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Issaquah School District No. 411

Proposition No. 2
Replacement Capital Projects Levy (Technology and Critical Repairs)

The Board of Directors of Issaquah School District approved Resolution No. 1179 authorizing levies for technology/modernization. This levy funds educational technology, 1:1 student learning devices, critical repairs, school remodeling, completion of High School #4, and updating for safety, security and efficiency, and authorizes the following excess levies on all taxable property within the District:








Assessed Value

















all as provided in Resolution No. 1179. Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 2 would allow the levy of $31,472,000 in property taxes within Issaquah School District No. 411 for collection in 2023, the levy of $35,957,000 for collection in 2024, the levy of $36,561,000 for collection in 2025, and the levy of $37,320,000 for collection in 2026, to fund construction, renovation, improvement, critical repairs and expansion of new and existing facilities, and improvements to technology equipment and training for safety, security and efficiency.  In accordance with Resolution No. 1179 approving this proposition, these taxes would be collected over the 2022-2023 through 2026-2027 school years, inclusive, and deposited in the District’s Capital Projects Fund for such improvements to meet the current and future educational programs for its students.  If authorized by the voters, and based on projected assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $0.73 (2023 collection), $0.81 (2024 collection), $0.78 (2025 collection), and $0.75 (2026 collection).  The exact levy rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual assessed value of the property within the District at the time of the levy.


Exemptions from taxes may be available to certain homeowners.  To determine if you qualify call the King County Assessor at (206) 296-7300.

This levy is necessary to provide the funds needed to maintain our current schools, update technology for our students, and complete High School #4. Funding for critical repairs preserves the district’s assets and is an essential, fiscally responsible measure, to maintain safety and fundamental standards of our buildings (HVAC, roof repairs, etc.).


The technology levy enables the district to acquire equipment and provide modern educational tools, including one-to-one computers, and to ensure that access to technology is available and equitable to all students.


High School #4 is essential to alleviate significant overcrowding at Skyline and Issaquah High Schools, which are both 500+ students over capacity. Construction costs have significantly increased due to supply chain issues and labor shortages. This school is being built to the same standards as other high schools in the district, including having sports fields and grandstands.


The District has used its funds carefully and responsibly in planning for High School #4. To address neighbors’ concerns and the environment, the property buffer is more than three times what is required by city code. High School #4 completion is crucial and necessary for students in this district. Please vote yes and renew the Capital Levy!

Submitted by: Dawn Peschek, Wright Noel,

As retired educators, we support funding for students and teachers -- but we oppose the construction portion of the Technology and Capital projects levy as a means to cover up District bureaucrats’ mismanagement of their Providence Heights schools project. The proposal includes $44,000,000 for $78,000,000 cost overruns for the high school and $15,000,000 for work on elementary school 17, which the Board placed “on hold” indefinitely in November. 


District bureaucrats bundled construction overruns and unwarranted costs with technology in an attempt to manipulate voters, just as they squandered $34,000,000 on an extravagant and unnecessary headquarters building in 2017.  Think of how this funding could be used for real student needs, including counselors, nurses and mental health professionals.


The District will use the $15,000,000 for the unwarranted elementary school to remove 500 trees over three acres and fill this area with construction spoils.  This irresponsible plan follows their rejection of obtaining an unbiased environmental impact study for a project that threatens Lake Sammamish, wetlands and Laughing Jacobs Creek, with its endangered Kokanee salmon spawning grounds.


Stop financial and environmental mismanagement.  Vote No. Make the District come back with a responsible proposal consistent with taxpayers’ needs and priorities.  Contact us at

Submitted by: Samuel Lin, Daniel Sreebny, Michele Williams,

Contrary to the opposition statement: (1) HS#4 construction delays in permitting due to litigation have been the largest issue in the project; (2) Skyline and Issaquah High are over capacity and the building of HS#4 is necessary to alleviate overcrowding; (3) Preparing the needed Elementary #17 site now for the future saves taxpayer money; (4) the district building was separately bonded (5) ISD clean water standards far exceed those of neighboring properties. Vote Yes!

Submitted by: Dawn Peschek, Wright Noel,

We all know that our School District’s officials need to be more responsive to parents, teachers, and the community.  Nearly all the Capital Levy will be spent on a high school project that hasn’t started yet, but already has massive cost overruns. We can’t afford to sacrifice other educational priorities to this ill-conceived plan.


Your “No” vote will make the District create an affordable plan that is better for students, teachers, community and the environment.

Submitted by: Samuel Lin, Daniel Sreebny, Michele Williams,

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Martin Turney, Executive Director of Finance & Support Services, (425) 837-7011,

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