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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 5, 2013 General And Special Election

School, Highline School District No. 401 
Director District No. 3

Miles Partman

No photo submitted

Education: Evergreen High School Graduate
Occupation: Volunteer sale associate at habitat for humanity store



MY NAME IS Miles Partman. I am an Evergreen  High School graduate. Also I am a  volunteer  at habitat for humanity store.   I believe  that it's time for a change in the leadership of  this  directors district. We need  to  have a Clearer focus on education and making sure that all taxpayers money is spent well and  accounted for its intended purpose.  We need more transparency in Highline School district and get the parents and students more involved in their education.  Also I believe that we need to listen to the community and see what the community thinks to improve the education system as a whole.  Also, I have TALKED TO MANY OF YOU IN THE COMMUNITY AND I have heard that you want  better quality education  and better anti-Bullying campaign and small class sizes in elementary through high school etc. I look forward to serving you.

For more information:

12440 22ND AVE SOUTH
(206) 334-6007


Susan Goding

No photo submitted

Education: B.S. Soil Environment, College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley
Occupation: Process Laboratory Specialist, King County's South Wastewater Treatment Plant



Support High Education Goals for All Students


While I have been on the Highline School Board we have set high goals for our students in reading, math and behavior. Math scores are up. K-5 students have a new music curriculum, GamePlan. The new Strategic Plan provides more opportunities for students to learn another language. 


Wants All Students Able to Follow Their Dream


I care about not only what students are taught but also how students are educated. It is important that students learn in a creative, self-directed and high achieving environment. I want Highline to be the leader in great ideas, to recognize good ideas when we see them, and to duplicate the best innovative ideas of other school districts. Students should graduate capable and ready for their future.


Thank you for your past support and I hope you will support me for reelection to Highline School Director, District 3. 

For more information:

2441 S 121ST PL
BURIEN, WA 98168
(206) 369-9907