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Proposition No. 2
Operations Levy

The Board of Directors of Seattle School District No. 1 passed Resolution No. 2009/10-3 concerning this proposition to maintain current educational program funding levels. This proposition authorizes the District to levy the following excess taxes, in place of an expiring levy, on all taxable property within the District, to support the District’s educational programs and operations:


Approximate Levy Rate/$1,000 Assessed Value











Should this proposition be approved?



The Board of Directors of Seattle Public Schools approved Resolution 2009/10-3, requesting voter approval of an operations levy.  The proposed levy will replace an expiring levy.  Passage of Proposition No. 2 would allow the levy of property taxes over a three year period to pay for educational programs and operations support costs of Seattle Public Schools as follows: $139.5 million in property taxes within Seattle Public Schools District for collection in 2011, the levy of $145.1 million in taxes for collection in 2012 and the levy of $158.1 million in taxes for collection in 2013.  If authorized by the voters and based on current assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $1.07 (2011 collection), $1.06 (2012 collection) and $1.11 (2013 collection).


Vote YES for Proposition 2, Seattle Schools Operating Levy

Now more than ever we need to renew the Operating Levy. Simply put, without your continued support it is unclear how we could sustain our schools.

The Seattle Public Schools Operating Levy:

1.         Funds teachers, books and day-to-day operations for ALL public schools and EVERY school kid in Seattle.

2.         Keeps class sizes lower by preventing teacher layoffs and paying for teachers, classroom aides and librarians in EVERY elementary, middle and high school.

3.         Provides 23 percent of the Seattle Public Schools total basic education and operations budget.

4.         Ensures continuing support (NOT a new tax) for EVERY school, student and family in EVERY part of Seattle.

We know that without the Operating Levy teachers couldn’t do their job, let alone keep our schools open for the students and families who need and depend on us.

That’s why we are asking you now for your vote. Vote for our children and our future.

PS - Please vote! And vote YES for Proposition 2.

Vote NO on segregation, vote NO on Proposition Two, the $442.7 million Operations levy.

Citizens of a democracy on occasion have the firm but lucky opportunity and duty to refuse funding for especially harmful government actions.  Threatening to segregate a full one-quarter of Seattle’s public schools is a call to exercise this duty.

The District’s recently-adopted attendance areas will take away school choice, split communities, and segregate schools.  It is wrong to red-line families out of their schools.  Send a message – Don’t fund these plans: Vote NO.

According to the District’s own data, the new student assignment plan will cause or aggravate racial imbalance at 23 schools, per Washington Administrative Code 392-342-025(3), including the proportion of White enrollment (up) at Ballard 72%; Bryant 78%; Hamilton 71%; Roosevelt 74%; West Woodland 83%; and (down) at Gatzert 8%; West Seattle Elementary 16%.  [District “Data Book for Recommended Attendance Area Boundaries”, November 4, 2009]

Botched school closures (some now hurriedly being reversed) destructively tore apart school communities.  The District’s plan to further reduce school choice threatens similar harm citywide.

The District is not making good educational choices with these funds.

Please vote NO.

Proposition 2, our Operations Levy, funds important education programs and services not funded by the State.

It funds 23% of the Seattle School District’s annual operating budget. Without this support, we will be unable to meet the educational needs of our children.

Neighborhood schools will be strengthened and schools reopened to accommodate new students. 

Your YES vote will benefit every child, in every classroom, in every community in Seattle with smaller classes and better instruction.

Statement submitted by: Marianne Bratsanos, Ramona Hattendorf and Eric Liu or (206) 224-3563

Mandatory assignment is replacing freedom-of-choice neighborhood schools.

We’re voting NO to segregation of schools, NO to loss of school choice, and NO to misuse of funds. Please join us.

Joy Anderson, Charita Dumas, Shelley Williams (Cooper parents still fighting for our school). Elaine Schmidt, former Seattle Public School parent and PTSA officer. Robert Stephens, Jr., AAA Elders Council (Closing schools to build new schools? Superintendent’s bonus? Now?).

Please vote NO.

Statement submitted by
: Chris Jackins
(206) 682-2450  

Simple Majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

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