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Proposition No. 1
City of Tukwila Seeks Voter Approval to Annex into the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority to Maintain Current Fire and EMS Services

Should the City of Tukwila be annexed into and be a part of the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority to maintain current fire and emergency medical service levels, effective January 1, 2024, per City of Tukwila Council Resolution No. 2070?



Tukwila Resolution No. 2070 seeks voter approval to annex the City of Tukwila into the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority ("PSRFA"). Previously, the City’s Fire Department provided fire protection and emergency medical services (“EMS”) to the City of Tukwila. On January 1, 2023, PSRFA began providing fire protection and EMS to the City, pursuant to an interlocal agreement. The Tukwila City Council has determined that annexing into, and being a part of, the PSRFA will ensure the long-term sustainability of funding to maintain the current fire protection and EMS service levels.


PSRFA currently serves the cities of Kent, Covington, SeaTac, and Maple Valley, as well as unincorporated areas of King County Fire District No. 37 and King County Fire District No. 43.


If this annexation is approved, City representatives will be on the Governing Board of the PSRFA, and the PSRFA will continue to provide fire and EMS services to the City.


If this annexation is rejected, the City must seek a second annexation vote. If a second annexation vote fails, the City would need to negotiate a new agreement with PSRFA or another agency, or reconstitute the City Fire Department.


More information is available at

Annexation is the final step in securing fire services for our city. Annexation maintains the enhanced services we currently enjoy with the RFA, creates fair, and equitable governance, and establishes a stable funding model to sustain fire services. A Committee of residents, business leaders, and non-profit leaders studied this issue over the last two years. The Committee, Mayor, City Councilmembers, and your fire fighter’s recommendation is to vote Yes to annexation. Now is the time.


The Regional Fire Authority (RFA) provides more services than the former city fire department. Voting Yes maintains these services of enhanced fire marshal services, community relations/Public Education, and a full time Nurse and mental health CARES unit. We gain services.


We currently have a single non-voting “advisory” member on the RFA Board. Voting Yes allows the city to appoint three Tukwila city council voting members to a nine-member decision making voting RFA Board. We gain a voice.


With annexation, Fire services would be removed from the constant competition for funding from the city budget. Using property taxes and a Fire Benefit Charge allows the costs of fire services to be properly allocated to the users of those services. Vote Yes on Proposition 1.

Statement submitted by: Verna Seal, Jovita McConnell, Sally Blake,

Why pay new taxes, lose control of our fire stations, and subsidize other cities - for nothing in return?   Annexation is a mistake.  It’s not about maintaining fire/EMS services - these will continue through contract with PSFRA - it’s about shifting costs from the city’s budget to the community through new taxes.

Renters and those with limited incomes, including seniors, are hit hardest.  Taxes increase as much as 32% for single-family homes - $400 for a $500,000 house - and up to 87% for apartments, almost three times more - with no increase in fire/EMS services.  Tukwila will pay more than its share. The city pays PSRFA $12 million now for fire/EMS services.  If annexed, property owners will pay $16 million – benefiting PSRFA by millions.  Taxes will grow - 7% historically - no voter approval required.

Tukwila loses decision-making power, ending accountability. Fire stations may close, services cut, response times lengthened – at PSRFA’s discretion with no recourse for Tukwila.  All fire stations transfer to PSRFA for $1 each - even with 16 years remaining of voter-paid bond debt.   

Vote No. Keep Tukwila money in Tukwila, decision-making local, and our community free of new taxes.  Protect those least able to pay.

Statement submitted by: Peggy Ives McCarthy, Diane Myers, Sharon Mann,

Annexation is not a new tax, and most voters will pay less for fire services. The Con statement misrepresents the numbers and is full of scare tactics, not facts. This is about sharing resources, getting the best services for our community, and financial sustainability. Annexation provides meaningful control of fire services, staffing is set to increase, and no stations will be closed. Together we’re providing superior fire services at a lower cost. Vote Yes!


Statement submitted by: Verna Seal, Jovita McConnell, Sally Blake,

No gain in services with annexation.  Enhanced services already being received through the contract e.g. Cares unit - with no new taxes. Other cities chose to contract not annex. Why? Annexation, we lose local control; 3/9 votes can’t determine outcomes - as does the contract. PSRFA decides what we need - closing stations?  Community pays the $77M bond, PSRFA owns the stations. 


A committee of 12 – underinformed/misinformed with inaccurate/incomplete data recommended annexation.  Vote No!


Statement submitted by: Peggy Ives McCarthy, Diane Myers, Sharon Mann,

Simple majority (RCW 52.26.300)

For questions about this measure, contact: Kari Sand, City Attorney, (206) 447-2250,

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