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King County Elections

King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

August 6, 2013 Primary And Special Election

County, Executive 

Dow Constantine

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Education: University of Washington BA 1985, JD 1989, MA Urban Planning 1992; West Seattle High School
Occupation: King County Executive; Attorney; Planner



Creating Lasting Change

Since taking office four years ago, my team has returned King County to sound financial footing. We partnered with employees to save millions in health care, improve customer service, introduce Lean management, and initiate continuous improvement.


King County had good people doing good work but struggling with aging systems and outmoded practices. Recession and annual deficits meant an immediate $60 million shortfall.


We made tough cuts. We innovated, reducing costs. Today our workforce is smaller, but doing even better work, with authority to create change and improve service. We protected public safety and those in need, increasing public confidence.


For example: Many building permits now available over the counter for a flat fee. Mail-in auto license renewals dramatically faster. Metro costs reduced while many more riders served. These improvements, and more, are the result of our shared commitment to innovation.


Standing Up to Big Challenges

I made the tough decision to replace a failing tunnel contractor. Today the Brightwater sewage plant is open for business.


I organized a broad coalition of concerned leaders. Today the Howard Hansen Dam again protects the Green River Valley.


I took on “impossible” problems. Today the new South Park Bridge is nearing completion, a 43,000 acre forest is protected forever, and Maury Island is saved.


A Government Worthy of the People

Ours is a region of great minds, businesses, natural beauty and aspirations. We are creating a government worthy of the people of this extraordinary place.


We will keep innovating, making King County the best run government anywhere, efficiently and effectively delivering services that foster prosperity and protect our remarkable quality of life.


I thank the County Democrats, Labor Council, businesses and leaders, across the region and the political spectrum, for their recognition of our good work.


I would appreciate your vote.

For more information:

PO BOX 16285
(360) 471-5366


Everett A. Stewart

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Education: Extensive study of economics, money accounting, business efficiencies, municipal policy making and international commerce.
Occupation: corporate president, city councilman, commissioner, airport advisory board, business owner


The executive crisis to crisis approach to the county’s revenue shortfall depreciates our quality of life.  Access to public transit is becoming unaffordable to those most in need, creating a barrier to access health care, finding a job, making it to school or even getting food to eat.  By organizing our communities we can fund public transit by: taxing the wealthy; a carbon tax; the expansion of Electric Trolleys Buses and the acquisition of Battery Powered Buses.  This will deliver hundreds of thousands of service hours for transit access, thereby, improving our quality of life.


Now the quality of life of many Metro bus drivers is nearly unbearable.  Executive management’s , so called, monetary efficiencies; deny drivers access to restrooms, rest and meal periods, sacrifices the driver’s health and puts the public at risk.  Drivers who are under duress and need a restroom are accident prone.


As Executive, I will develop real monetary efficiencies, such as, not signing contracts that guarantee overtime.  Metro Transit Operator overtime during the years 2010 through 2012 totaled over $60M. Part time operators doing this work would have saved the county over $33M.  These savings would have delivered over 200,000 transit service hours and increased employment.


Let’s improve the county for all.  Let’s increase King County’s competitive edge with a free robust countywide “Internet Utility”, to drive down telecommunication cost and enhance commerce-“the shipping lanes of the 21st century”. Let’s fund K-12 education, higher teacher pay, and smaller class sizes.  And establish a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights-legal options for people facing foreclosure.


I, Everett Stewart, the working people’s candidate have both business and government expertise: Commissioner, Councilmember, construction corporate President across five states, Airport Advisory Board and business owner.  “I will resolve our county’s revenue crisis.”

For more information:

BURIEN, WA 98168
(206) 755-0248



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Education: Goodspaceguy, university educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees (economics minor.)
Occupation: Goodspaceguy: investor owner in our wonderful, competitive, free market society.


The minimum wage destroys jobs and even struggling businesses that become unprofitable. The resulting unemployment continues year after year. The higher the minimum wage, the greater the number of people who lose their jobs. Some people turn to crime. Some people turn to welfare. (In reality, welfare is paid for by the workers, which means that you who work keep less of your production because part of your production that would go to you in competition for you as a worker is taken by tricky taxation by the government and given away.)


If right now the minimum wage were raised to $100 per hour, most people would lose their jobs, and our competitive free market economy, that works for you the consumer, would collapse. Crime and violence would skyrocket.


You who have studied and understand the science of economics know that the proper method of setting wages is by supply and demand. Under supply and demand, many people are even paid more than minimum wage. Setting wages by the supply of the different types of labor interacting with the demand for the different types of labor makes even troubled people employable and helps build a balanced, full employment economy. More people working, producing the goods and services that make up the living standard, raises the living standard of the people. To sell increased production, competing businesses sometimes find it profitable to lower prices.


King County should lobby for the abolishment of the minimum wage. The minimum wage promotes crime. It is cruel to establish minimum wage laws that make society dirtier, and some people unemployable, and increases work stress, and gets some people fired, and causes struggling, unprofitable employers to shut down. King County should work to abolish the job-destroying minimum wage, thereby raising the living standard.

For more information:

10219 9TH AVE S
(206) 601-8172


Alan E. Lobdell

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Education: Civil Engineer- AA Degree, Paralegal-Certificate, Management- BS, Business - MBA, Public Admin-MPA
Occupation: Professional Engineer, Public Works Director, City Engineer, Project manager, Consultant


After being medically discharged from the Marine Corps in 1973, I joined Labor Local 348 in Pasco, WA, so I could work and go to college.  Years later, I worked out of Local 440 in Seattle.  After graduation I began my public service (37+ yrs),  working for cities and counties as a Public Works Director, City Engineer, Project Manager, or Consultant.  All the while, my goal has been to give the public the best possible job for the least possible cost.  My education has always been in areas to best serve the citizens.  When I was a young engineer, I could have gone into private work and made a lot more money but that was not where my heart led me.  I wanted to do the kind of work to better people’s lives, and I have always been proud to say I am a public servant.   My desire is to come in, organize and  lead departments, divisions and policies  in providing the public with better service and creating an atmosphere where employees can feel proud of what they are doing and feel comfortable saying "I am proud to be a King County Public Servant."  When a citizen has business with King County they should feel like the County is working with them and not against them.  I want to make that happen!  My knowledge of Civil Engineering along with my extensive education and background with many cities and counties within Washington State give me the unique experience of having seen and understand diverse manners of how cities and counties operate.  The two most important virtues of a public servant are Honesty and Integrity, and if elected, I will follow those virtues so you will be glad to have supported me with your vote.   See

For more information:

P.O. BOX 7600
(206) 372-8652