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Enumclaw School District No. 216

Proposition No. 1
General Obligation Bonds - $253,210,000

The Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 1126 concerning this proposition for bonds. This proposition would authorize the District to construct a new elementary school, a performing arts center, and stadium/athletic complex; replace Byron Kibler Elementary and the early learning center at  JJ Smith; make safety, security and infrastructure upgrades to District facilities; and upgrade athletic fields and properties, by issuing $253,210,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 21 years; and to levy excess property taxes annually to repay the bonds, as described in Resolution No. 1126.


Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition 1 would allow Enumclaw School District to finance critical facility needs by issuing bonds. If voters approve this proposition, the District will use the bond proceeds to construct two new elementary schools and a new early learning center. These buildings will add a new school within the Ten Trails community in Black Diamond, and replace the aging facilities of Byron Kibler Elementary and the Birth to Five Center in Enumclaw. In addition, the bond proceeds will be used to construct a new performing arts center at Enumclaw High School, and a District Athletic Complex. The District will also use bond proceeds to address important safety and security upgrades across the district, and repair and upgrade existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems at various District facilities, as needed. In addition, the District will update and replace various athletic fields and District properties, including track surfaces, sports fields, and other district assets.


If voters approve this proposition, the $253,210,000 of general obligation bonds would mature within 21 years, and be repaid from annual excess property tax levies. The excess levy rate is estimated to be approximately $1.56 per $1,000 of assessed property value or, for a home with an assessed value of $600,000, approximately $936 per year ($78 per month). Homeowners who are 61 years or older or disabled, and who meet low-income requirements may qualify for a property tax exemption. For information regarding exemptions, call the King County Assessor at (206) 296-3920.

A Yes vote allows our voters to build and replace school facilities in Black Diamond and Enumclaw. These projects are critical and necessary to improve and maintain aging facilities, address significant growth, and provide students with crucial opportunities for academic, athletic, and artistic achievement.

With the passage of this bond, completing these projects will provide our students and community with competitive opportunities and modern-day facilities that support the learning of essential life skills and student success beyond the classroom. This bond improves safety, mitigates overcrowding, and replaces buildings that have surpassed their functional age by 20 years.

Student safety and functional school buildings for our learning community are valued and expected by our community. This funding is necessary for the district to meet these needs. A Yes vote is an investment in the present and future generations of students with benefits that reach beyond our schools to the greater community and businesses within our district.

A Yes vote will strengthen our schools and community for years to come. Please vote Yes for strong schools and strong communities for Today, Tomorrow, Together.

Submitted by: Angie Adam, Therron Smith,

All of America has plunged into a recession. Costs of everything will continue to inflate.   The School board had 3 options to choose from for this upcoming Bond election: A least expensive option, a more expensive option, and finally their most expensive option. With the exception of Paul Fisher, the school board, of course, picked the most expensive plan at $253 Million dollars. In the expensive plan you’ll find “A new Performing Arts Center”.  A previous board suckered voters into passing a bond levy with a Performing Arts Center that was never built. Following the passage of this bond, by 4 votes, Superintendent Mike Nelson (with no public apology) told the voters and more importantly the taxpayer, we’re $22 million dollars short of the $86 million dollar bond, so you don’t get the new gym or performing arts center that we sold you.  Lying to the voters and taxpayers is legal, because they got the money and the citizens got screwed. This new tax burden will go 100% to Private Businesses and their Employees. Government Employees fund nothing because all their compensation comes from Private Industry.

It’s time to say No to a greedy, unresponsive, uncaring Government agency.

Submitted by: Ted DeVol,

After the last bond, it was discovered that the amount of state matching funds being relied on was incorrect. To prevent this from happening again the bond amount shown on your ballot includes the total needed to complete all projects mentioned. The district is not relying on grant or match funding in this bond.  Anyone seeking information about district spending should speak directly to the school district. Thank you for voting Yes for our kids!

Submitted by: Angie Adam, Therron Smith,

Attending school board meetings, paying attention to actions at the school you realize school administrator’s foremost objective is to:  be all inclusive, provide social justice-awareness, Critical Race Theory, social-emotional learning…….  Indoctrination!  A foreign language teacher spends class time Daily teaching LGBTW words and terms, constantly encouraging the Children to join the “Pride” LGBTW Club. HS Principal believes all children should join the “Pride club”.

Maximum spending of Your taxes Never ensure excellence in education.

Submitted by: Ted DeVol,

60% majority and minimum turnout of 40% of voters casting ballots in last general election (Washington Constitution, art. VII, sec. 2(b))

For questions about this measure, contact: Jessica McCartney, Director of Communications, (360) 802-7109,

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