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Proposition No. 1
Levy for Walkways, Safe Connections, Parks, and Recreation

The City Council of the City of Lake Forest Park adopted Resolution No. 1810, concerning sustainable funding for walkways, safe connections, parks, and recreation.

This proposition would help fund projects and services identified in Safe Streets reports and PROST plan. It authorizes a maximum regular property tax rate for collection in 2022 of $1.57 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (an approximately $0.59 per $1,000 increase). The 2022 levy amount will be used to compute the limitations for subsequent levies under chapter 84.55 RCW. Qualifying low-income seniors, disabled veterans and others with disabilities will be exempt from the levy increase under RCW 84.36.381.


Should this proposition be approved:




The City of Lake Forest Park proposes a ballot measure to provide sustainable funding for the development, operation, and maintenance of parks, recreation and open spaces, trails, sidewalks, safer pedestrian/cyclist connections, and traffic calming throughout the City.


Approval of Proposition 1 helps fund: parks, recreation, and open space projects and services identified in the City’s Parks Recreation Open Space and Trails (“PROST”) Plan; pedestrian, bicycle, traffic calming, and other safety connection projects identified in City’s Safe Streets reports; and projects identified in future parks, recreation and pedestrian/cyclist connectivity plans adopted by the City Council. If approved, Proposition 1 authorizes an increase of approximately $2 million in the City’s regular property tax levy by an increase of approximately $0.59/$1,000 of assessed valuation, to a total levy rate of $1.57/$1,000, as allowed by Chapter 84.55 RCW.


The approximately $ 2 million in additional levy funds would be deposited into a dedicated revenue fund exclusively for the levy proceeds and funds would only be used if identified in a Levy Implementation Plan, which would include eligible projects, operations descriptions, milestones, and costs. The City would annually publish a report on the projects, operations, and expenditures of the levy funds.


Approval of Proposition 1 would cost the owner of a $617,000, median-valued Lake Forest Park home about $366.01 per year, or approximately $30.50 per month.  The levy amount collected in 2022 would be used to calculate subsequent levy limits.  Qualifying seniors, disabled veterans and others with disabilities would be exempt, per Chapter 84.36 RCW.  

We represent families asking the community to come together to invest in safe school and park access via bike lanes and sidewalks, so all residents feel safe walking or biking on our streets. The heavily trafficked areas near schools and the main corridors of our city are currently unsafe for pedestrians without adequate sidewalks, shoulders, or traffic calming. Let’s prevent any further tragedies on our streets!


Proposition 1 equalizes accessibility and safety of vital spaces for all LFP residents. The levy lid lift increases accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists throughout our community, improves safety around schools, funds improvements in our existing parks, and builds a 2-acre lakefront park to provide lake access to all of our residents. 


Recent resident surveys and open houses highlighted these needs and shaped existing development plans. Future plans will be developed with community input and annual reports will provide transparency and accountability.


The levy lid lift is designed to generate approximately $2 million each year to exclusively design, build, and maintain the proposals in the Safe Streets and Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Trails (PROST) reports. Qualifying seniors, veterans, and disabled homeowners would be exempt from the increase under RCW 84.36.381.

Submitted by: Vicki Pettiross, Rachel Chen, Annthea Vining,

We agree, Lake Forest Park needs safer streets and park improvements.  There are better ways to fund them than permanently increasing property taxes 61%, the largest increase in our history, making LFP one of the most heavily taxed cities in the North end.


Prop 1 is permanent, the owner of an average home would pay $360 or more per year in LFP property taxes, forever.  Prop 1 is regressive, the 61% increase disproportionately harms seniors and working-class families. Prop 1 is restrictive, as our community's needs change, the funds can't be spent on emerging issues such as community services, homelessness, crime, or infrastructure improvements. Prop 1 eliminates control, it does not require community input or approval for where, when, or which projects are undertaken, or their cost.  Prop 1 enables the Council to borrow significant funds, encumbering future generations, without a public vote.


There is a better way to fund these improvements, in the same or less time, using grants, bonds, or limited term levies, without a permanent 61% tax increase, loss of public control, and restricting future City options.  Tell your Council we need a sustainable, inclusive, smarter approach.


Vote No on Prop 1.   Let's do it right!

Submitted by: Jeff Snedden, Don Nibouar, Bryce James,

The levy increase applies only to the small portion the city receives; 9% of your annual property taxes. The levy amount results in an increase of just $30 per month for the average household; with exemptions available. The city has already raised millions in grants to fund other projects and now needs our help to invest in a safer, more accessible community for all residents. For today and future generations.

Submitted by: Vicki Pettiross, Rachel Chen, Annthea Vining,

Prop 1's 61% permanent tax increase isn't the way to get our improved sidewalks and parks. Prop 1 has no defined plan for accomplishing its goals; no specific detail of projects, their costs, or timelines; no requirement for public input or approval; no meaningful controls, only an after-the-fact "annual report". Currently available funding resources, or limiting the tax's duration were never adequately considered. Please visit "", to get the facts.

Submitted by: Jeff Snedden, Don Nibouar, Bryce James,

Simple majority (RCW 84.55.050) 

For questions about this measure, contact: Phillip Hill, City Administrator, (206) 368-5440,

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