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Issaquah School District No. 411

Proposition No. 1
Replacement for Educational Programs and Operations Levy

The Board of Directors of Issaquah School District adopted Resolution No. 1178 concerning a proposition to support school programs and daily operations. This proposition authorizes the District to levy excess taxes on all taxable property within the District to maintain educational programs not funded by the state and support the District’s General Fund programing, daily operations, teaching, classroom materials, extracurricular activities, and transportation:








Assessed Value

















as provided in Resolution No. 1178 subject to legal limits on levy amounts and rates at time of levy. Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 1 would replace an expiring levy and allow the levy of $61,000,000 in property taxes within Issaquah School District for collection in 2023, the levy of $64,000,000 for collection in 2024, the levy of $67,000,000 for collection in 2025, and the levy of $70,000,000 for collection in 2026.  In accordance with Resolution #1178 approving this proposition, these taxes would pay part of the general expenses of operating the District that are not funded by the state.  General expenses of the District include employee costs (such as salaries), instructional materials, special programs, activities and sports, technology systems operation, transportation costs, maintenance of facilities and other non-capital expenses of operating the District schools.  If authorized by the voters, and based on projected assessed valuation information, estimated levy rates per $1,000 of assessed value would be $1.43 (2023 collection), $1.43 (2024 collection), $1.42 (2025 collection), and $1.42 (2026 collection).  The exact levy collection will be subject to the legal limits at the time of the levy and the rate shall be adjusted based upon the actual amount certified and the assessed value of the property within the District at the time of levy.


If the District receives state COVID relief funding in excess of $20,000,000 the 2023 levy collection shall be based on actual student enrollment rather than pre-pandemic enrollment, which may further reduce 2023 levy collections.


Exemptions from taxes may be available to certain homeowners.  To determine if you qualify call the King County Assessor at (206) 296-7300.

Your vote for this renewal levy allows the Issaquah School District (“ISD”) to continue its reputation for excellence. The Educational Programs & Operations Levy (EP&O) provides 15.6% of our district’s operating budget. Local levy dollars are needed to fund essential programs not fully funded by the State, such as mental health counselors, nurses, safety/security, special education, substitute teachers, custodial staff, and pre-K early learning. For example, State basic education pays for just 3 nurses for ISD’s 19,000+ students in 26 schools. The EP&O Levy will fund the additional 23 nurses necessary for each school to have a nurse onsite.  

ISD uses your money wisely and has an exemplary record of fiscal management with 19 consecutive years of clean state audits and the highest quality Aaa debt rating by Moody’s Investment Services, one of only 65 districts nationwide with that distinction.  

ISD strives to support all of its students no matter their income level, ethnicity, race or religion. People move here to have their students attend schools in this district. Levy funding ensures all students have the same opportunities to learn, grow and succeed. Please join us in strengthening our community by supporting our students and voting yes! 

Submitted by: Dawn Peschek, Wright Noel,

Even though the McCleary Decision pumped billions of additional taxpayer dollars into the public school system, school districts incessantly demand more. There should be no more EP&O levies, period. Also, this levy is a 41% tax hike over the previous - hardly a "Replacement". The State School property tax category (which goes to the Issaquah SD in total) just rose 6% this year and has risen 30% in just the last 3 years. 67% of your property taxes (renters pay in their rent) now goes to the ISD, up from 60% a few years ago and heading higher.


This levy pays for bloated compensations. The median district admin compensation is over $160K with a high of over $420K. Per pupil expenditures including capital outlays and interest on debt are now at $22.7K. That is more expensive than most private schools and more than tuition and books at UW! Other school districts in WA cannot compete and this is why the ISD and others are driving the state to McCleary 2.0


The district's $700M debt is back loaded - required tax collections are scheduled to increase sharply from 2026-2032. This is irresponsible. For an honest, accurate financial report:

Submitted by: Jeff Heckathorn,

Contrary to the opposition statement, here are the facts: (1) McCleary does not fund the education Issaquah desires with nurses and counselors, special education, or security; (2) the district has the lowest administrative overhead in King County and one of the lowest in the state; (3) salaries are in line with neighboring districts and needed to keep talent; (4) the tax rate is stable and funding is needed for our students. Vote Yes!

Submitted by: Dawn Peschek, Wright Noel,

The district needs to be transparent with taxpayers. In closed negotiating meetings, without taxpayers present, the teachers' union and district administrators crafted deals that went beyond the McCleary budget. So please don't blame the constant need for more money on state legislators or on nurses.


The state will never be able to fulfill its constitutional obligation of fully-funding schools so long as local districts are allowed to spend more than the ample provision provided.

Submitted by: Jeff Heckathorn,

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Martin Turney, Executive Director of Finance & Support Services, (425) 837-7011,

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