors living on fixed incomes, young families struggling on stagnant wages, and local businesses operating on thin margins cannot afford higher property taxes.

Proposition 1 requests a specific rate increase for 2011. Future increases are tied to the Seattle Consumer Price Index until 2016, allowing unforeseen, unpredictable rate increases WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL.

This proposed property tax increase DOES NOT GIVE high priority to distributing revenues for police and crime prevention, recreation, pool, and community services.

In the City of Shoreline’s proposed budget, direct services such as the Shoreline Pool and Teen Recreation Program only receive a combined $1.3 million for 2010. By comparison, indirect services such as Planning and Development Services is budgeted for $2.4 million and the Finance Department is budgeted for $4.8 million.

The City has options to endorse a pathway to economic stability, but taxing residents MORE is not the right option.

Now is not the time for drastic cuts to basic services that support Shoreline's families, youth and seniors, including people hit hardest by the recession. Property tax exemptions are available for those most in need.

Our per capita property taxes are in the bottom 30% of King County’s largest cities. Over 52% of Shoreline's operating budget is allocated to police, parks, and community services.

Keep Shoreline a great place - Vote YES for Proposition 1!

Statement submitted by: Carolyn Hope, Rich Gustafson, William Clements

Don’t be misled this money is not earmarked for the promised services.

This series of compounding taxes through 2016 does not address the real issue. It’s a stopgap technique and represents the City’s failure to manage our government with the existing revenues.

The City has created a predicament for its residents, IGNORING common-sense suggestions to save us money; it also increased compensation to its highest paid administrators by more than 10% between 2007-2009.

Statement submitted by: Arthur Peach, William Bear and Walt Hagen

Simple majority (RCW 84.55.050)

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