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Enumclaw School District No. 216

Proposition No. 1
Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations

The Board of Directors adopted Resolution No. 1117 concerning a proposition to finance educational programs and operations expenses. This proposition authorizes the District to meet the educational needs of its students by levying the following excess taxes, as an enrichment levy to replace an expiring levy, on all taxable property within the District, to support educational programs and operations expenses not funded by the State, as provided in Resolution No. 1117:









Assessed Value

















Should this proposition be approved?



Passage of Proposition No. 1 would allow the Enumclaw School District No. 216 to replace an expiring levy by levying $11,698,530 in property taxes within the District for collection in 2023, $12,592,978 for collection in 2024, $13,539,615 for collection in 2025, and $14,510,581 for collection in 2026.

In accordance with Resolution No. 1117 approving this proposition for submission to the voters, these funds would be deposited into the District’s General Fund and used to pay for eligible educational programs and operations not funded by the State, including counselors, nurses and health room professionals, safety and security, custodians, librarians, para-educators, certificated staff, early learning services, special education services, transportation, social and mental health services, fine arts, athletics, co-curricular programs and the maintenance of playgrounds, playfields, and other facilities. If authorized by the voters and based on projected assessed valuation information, the District estimates tax rates of $1.77 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (2023 collection), $1.71 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (2024 collection), $1.67 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (2025 collection), and $1.65 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (2026 collection).

Exemptions from taxes may be available to homeowners who are 61 or older, or disabled, and who meet certain income requirements. For information regarding exemptions, call the King County Assessor at (206) 296-0100.

This levy renews a measure passed in 2018. Making up 15% of our district’s annual budget, these dollars provide the necessary funding to enable our schools, and programs within our schools, to continue their work uninterrupted. Our school district continues to ask for a conservative tax, maintaining the lowest overall tax rate when compared to surrounding districts in our area.


This levy provides many things, a few of which are: special education and early intervention services, health room services, counselors and mental health services, support staff in our schools such as paraeducators, as well as programs such as fine arts, and athletics. These programs and operations that exist within our schools are essential in preparing our students for success, and in meeting the needs of the whole child by providing unique and engaging programs.


Support for this levy will ensure the children of Black Diamond and Enumclaw are receiving high quality education, and opportunities to grow into great leaders for our community. Thank you for choosing to support the students, staff, and teachers of the Enumclaw School District by voting Yes for this replacement levy.


Submitted by: Angie Adam,

Enumclaw School District's spending has risen over 50% in 5 years. This new additional levy will increase the replacement EP&O levy amount 51% in 5 years. Has the private industry, which funds all government spending, increased wages 50% in 5 years?

Our District has lied to and deceived the voters multiple times. The most recent disinformation was Superintendent Mike Nelson and the board lying to the taxpayers regarding the $87 million dollar capital bond for 2 new schools. Within weeks of passing the measure by a mere 4 votes, the district, with no apology, said "we are $22 million short on the $87 million dollar project we sold you."

Currently, the school board is ignoring the mass majority of parents strongly speaking against the sex-ed curriculum, Critical Racism Theory, forced masking (backed by data), and possible forced injection of a substance, not a vaccine, that's actually killing people, The State School Superintendent and Governor are successfully committing extortion on this district by threatening to cut funding if not complying with these Marxist demands.

Teachers are encouraging all HS students to join the Pride (LGBTW) Club. Education before indoctrination! Our district is ours not Unions or the SuperinTyrants. Please Vote No.


Submitted by: Ted Devol,

This levy renews an existing tax. It is not a “new additional” tax. Beginning at $1.77/1,000 and decreasing to $1.65/1,000 over four years. This levy pays for critical programs and resources within our schools (athletics, fine arts, health-rooms, special education, transportation, counselors, early learning, etc). Our kids deserve access to these opportunities. Voting Yes allows that to continue.

For accurate information regarding the opposition’s claims, I encourage you to contact The Enumclaw School District directly.


Submitted by: Angie Adam,

District has 50 % more money than it did 5 years ago!  Any business generating 50% more money with the same product and staff would be flush with massive cash. $20 million+ 

State School SuperinTyrant and Marxist Dictator eliminated local parents and voters input on Health issues, evil Sex-ed, CRT, teaching children why to be racist toward others and teachers are encouraging all students to join LGBTW club.  Stop funding this insanity. Please Vote No!


Submitted by: Ted Devol,

Simple majority (Wash. Const. art. VII, sec. 2(a))

For questions about this measure, contact: Jessica McCartney, Public Information Officer, (360) 802-7109,

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